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Explore Demonstration License Services with Corpbiz

With Corpbiz Simplify Your Demonstration License Registration: Seamless Solutions, Tailored Solutions, Smooth Compliance and Regulatory Compliance.

To get a demonstration license for the spectrum-based product(s) of your choice, Corpbiz can assist you. You may register for the demonstration license in India, with the assistance of a team of telecom specialists that Corpbiz provides for you. We have been providing legal assistance to our telecom clients for ages. Our team of telecom specialists is available to ensure that obtaining the necessary telecom license is completed as quickly and affordably as feasible. Corpbiz assists you every step of the way in obtaining the necessary license.

Challenges Faced During Demonstration License Registration in India

Different challenges can arise for the applicant at different stages of the demonstration license registration procedure. With our demonstration license services, we'll ensure that all of these problems are minimized and avoided

Challenges in Demonstration License Registration

1. Difficulties with Application Submission

When you utilize our demonstration license services, we guarantee complete compliance with application form completion and submission. The lengthy application procedure for a demonstration license service needs to be done correctly, entirely, and in accordance with policy. A paperwork error might result in delays of many weeks or even months, resulting in financial and time losses.

2. Issues with the Registration Process

The several steps required in the license registration process may make it difficult and perplexing for the applicant. With our demonstration license services, you can relax and have fun since our experts will take care of all the administrative procedures.

3. Difficulties with Eligibility Criteria

Our professionals check that you fulfill all the conditions to be eligible for a demonstration license as part of our demonstration license services.

4. Difficulties in Compliance

It requires a lot of effort and complexity to navigate and abide by all compliances. With our demonstration license services, our experts will make sure that all compliance standards are promptly followed and monitored.

Benefits of Demonstration License Registration in India

Here are some of the key benefits of demonstration license registration in India, which you can get after the registration, as follows:

Benefits of Demonstration License Registration

1. Beneficial for Imports

With the help of the demonstration license, one can very easily import wireless devices and expand their market in India. Having a demonstration license proves the business's authenticity at the time of import.

2. Trustworthy

Having a demonstration license with the business proves to the customers that the business is trustworthy and legal, and they can buy goods from the same business. The product contains a demo license that assures the customer and builds trust.

3. B2B Domain

Dealer possession license holders are the only ones eligible for a demonstration license. Dealers are business owners that provide services to other organizations in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries. In other words, it provides you with an avenue to enter the B2B market. It guarantees that the customers you are promoting the items to are deserving and won't hesitate to spend their money on your offering

4. Relatively affordable

The license fees for the demonstration license are relatively low as compared to other licenses. As the license is relatively affordable more people can register for the same which is a good sign for the government.

Demonstration License Services: Reasons Why Corpbiz Is India's Top Platform

If words were not enough to convince you to come on board, here are some more points on why you should choose Corpbiz as your partner for demonstration license registration in India:

  • Team of professionals with expertise and specialization in Demonstration license services.
  • More than 10,000 CAs, 9,000 CSs, 4,500 CMAs, and 5,000 Experts.
  • Corpbiz has a client-centric strategy.
  • Corpbiz's 4.5 rating reflects our commitment to providing excellent customer service.
  • The client satisfaction rate for Corpbiz's domonstration license services is 99.9%.

Our Demonstration License Services

You may register for the demonstration license, with the assistance of a team of telecom specialists that Corpbiz provides for you. We have been providing legal assistance to our telecom clients for ages. Our demonstration license services in India mainly include:

Demonstration License Services

1. Documentation Services 

Corpbiz ensures that the right paperwork is presented for the registration process by adhering to a rigorous process. Before the papers are submitted on time, our expert verifies that they are accurate.

2. Consultancy Services

Based on their clients' needs, Corpbiz's seasoned experts provide tailored advisory services.

3. Services for Filling Applications

When working with Corpbiz, our clients can be sure that all applications related to demonstration license registrations are completed appropriately and on time.

4. Regulatory Compliance Services 

Corpbiz guarantees compliance with all applicable regulations. Our approach is centered on total compliance, lowering customer risks, and protecting their business.

5. Procedure Services

An easy and uncomplicated license registration procedure for demonstration license services is guaranteed by our experts. We implement the most efficient techniques to optimize processes for our clients.

Why do you need Demonstration License Services?

With Corpbiz you can be assured of your demonstration license. Now that how we will hwlp you to get your demonstration license, Let's us provide you some crucial information about demonstration license in India.

What is Demonstration License in India?

Possession license holders who want to demonstrate a wireless device for sale or display can apply for a demonstration license by WPC. Any person or business that plans to exhibit any wireless equipment is granted a demonstration license by WPC, which is a type of non-network license. The five regional offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Guwahati are able to provide a demonstration license by WPC. A valid DPL license is a prerequisite for applying for a demonstration license.

Those who are interested in owning wireless or radio-frequency-based items can apply for demonstration licenses or certificates from the Department of Telecommunications' Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing. The license in question can't be extended, thus it's only valid for a limited period of time. This license is limited to demonstrating the operation of spectrum-using telecom goods. Innovation is essential to the telecom industry in India, but introducing new technology to the general public can only be accomplished through demonstrations.

Any telecom product demonstration requires the demonstration to be appropriate for the intended use. Therefore, a license for demonstration is needed. India's telecom industry is expanding due to the rising quantity of sophisticated communication products. The need for the authorization to display additional objects has increased as a result. Furthermore, the Indian government is more than happy to assist by granting a permit for demonstration. To that end, a variety of rules and regulations have been enacted.

Categories of Demonstration License in India

There are basically two types of demonstration license in India - indoor and outdoor license. Corpbiz provides demonstration license services for both the categories. Both the types are explained in detail below:

Categories of Demonstration License

Indoor License

The first type of demonstration license under the demonstration license registration in India is the indoor license. This type of demonstration license is given for the demonstration which takes place indoor, in some exhibition or on the premises of the customers. This license is applicable only to the Indian entities.

