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Overview of ISO 39001 Certification

Road accidents are the most common reasons for injury and death, and so ISO 39001:2012 specifies the requirements for a road traffic safety management system to enable an organisation that interacts with road traffic system to reduce death and other serious injuries related to road traffic crashes which it can influence. The requirements in this ISO 39001 include the development and implementation of an appropriate Road Traffic Safety policy, development of Road Traffic Safety objectives and action plans which take into account requirements, including legal requirements to which the Organisation subscribes and information that the Organisation can control and those which the Organisation can influence. ISO 39001:2012 standards are concerned with the development and correct implementation of an appropriate road traffic safety policy and takes action plans into the same scope. It states the requirements for a road traffic safety management system.

ISO 39001 Certification helps the Organisation in implementing its road safety management system objectives and action plans within the Organisation's operations. It sets out the most basic requirements for a Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Management System. Governments, safety groups, road authorities and private companies are developing this standard because of the rising number of people's death and injuries on the road per year. This Certification ensures that the system of the Organisation is working effectively with Organisation's policy and objectives. The validity of ISO 39001 Certification is for three years.

ISO 39001 requirements help in reducing deaths and serious injuries resulting from road accidents through the following core ways:

  • Development and implementation of an appropriate Road Traffic Safety policy
  • Development of Road Traffic Safety (RTS) objectives and action plans incorporating legal and Organisation specific requirements
  • Additional detail is provided on criteria relating to Road Traffic Safety that an organisation deems within its sphere of influence or control.

Benefits of ISO 39001 Certification

Followings are the benefits of obtaining ISO 39001 Certification:

  • Meet organisational safety and social responsibility targets
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders and customers that the Organisation is taking the road safety and social responsibility targets
  • Identify a process to improve efficiency through better management
  • Cuts costs through improved efficiency
  • Recognition as one of the organisations to implement ISO 39001 and lead to a competitive edge
  • Improvement of operating processes and establishment of efficient operating principles
  • The establishment and maintenance of an effective system to ensure compliance with its policy and objectives within the Organisation
  • Helps in identifying the Road Traffic Safety performance parameters
  • Helps in identifying significant hazards and risks involved
  • Helps to protect the employees and the working environment
  • Ensures customer reliability

Benefits of ISO 39001 Certification to the customers of such organisations are as follows:

  • Safe and effective transportation
  • Reduced service complaints
  • Ensure quality, safety and reliability
  • Alignment regulatory laws

Eligibility Criteria for ISO 39001 Certification

ISO 39001 standard is applicable to the public as well as private organisations interacting with road traffic safety management systems. Transport companies, vehicle fleet operators and other similar organisations seek the resources and services necessary to reduce operational and insurance costs. This objective can be achieved by minimising road accidents.

An organisation who are having the following factors applies for ISO 39001 Certification:

  • Improved Road Traffic Safety performance
  • Establishes, implements, maintains and improves Road Traffic Safety Management System
  • Assures the conformity with the stated Road Traffic Safety policy
  • Demonstrates conformity with ISO 39001 Standards.

Following Organisations must Obtain ISO 39001 Certification

  • An organisation that owns a vehicle fleet
  • Organisations whose personnel travel by road
  • A road or public transport company
  • A motorway or car park organisation

Requirements for Obtaining ISO 39001 Certification

Followings are the pre-requisites required at the time of obtaining ISO 39001 Certification:

Context of the Organisation

Needs or expectations of interested parties

Scope of the Road Traffic Safety Management System

Leadership and Commitment

Policy, roles, responsibilities and authorities


Risks and opportunities

Road Traffic Safety Objectives and planning to achieve the same


Resources, awareness, competence



Operation and Control

Operation planning

Emergency preparedness and response

Performance Evaluation

Monitoring and review

Incident investigation related to the road traffic crash




Corrective and preventive action

Continual improvement

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Documents Required to Obtain ISO 39001 Certification

List of Documents that are required for obtaining ISO 39001 Certification is divided into the following directories:

  • Road Traffic Safety System Manual
  • System Procedures
  • Policy
  • Objectives
  • Mission and Vision
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Exhibits
  • Forms
  • Records
  • Readymade Formats/Templates
  • ISO 39001:2012 Audit Checklist
  • ISO 39001 Compliance Matrix
  • Other Documents, such as:

    Organisation's size

    Activities performed by Organisation

    Processes undertook by the Organisation

    Products and services offered by the Organisation

    The complexity of processes undertaken

    Competence of persons involved.

Procedure to Obtain ISO 39001 Certification

The most basic steps to be followed to get ISO 39001 Certification are as follows:

Optional Preliminary Audit

The preliminary audit is conducted to determine if any requirements related to the standard have been implemented already in the Organisation.

Audit: Stage I

Assessment of Certification eligibility is determined by auditing, quality management necessary papers analysis and business assessment results.

Audit: Stage II

An on-site inspection is conducted for excellence in the applied practice of the Organisation's application of its road traffic safety management system to test its effectiveness.


If the Organisation meets all the criteria, the Official confirmation certifying the integrity of the Organisation's road traffic safety management system and full compliance with the ISO 39001 standards is given, and Certification for the same is issued.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Road Traffic Safety Management is part of the Management System that sets such conditions as well as factors relating to the road traffic crashes and other road traffic accidents or incidents that can impact or have a potential to impact death or measure injuries of people who uses roads for their mode of transportation.

The main objective behind obtaining this Certification are the followings:

  • Road Traffic Safety results at levels that exceed what is to be achieved through complying with the laws and standards.
  • Organisation's objectives and, at the same time, contribution to achieving society's goals.

The Documented information required for such Certification is as follows:

  • Scope and Limitations of Organisation's Road Safety Management
  • Policy and Objectives of Organisation's Road Safety Management
  • Records at the individual process or department

The procedure of ISO 39001 Certification is based totally on the ISO 9001 and 14001 Certifications.

The ISO 39001 standard was published and developed by the ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 241 in October 2012.

The ISO 39001 Certificate is valid for up to three years.

The renewal of this certificate requires a renewal audit to reflect the social conflict of the Organisation.

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