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Trademark Registration helps to protect the brand name, or a unique logo or a slogan. In just three working days, you can start using your own unique trademark symbol right next to your name!

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    The paperwork must be done correctly and must be fully submitted in order to get the registration.

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    It will be filed on your behalf.

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    Provides advice on which classes you should apply under.

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    Filing the forms with the Registrar.

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What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark Registration is a unique form of communication or expression which is related to a product or to a service that makes it different from other. The expression may be a slogan or a word, a logo, color combination, graphic, sound or may be even smell. Most of the businesses however, refer to the registration of their company name of their logo for Trademark registration. The person who owns the logo then has the exclusive rights in order to make use of that under which ever categories they have registered it under (these categories are called classes which are about 45).

Once a company has their Trademark Registration it then makes it possible for them to earn royalties by using their trademark in the court. It also protects against possibility of piracy and prevents companies with identical or similar names being registered through other businesses. You may also search for trademark registration to ensure your brand name does not coincide with any other trademark registration which are existing already. It is possible to get a Trademark ™ in India within 3 days but it takes about 2 years in order for it to be registered, so that the ® symbol can be used by you.

Six Essential Trademark Registration Facts

1. What is a Trademark Registration?

A trademark can be referred to as characteristics of your brand. It can be your brands logo, or simply just your brand name or even your brand's slogan. Examples can be, "Nike" and "just do it". There may also be cases where the brand's logo and their brand name itself are combined into one such as Coca-Cola or BMW, which is known as the Logo Composite Mark.

2. Who is the Trademark owned by?

Having a Trademark means your particular brand has the commercial rights for selling in a particular sector of the economy. Each of these sectors are known as "class" which are about 45. For example, Toys, Sports and Games is class 28. So in order for you to protect you brand, you must give an application which should be under class 28 and this way you can get exclusive commercial right for selling your branded games or toys in that class.

3. How to check Trademark Availability?

The search for Trademark registration can be done by us for you if you have a particular logo, slogan or a brand name in mind. A simpler way is to just go online and search the internet yourself if there is a company with a similar name as yours and you may also check for the availability of your domain name.

4. What happens if the Trademark is unavailable?

In case the Trademark registration that you want is already taken by somebody else, there is nothing to worry about as you can simply go for the composite mark. This combines your name and your logo as one which is strategy that is applied when brand names are already taken.

5. What are the requirements for Trademark Registration?

A signed letter by you should be given to us which is the Authorization letter. This allows us to apply for Trademark Registration on your behalf. After the authorization letter has been received by us, we prepare the other required documents. This includes, apply for you online and pay the required fees. You receive the confirmation almost instantly after the application has been confirmed and you can start using the Trademark ™ symbol with your name.

6. How long is the Trademark Registration Process?

This process of the application of Trademark Registration is done instantly, which may even be in just a few hours of us receiving your authorization letter. However, it takes about 18-24 months for the government to confirm the registration after we have made the application and then given the confirmed certificate for your trademark registration. Once received, you can start using the symbol ® with your name.

The process of Trademark Registration

2 working hours

Once we have confirmed availability after searching for your unique name, you have to make payment for Trademark Registration Process. The authorization letter will be sent to you which you have to sign and return and then our lawyers will file your trademark application for you.

3 working days

This form contains basic details about your business that we will require from you and about the slogan, word or logo which are registering, which has to be for a certain sector. In case you want for multiple categories then you have to file another Form 1-s and make another payment for it and once the form is filed you may start using the ™ symbol.

24 Months

A Trademark registration objection will be raised in case the trademark you want is already registered. The government may also object if the trademark logo is obscene or creates confusion or will hurt religious sentiments. If there is no objections however, it creates an advertisement in the journal of Trademarks and if there are no objections in the next four months from other businesses, the Trademark registration can be do after 6 months. We keep you updated regarding the whole process.

Trademark Registration - Advantages

Legal Protection

Your right in the court can be easily established if your registered trademark is being infringed upon. However, if your logo, slogan or word is not registered, there is nothing you can do. In those sectors where there is a lot of piracy, Trademark Registration is a must.

Opportunities for businesses

It is a great long term aspect for your business as the trademark registration is an intangible asset which can prove to be highly profitable for your business in case it is successful. Business can earn a lot of money through royalties and licensing agreements or assignment agreements. The examples are McDonalds, Nike, etc.

Uniqueness in Identity

Having your trademark registration would help your customers identify your products and services with your brand. This way, the court may also stop any similar slogans or words being registered.

FAQ on Trademark Registration

There are 45 classes under which the Trademark Registry has classified the goods and services under. It must be mentioned in your application which class your goods or the services are representing. Your trademark would only be registered under those classes.

Anything that may hurt religious sentiments is similar to an existing application or has the geographical names or words which are common may be rejected. Moreover, words like Car cannot be registered for a brand of car but can be done for a brand of electronics.

Once the application has been filed and you have received the acknowledgement you may start using the ™ symbol and once it is registered you can start using the ® symbol.

You must do a search under India's Intellectual Property Database to check whether the brand name, logo or symbol you want is already taken or not. If there is a similar one like yours, you may check its status, whether it is applied, approved, opposed or rejected. You should also check the phonetic similarities where you can select the dropdown on the top of the page, even though this is not very accurate, you may still know with some amount of certainty that your trademark can be approved if the matches are not relevant.

You may still have some hope if your brand name is registered under another class. Unless the brand name is very well known (such as McDonalds) your application may still get approved. If the trademark has been registered by somebody else after you have began to use it, you can take this seriously. You can send the office a cease-and-desist letter, which is mostly send in matters of infringement. If the other party doesn't stop selling under your brand name you may even take them to court.

You can still have the logo composite mark where you can have the brand name and logo in one, for example BMW.

It depends on the judgment of the government. If the brand name is unique most probably you will be able to get it.

Founders who are start up's may do so in their own name while businesses which are large most likely do it in the name of the company. This is usually the start up's future is usually doubtful and if it is owned by the founder it can still remain valid even if the business winds up.

Your brand's expression that makes it different from others can be trademarked, which includes your brand name, logo or slogan. New brands just need to focus on these things while older and established brands may have much more to protect.

Copyright and patents are intellectual property yet they both are for different purposes. While the copyright is for the audio visual (photographs, music, movies) and literary works which is the exclusive right to a author of a book or a creator of a movie or some music and this gives the owner the right to stop publication of anything which may have similarities with their work. Patent on the other hand, is the right that is given for a process or for a product to an enterprise or an individual which gives the owner the ability to stop others from selling, importing or making the product without approval. The patent is valid for 20 years.

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