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Get Fractional CFO Services with Corpbiz

Assuming you are self-employed, you have surely heard of a "CFO." The company's financial professionals are known as chief financial officers. However, the reality is that not all businesses, especially those in the small- to medium-sized market, have the funding necessary to hire a CFO full-time. Services from many fractional CFOs can assist with that.

Fractional CFO services should be taken into consideration by multiple companies that have outgrown the traditional accounting department paradigm. As businesses get more complicated and demand sophisticated financial strategies, they may also need more expertise to maintain excellent financial challenges management. In addition to providing typical accounting and bookkeeping services, unlike interim CFOs, fractional CFOs may help with budget preparation, investment appraisal, transaction execution, and strategic guidance on cash flow management.

When making financial choices, businesses gain from the vast knowledge and experience that fractional CFO services bring to the table. They understand the complexities of corporate finance and have experience managing complex financial projects.

What is a Fractional CFO?

Since they are responsible for the company's past and present financial problems, CFOs are vital to management and the company's financial future. An experienced CFO selects the appropriate balance between debt, equity, and internal funds to oversee the organisation's financial structure. The role of the CFO has changed significantly in the last several decades.

Despite their continued importance, CEOs are more and more likely to take for granted the traditional duties of the finance department, including books and records, financial reporting, and regulatory compliance. The capacity to use financial data to support operational and strategic decision-making is a prerequisite for the modern CFO.

The term "chief financial officer" (CFO) refers to a senior executive who is responsible for managing a company's financial operations. Besides overseeing cash flow and financial planning, the CFO's duties also include evaluating the organisation's financial capabilities and limitations and proposing substitute measures. A CFO's duties are comparable to those of a controller or treasurer, including supervising the finance and accounting divisions while ensuring that the company's financial statements are accurate.

Some companies require a CFO but lack the funding to employ a full-time candidate. In this case, a fractional CFO can be helpful. A fractional CFO works with organisations to guide financial decisions in a way that supports a strong financial position. However, this is often done part-time (and for a fraction of the cost of recruiting full-time labour).

A fractional CFO is a part-time CFO who serves companies on a contract, retainer, or part-time basis. This allows a company to benefit from the expertise and experience of a top-tier CFO without having to pay full-time interim CFO salaries and benefits on top of internal costs.

Part-time Expert CFOs may be a great asset to CEOs and company owners who want to make smart decisions in order to become profitable.

Key Responsibilities of a Fractional CFO

The primary responsibilities and services offered by experts in fractional finance are as follows:

  • General Financial Strategy: Techniques include cost control, financial forecasting, and pricing strategies that support profitability.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Using information to guide prudent resource allocation and expenditure decisions.
  • Cash Flow Management: This refers to ensuring that there is sufficient liquidity to support all business endeavours.
  • Financial Analysis: This assesses financial health, helps identify trends, and offers planning-related information.
  • Vendor and Supplier Management: To ensure a stable supply chain, aggressive cost optimisation and supplier negotiations are undertaken.
  • Technology and Tools: CFOs help implement systems and software to increase precision, lower error rates, and simplify business operations.
  • Cost Control: Finding areas where costs may be reduced or simplified without compromising the final product's calibre or the client's happiness is the process of cost control.

What Does a Fractional CFO Do for a Company?

For a startup, a fractional CFO performs a variety of duties, such as:


This is the primary responsibility of the CFO. The financial procedures of growing firms become too complicated for the founders to handle on their own, even with an accountant's assistance. They require someone who can look beyond the details of accounting and financial reporting to the broader picture.

A fractional CFO may intervene in this situation and provide clarity by navigating the data and analytics.

Optimise Strategy

Since cash is the lifeblood of businesses, CFOs play a crucial role as the financial gatekeepers in developing and refining strategies. A fractional CFO can provide insight into the financial aspects of strategy by providing an analysis grounded on data. Put otherwise, your fractional CFO may evaluate your plan and let you know if it makes sense financially.

Implement Systems

Startups must upgrade their systems as they grow to accommodate their evolving needs. This calls for the oversight and direction of a person with experience implementing several systems in various contexts. Someone who has seen it all may anticipate potential problems and fix them before they arise. A fractional CFO may use his or her knowledge to make sure that new system deployment goes smoothly, without any issues, and doesn't interfere with your current process.

