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Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Prohibits the Sale of Hallmarked Gold Without a 6-Digit Alphanumeric HUID
BIS Notifies the Date of Establishment and Withdrawal of Reverse Osmosis Based Point of Use Water Treatment System
BIS Notifies the Date of Establishment and Withdrawal of IS in Relation to Compound Feeds for Cattle
BIS Notifies the Date of Establishment and Withdrawal of Geometrical Product Specifications and Others
The Ministry of Textiles Notifies
The MoF Amends Notification in Relation to Effective Rates of Customs Duty and IGST for Goods Imported into India
The Supreme Court held that the ESI Act is to be Deemed Applicable to a Factory or Establishment Irrespective of the Number of Persons Employed
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution Issued Numerous Notifications in Regard to the Amendment of the Ethanol Interest Subvention Scheme of DFPD
BIS Issues Notification in Regard to the Amendment of an Prior-Issued Notification in Relation to the Marking Fee for the Utilisation of the BIS Standard Mark
BIS Notifies the Date of establishment and Withdrawal of Indian Standards for Processed Ferrous Scrap
Summary of the Union Budget 2023-24
CBIC Notifies in Regard to Amendments Issued for Various Notifications under the Customs Act,1962
CBIC Amends the Notification Referencing Goods Exempted from the Levy of Excess Customs Duty and Integrated Tax
FSSAI Notifies Regarding Compliance with the Standards for Non-Carbonated Water Based Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)
CBIC Notifies Issuing Amendments to the
MoL&E Notifies in regard to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization Launching the Nidhi Aapke Nikat 2.0 in all districts of the Nation
The MoCAFPD Notifies for Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Amendment (Amendment) Rules, 2023
BIS Issues Draft Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Particulars and Manner of their Display on Labels of Washing Machine), Regulations, 2023
MoRTH Issues the Draft for Central Motor Vehicles (……Amendment) Rules, 2023
BIS Notifies the date of establishment and withdrawal of Pig Iron
FSSAI Notifies Against Misleading Products in the Market in the Name of “Ghee/Butter”
GST Advisory Issued in Regard to the Facility of ‘Initiating Drop Proceedings’ of Suspended GSTINs due to Non-Filing of Returns
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Issues Notification in regard to the Declaration of Mandatory Information on the Outer Retail Package
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) Issues Amendments to Certain Rules
The Food Safety and Standards (First Amendment) Rules, 2022
FSSAI Issues Press Release Stating Specifications in regard to the Identity Standards for Basmati Rice
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry Issues a Press Release in regard to the relaxation of the EPCG Scheme
BIS Issues a Corrigendum to Amend Older Notifications related to Indian Standards
The DGFT Proposes Draft Guidelines on Halal Certification for the Export of Meat and its Products