Outdoor License

The outdoor license is also applicable only to the Indian entities, like indoor license. The outdoor demonstration license is granted only for the purpose of showcasing completed (finished) goods. 

Essential requirements for Demonstration License Registration in India

Below mentioned are some of the essential requirements for demonstration license registration in India which are to be adhered at the time of demonstration license in India.

  • To provide Indian businesses with access to global markets, the license is granted for all spectrum bands, including newly created, unassigned, unsold, and underutilized bands as well as any others that could be available.
  • There are two types of demonstration licenses issued by the Department of telecommunications (DoT): indoor and outdoor.
  • Only Indian businesses are eligible to apply for both types of license registration.
  • You can display completed goods, such as spectrum-free or low- power radiating telecom items, with the indoor license.
  • You can display completed goods, including telecom items that use the spectrum to send out signals, according to the outside license.
  • In the event that the candidate has any of the following telecom licenses, no additional demonstration license is required:
  • A license to conduct experiments and test new technologies.
  • Production and Testing License
  • Any authorized Indian dealer in possession of a current Dealer Possession License

DoT's restrictions on Demonstration License

The DoT oversees all the regulations related to telecommunications and its related services. There are Dot's restrictions on demonstration license which are laid down in India. The restrictions are as follows:

  • No one else's rights can be infringed upon or protected by the demonstration license.
  • Only indoor usage in a move that emits extremely low power or no signals at all is permitted with the indoor demonstration license.
  • It is not permitted to provide any commercial services using the license for outdoor demonstrations.
  • To import wireless items, assemblies, modules, and accessories that operate in both licensed and license-exempt bands, the demonstration license needs to be properly authorized. It is not permitted to use or sell these imported items for profit.
  • A separate Dealer Possession license is not required for the license holder as long as they fulfill the stocking and reporting criteria. Essential records required for the demonstration.

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What is the checklist for Demonstration License?

Here is the checklist for demonstration license that needs to be submitted at the time of demonstration license registration. Following are the Documents which are required and are to be submitted online along with license registration application:

  • The applicant's company incorporation certificate.
  • The applicant company's Memorandum of Association in the certified copy version.
  • The applicant company's Articles of Association in the certified copy version.
  • The Applicant of his company's Dealer Possession license (copy).
  • Technical specification as well literature of the device which is being used for/in the demonstration.
  • Description of what is going to take place on the site of the demonstration activity details.
  • The two-be demonstrated products set up diagram.
  • Other additional Documents required by authority as per relevancy.

Steps to obtain a Demonstration License

There are some types that are to be followed by the applicant for registering for a demonstration license in India.

  • Step 1 Compile all the essential and requisite Documents for the application process.
  • Step 2 The next step is in license registration is the drafting of the application for the same.
  • Step 3 After drafting the application, you have to file the application online along with the Documents which are required.
  • Step 4 Application submission is the next stage.
  • Step 5  After the submission of the application, you can wait for the decision letter which is issued by the DoT and download the same.
  • Step 6 The applicant will thereafter get the necessary licence upon the submission of the relevant paperwork:
  • The license fee and, if applicable, the royalty is paid
  • AIP/decision letter copy
  • A copy of the equipment invoice or specifics of the equipment utilized in the demonstration.

Validity Period of Demonstration License in India

A single license will cover every device operating in a spectrum. For both types, the demonstration license has a three-month validity period. The term of this license cannot be changed. As a result, the license holder is unable to submit a renewal application.

Why Contact Corpbiz?

In addition to being efficient, our strategies' efficacy sets us apart from businesses looking for our demonstration license services. We improve your business by making sure it is well positioned for success in the telecom industry, going above and beyond simply meeting compliance standards. At every stage of the compliance process, from the first demonstration license registration consultation to finally obtaining the certificate by utilizing our demonstration license services, Corpbiz offers comprehensive support. Our consultants are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and comprehension throughout the process.

Get started with Corpbiz for Demonstration License Services

Corpbiz provides thorough assistance and guidance in registration of demonstration license in India by its demonstration license services. You receive smooth and quick processes when you work with Corpbiz as your advisory partner to obtain a demonstration license in India. For companies wishing to obtain demonstration license services, we are the ideal option because of our dedication to quality, established track record, and client-centric methods. Call us at 9121230280 to place your order for our professional help package for demonstration license services at Corpbiz.

Frequently Asked Questions

A demonstration license of any type has a three-month validity period. The term of this license cannot be changed. As a result, the license holder is unable to submit a renewal application.

The Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) in India awards demonstration licenses to holders of possession licenses who want to showcase wireless gadgets for exhibition or sale. In order to display wireless equipment, a non-network license is required.

Applications for both indoor and outdoor demonstration licenses are only open to Indian enterprises. Only Indian entities may submit an application for the registration of a demonstration license.

The firm incorporation certificate, the MOA, the AOA, and the Dealer Possession License, the technical specs of the devices, the specifics of the demonstration location, the product setup schematics, and any other pertinent papers are required.

Yes, the applicant might not require a separate demonstration license if they hold certain telecom licenses, such as those for manufacturing and testing, experimentation, or dealer possession.

  • The restriction on violating the rights of others.
  • Restrictions on the use of outdoor demonstration licenses by commercial services.
  • Rules governing the use, sale, and import of wireless products covered by licenses.

If the applicant holds any of the following telecom licenses, a separate certification on a non-interference and non-protection basis is not necessary for a maximum of one month at one place:

  • License for Technology and Experiments;
  • License for Manufacturing and Testing;
  • Any authorized Indian dealer holding a current Dealer Possession License

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