Raise Capital

Capital inflow is necessary for business development. A fractional CFO is essential to the capital-raising process since they handle all aspects of the business valuation, post-deal documentation, due diligence, and conversations with possible investors.

Navigate an Audit or Transaction

Internal audits are required when firms expand in order to increase their financial health. Audits may also be required by law in several situations. In addition to a company's cash flow, an audit may entail a minute examination of all financial transactions, taxation, and procurement and purchasing procedures.

The intricate and meticulous nature of audits can make it difficult for founders, particularly those who are starting their business for the first time, to manage their company. With a fractional CFO in the team, the founders may assign all audit-related duties to a professional with relevant experience.

Benefits of Fractional CFO Services

The following are the benefits that a fractional CFO may provide for your company:

Gain from Greater Flexibility

You may customise a fractional CFO's degree of support based on your company's needs. You can ask for additional help as needed, and eventually, you can increase your support to a more consistent level.


One of the most well-known benefits of outsourced CFO services is undoubtedly how affordable they are. The knowledge, training, and experience of a CFO may be yours for a lot less money. This is beneficial if your company is small or you don't have the money to hire a full-time CFO.

Boost Production

Hiring a fractional CFO might have a favourable effect on a company's production level. As a result, the management is now free to focus on other high-value business sectors. A part-time CFO might also oversee administrative tasks, including insurance, human resources, legal compliance, and stakeholder relations.

Plan for Long-Term Objectives

A fractional CFO may help you look forward by helping you prepare with long-term goals in mind. They can help you create strategies that will ensure your business is pursuing its objectives and moving toward success.

Make Better Decisions About Your Business

Having a fractional CFO on your team may make financial decisions much easier. Businesses frequently require and track large amounts of financial data. Instead of getting buried down in the numbers, you can focus on making data-driven decisions by using the information your fractional CFO provides.

Financial Services with a Specialisation

With the help of specialist financial services from a fractional CFO, you may achieve your goals. Every new business is different. Consequently, the client is their main priority. A CFO may track customer-specific KPIs to help forecast future profitability.

Reduced Risks

Working with a fractional CFO might lessen the risks associated with hiring a full-time CFO. In the event that the needs of the business change and the CFO's services are no longer required, terminating a fractional CFO arrangement is typically less costly and easier than firing a full-time employee.

Diverse Fields of Expertise

Fractional CFOs provide a range of industry expertise and experience. They usually collaborate with several clients across multiple sectors, broadening their knowledge and exposing them to a variety of business challenges and strategies. Due to their diverse experiences, fractional CFOs may provide valuable insights, innovative solutions, and best practices for the industry that would not be achievable from a single perspective.

Boost the Financial Health of the Business

Good quality data and financial expertise enable organisations to make better decisions and projections, ensuring that a bigger profit margin is obvious.

Securing Funding with Assurance

Whether a company is starting or growing, fractional CFOs help companies position themselves to obtain important funding.

Reduced Onboarding and Training Period

Unlike full-time CFOs, fractional CFOs are often seasoned professionals who require minimal onboarding and training. They can immediately go to work and offer value to the business because of their quick understanding of the systems, practices, and financial climate of the company.

Overcoming Challenges Through Fractional CFO Services in India

The following lists a few of the difficulties encountered when providing fractional CFO services in India. Our professionals will help our clients overcome these obstacles by offering advice and support.

Compliance Difficulties

Companies must comply with a wide range of compliance. Complying with these regulations can be difficult and time-consuming, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. Corpbiz will make sure that all of this financial management compliance is followed within the allotted time period. Our part-time CFOs will offer direction and support for the same, making sure that all financial requirements are in line.

Changing Regulatory Obstacles

India's financial laws and regulations are subject to frequent modifications. Experts at Corpbiz will make sure that all modifications and adjustments are taken into account and that all financial management and analysis are completed in compliance with the changes.

Difficulties in Financial Planning and Analysis

It might be challenging to create reliable financial estimates and strategies in the face of erratic markets. Corpbiz can assist with thorough analysis, the development of solid financial plans, and the supply of information to encourage business growth.

