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Legal Advisory Services

Legal Advisory services are gaining popularity in the Indian legal market. Outsourcing of these services has certainly become one of the growing trends in the legal profession. It lightens the workload of the firms and potentially cut costs as well.

  • Corporate Law
  • Real Estate
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Employment Law
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Overview of Legal Advisory Services

Legal Advisory services are gaining popularity in the Indian legal market. Outsourcing of these services has certainly become one of the growing trends in the legal profession. It lightens the workload of the firms and potentially cut costs as well. Due to complex business environment and rapidly changing business norms, companies are exposed to strict compliance needs and face new business challenges. Corpbiz has deep and rooted knowledge of legal norms and industry standards. Our legal advisory services help our client to remain competitive and compliant in the current market situation. We provide legal advisory services in the genres like legal, tax, and accounting. Our experts will address all aspects of your business and resolve them effectively.

Legal advisory services give assistance to the companies in the lawful matters related to their client activities, industry presence, size and location. Expert team of lawyers that holds sufficient experience in handling issues related to legal compliance, due diligence will serve you proficiently and legally take care of you during mergers, takeover, IPOS etc. Organizations dealing in legal advisory services will examine compliance documents and internal policies to make sure that they are implemented according to the provisions of the law.

Legal Advisory Services

Benefits of Legal Advisory Services

Legal outsourcing is the best way for companies to manage their complex and time consuming matters. It is an important factor that affects the legal industry immensely. Outsourcing of legal services is done with the motive to avail the benefit of significantly lower costs.

Five key benefits of outsourcing legal advisory services:

  • Access to Emerging Technology

    Outsourcing of legal services gives in-house lawyers access to the latest technology, research tools, and high-end storage services. Moreover, company’s sensitive documents will remain protected and service providers who hold specialization in litigation support will also guide in documentation, document storage and transcription.

  • Cost-Effective

    Outsourcing legal service proves cost-effectively beneficial to the organization. It can lead to huge cost saving, since hiring qualified personnel and investing money and time in training them can turn out to be quite costly. But when you choose to outsource these services you need not spend a single penny on the employee’s training.

  • Access to Trained Professionals

    Obtaining the guidance and help of external professional’s decrease the overall time that you may need to complete a legal process. Indeed, you will experience an improvement in the quality of service. Outsourcing also reduces the workload of in-house employees and manages to fill the gap between internal competencies.

  • Round-the-Clock-Service

    The amalgamation of on-shore and off-shore team members gives the legal organizations a liberty to complete their task within a shorter span of time. For example, the 12-hour time difference between US and India eases the level of operations and reduces the delivery time.

  • Increased Flexibility

    Outsourcing of legal advisory services helps in reducing the level of workload and lets the organization focus on other core areas of business. Furthermore, a combination of external and in-house talent also helps outsourcing firms deliver their services as per the demands of the clients. Law firms can also obtain benefit by avoiding incurring fixed cost in the form of salaries that an organization is bound to pay to permanent employees.

Who is a Legal Advisor?

A lawyer who gives legal counsel to organizations is known as legal advisor. A legal advisor holds a specialization in the particular areas of law. They can manage your issues related to contract disputes, compensation issues, workplace conflicts etc. They also give an expert advice in the matters related corporate decisions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate growth or other practices.

Legal Advisor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Draft and Negotiate Contract

    Legal advisor possess the knowledge of drafting agreements like consultant contract, collaboration agreement, and other various types of contracts. Reviewing existing contracts and creating new documents are also the part of legal advisor’s job.

  • Ensure Compliance With Corporate Laws

    Legal advisor holds an expertise in corporate law and examine all company practices and works hard to ensure that the corporation is adhering to all federal and state legal limits. A legal advisor understands all legal norms and regulations related to the business in which they are working.

  • Provide Counsel for Employee and Management Conflicts

    Legal advisor resolves matters related to sexual harassment, labor dispute and other employee conflicts. The advisor applies his relevant knowledge in sorting out these issues.

Legal Advisor Skills

Legal advisor is a critical thinker and holds an expertise in managing organizational and problem solving skills. They excel in time management, negotiation, goal-setting and deadlines. Legal advisor must have the ability to work with no supervision. Plus, he has to be a team player who displays leadership skills.

Additionally, a legal advisor demonstrates the following skills:

  • Core Skills

    1. Reviewing and creating contracts, agreements and other legal documents

    2. Negotiating in-house and outside contracts

    3. Analyzing corporate policies and practices for adherence to laws and regulations

    4. Applying knowledge of employment laws to resolve conflicts and ensure compliance

  • Advanced Skills

    1. Strong understanding of finance practices and concepts

    2. Knowledge of MS Word and Excel as well as Adobe Acrobat

Corpbiz Legal Advisory Services Include

  • Corporate Law

    1. Requests for legal advice regarding foreign investment matters

    2. The incorporation of corporations and companies in their various forms and characteristics

    3. Corporate record maintenance and legal bookkeeping

    4. The drafting and negotiation of NDAs, as well as confidentiality and settlement agreements

    6. The drafting of confidentiality, anti-corruption, and privacy corporate policies

    7. The negotiation and drafting of all kinds of negotiable instruments and credit transactions

    8. Corporate restructuring, conversions, dissolutions, and winding-up procedures

    9. Opening of subsidiaries, and representative and branch offices of foreign companies in any jurisdiction

    10. Corporate regularization

    11. Corporate compliance and risk assessment

  • Dispute Resolution

    1. Civil and commercial litigation and arbitration

    2. Public litigation

    3. Employment litigation

    4. Tax litigation

  • Employment Law

    1. Global mobility

    managing the growing complexity of an internationally mobile workforce

    2. Individual employment law

    from hiring, employment contracts, handbooks and policies, to termination

    3. Contingent workforce

    from establishing the workforce strategy to drafting the appropriate context, clauses and policies

    4. Workforce transformation

    from consultation to down- or right-sizing procedures

    5. Compensation & Benefits

    from global stock plans to corporate governance and regulation, including CEO pay ratios, gender pay-gap reporting, and compliance with minimum wage requirements

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    1. Sourcing

    2. Screening

    3. NDA

    4. First review

    5. Due diligence

    6. Compliance due diligence

    7. Legal structuring

    8. Binding documentation, completion & closing

    9. Anti-trust filing/merger control clearance

    10. Post M&A integration

    11. Capital market compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance

    1. Business Integrity and Financial Crime

    2. Antitrust, Competition, and Trade

    3. Sanctions

    4. Financial Services Regulation and Investigations Regulation

    5. Insurance

    6. Public law

  • Real Estate

    1. Real estate transactions and due diligence

    2. Ownership restructuring

    3. Financing and syndication

    4. Lease and sublease agreements

    5. Registration services

    6. Development, building, and planning

    7. Litigation

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