Tax Difficulties

India's tax code is complicated since changes are made to it often. It may be challenging for businesses to navigate and maximise their tax strategy. Corpbiz offers businesses specialist tax advisory services that help them navigate complex tax laws and maximise their tax allocation.

How Fractional CFO can Help in Creating the Financial Visibility of a Company?

Additionally useful in enhancing or introducing greater forward-looking financial insight are fractional CFOs. A CFO concentrates on the future while many other financial experts, such as bookkeepers, accountants, and controllers, are responsible for maintaining the organisation and thorough documentation of the company's past and present finances.

Finding a way to get from where you are to where you want to be is assisted by a fractional CFO. Capital must be used strategically to grow a firm. One of the most significant things fractional CFOs can do is offer a financial projection that will serve as a guide for achieving growth in the most effective, expedient, and long-lasting way possible.

A firm may more accurately predict its trajectory and cash position or requirements if it has a short-term (next 90 days), mid-term (the remainder of this year), and long-term (next 3-5 years) perspective of the business. It may help you plan and prioritise future projects, forecast future owner remuneration, and make it simpler to manage through difficult times. It can also assist you in deciding when and how to get loans or investments.

What Fractional CFOs can do for Businesses:

  • Create thorough financial predictions for the short, medium, and long terms.
  • Create budgets using projections.
  • Examine prospective new goods and services, as well as markets and consumer groups.

The Role of Fractional CFO is Growing a Business

When a company grows more complicated, fractional CFOs may help ensure profitable development through scaling. In order to provide value to a client base that is always expanding and becoming more diversified, this task entails rethinking the tools, procedures, and vendor connections that the company now utilises. This is sometimes referred to as "bridging the chasm," as most businesses find that once they go beyond a particular revenue level, they begin to experience decreasing margins and more difficulties.

Once a firm has progressed past its early startup phase, the adage "What got you here won't get you where you want to go" becomes increasingly prevalent. Companies introduce new goods, expand into new markets, build new sites, cope with escalating regulatory demands, and transact in new currencies. These all demand more sophisticated methods, instruments, and ways of thinking.

A part-time bookkeeper and basic systems are the starting point for many bootstrap firms, who eventually discover they are unable to support further business development and complexity. As a firm expands, its systems, resources, procedures, and strategies need to become increasingly sophisticated.

How to Hire the Right CFO for Startups or Small Businesses?

The dynamics of employing a fractional CFO are comparable despite the fact that they are not just another freelancer or consultant. Start by examining CFOs who have experience in the same field and who have assisted businesses of a similar size in growing.

You should also discover someone who is enthusiastic about what you do. People who are enthusiastic about what they do to build startups, therefore hiring a fractional CFO, shouldn't require you to violate this fundamental principle of startup culture.

In order to discover the ideal fit, you can coordinate with a company like Corpbiz, which has been a leader in the legal and financial advisory sector.

Our Fractional CFO Services for Financial Success

Take a look at our fractional CFO services in India:

Planning & Analysis of Finances

Our fractional CFO specialists help you assemble a capable and responsible finance and accounting team to balance your company's revenue and expenses. Our fractional CFO services cover financial planning, fund acquisitions, mergers & acquisitions, financial research, and a host of other duties. We pledge to give your company an accurate financial report and to offer problem-solving advice.

M&A Advisory and Due Diligence Support

To expedite your M&A process, Corpbiz fractional CFO professionals will conduct a thorough assessment and implement appropriate remedial steps. With Corpbiz, you may take part in promising finance and investment opportunities, help prepare documents for due diligence, and negotiate contracts with several parties.

Strategic Planning and Assistance

Our fractional CFO services help you create and monitor financial strategies to ensure they align with your short- and long-term objectives.

Budgeting & Financial Forecasts

One of our fractional CFO services is financial planning and budgeting, which aids in making your objectives realistic and doable. Our fractional CFOs will create budgets and long- and short-term predictions to help our customers create a clear path that will lead them from where they are to where they want to go.

Routine Bookkeeping and Accounting

Our client firms benefit from our fractional CFO services by receiving regular bookkeeping and accounting support.

Assistance with Capital Raising

Many of our client firms have raised finance thanks in part to our fractional CFO. Experts from Corpbiz help with due diligence supervision, contract negotiations, document preparation, access to our wide lending and investment network, and more. Along with helping you establish the ideal debt-to-equity ratio, oversee the growth, and estimate your capital needs (amounts and time), we also provide fractional CFO services. We assist in contacting potential investors and provide updates on follow-up proposals. Our experts will help you make the required investments and organise your money.

Financial Risk Evaluation for Better Cash Flow

Our part-time CFO clarified what is functioning and what needs adjustment. Our team of in-house CFOs offer comprehensive financial goals that prioritise risk assessment. They ensure a steady financial future by offering customised solutions for credit risks and market volatility.

Monitoring Services

Our team of part-time CFO experts will work hard and monitor the business's cash flow, expenses, investment returns, and other aspects. In addition to doing routine tasks, our fractional CFO uses a cutting-edge approach to manage sales.

Get Started with Corpbiz Fractional CFO Services in India

Corpbiz has been in business for a long time, helping entrepreneurs manage finances. We have successfully provided 90+ companies with Fractional CFO services. Corpbiz consists of experts who have decades of experience in CFO services, especially in resolving financial issues for consulting firms and others. With the assistance of an AI-powered service delivery platform, we ensure timely support and CFO consulting services. Moreover, we have served over 100,000 clients globally. Moreover, based on the 4.9+ customer rating we have earned, you can evaluate the level of customer satisfaction we offer. Everyone wants their complete registration and compliance to be handled by an experienced person. We are pleased to announce that we employ more than a thousand CAs, CSs, lawyers, and engineers who are constantly available to meet client demands and put forth great effort to ensure client satisfaction. Additionally, Corpbiz and our specialists are in the top 1% of professionals in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

In lieu of a full-time CFO, a fractional CFO business is a temporary, part-time chief financial officer who works for an organisation to manage its financial affairs by offering strategic financial support. A fractional CFO is an experienced person who, under contractual obligation, provides financial skills to a company. A fractional CFO or virtual CFO is often beneficial for small and medium-sized growing companies.

A fractional CFO's scope of work can vary depending on your needs, from basic financial guidance to more extensive services like developing business strategies, cash flow forecasting, bookkeeping, budgeting and income statement creation, financial trend analysis, potential investment identification, risk management and compliance, and strategic planning and business analysis.

A fractional CFO offers startup access to a plethora of cross-domain experience without bankrupting it with excessive expenses. One method a startup might acquire experience is possibly by hiring a fractional CFO. For startups, a fractional CFO may offer the knowledge, experience, and tools required to manage your finances effectively without requiring a large cash commitment or a full-time staff.

A fractional CFO collaborates closely with any company, conducts a complete assessment, and makes important contributions by creating financial strategies, streamlining budgets, and providing insightful business advice to guarantee that the businesses are headed in the correct direction and succeed. Ownership of cash management and internal and external financial reporting are among the duties of a CFO.

A full-time CFO is a seasoned financial expert who is totally dedicated to supporting the expansion of your business. While their degree of experience is the same, fractional CFOs only work on a contract or part-time basis with businesses. Employing a fractional CFO might be less expensive than employing a full-time CFO since they bill by the hour or by the project.

Fractional CFO services provide small companies with an entire financial strategy, including financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and managing cash flow, among other things. This empowers them to make autonomous, well-informed business choices. They are in a great position to assist you in keeping up with industry best practices because they probably also collaborate with other businesses in your sector.

A fractional CFO assists small and medium-sized businesses in overcoming the difficulties presented by online retail, including price strategies, inventory management, seasonality, and the expense of digital marketing. An e-commerce firm may greatly benefit from the advice of a fractional CFO, who can offer assistance on the most economical and strategic methods of financing operations.

On your budget, a fractional CFO provides you with the necessary competence. Fractional CFO services are far less expensive than making costly financial mistakes on your own without the right advice of a chief financial officer. The advantages of having a CFO on your team for startups guarantee that you're making progress little by little.

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