Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Welcome to (a network of 50,000+ Professionals); we are glad to have you on board. We thank you that you have purchased our services/products from our website ( Our focus is to achieve customer satisfaction. However, we have a standard operating procedure for processing the refund, which has outlined below – 

  1. Refund at the choice of the client without any reason – 
  • Refund by the purchaser – We will refund 100% of the amount received if you notify us within 4 hours of the purchase or payment via email to If you place a refund request after 4 hours from the payment, no refund will take place. 
  • No refund shall be made once the order is assigned to the network of professionals (CA, CS, Lawyers, Engineers, Management Consultants, and Other Professionals).
  • If you do not respond to the email/call/whatsapp for more than seven (7) days, then the order shall be deemed cancelled, and no refund will occur under any circumstances. 
  • Refund is subject to approval from the consultant; therefore, in case any dispute arises between the client and consultant, then it will be considered an individual dispute between the client and consultant, and Corpbiz will not be liable for it.
  • You understand and undertake that before the purchase of services from our website,, you have completely understood the "applicable government fees, government compliance requirements, documents required, and any other document or facilities or infrastructure or land or commercial premises may be required to secure such license or registration or certification, or government approvals/ clearance". You have to furnish all the necessary documents and required information to obtain such license or registration or certification or government approvals/ clearance as requested by the network of professionals. In case you are unable to provide such information for a maximum period of 15 days, then the services you have availed from our website, will be deemed to be completed, and you will be required to pay the balance amount. In professional services, time has a cost hence every piece of advice or time spent during a call has a cost and time engagement. 
  1. Refund in case our network of professionals is unable to deliver the services - 
  • If the network of professionals cannot deliver the services due to a change in the law and you are not able to fulfill the revised regulatory norms of the government under such circumstances no refund shall be made.  under any ordinary case you have provided all documents, necessary qualification, and facilities and still the network of professionals either does not have experience in providing the said services or denying to work on your assignment, then as an aggregator of the professionals, we may assign the same service order to the other professionals in our network. If none of the professionals can deliver the services in a cooling period of 30 days, you may request a refund via wiriting your request at 
  • Delay from the end of regulators/Government departments has been excluded from seeking refund requests. Any delay from the end of regulatory authorities shall not be considered a delay from the consultant's end. Consultant shall provide the right legal advice as and when required. 
  • No refund request shall be entertained in case of rejection of the application by the government authorities due to any reason not in the control of professional. If the client wishes to re-apply after rejection by the government authorities, they will have to pay 70% of the professional fees and 100% of the government fees and any other travel/MSc fees as require to expenses for the purpose of delivering the assignment. if client agreed to this, professionals will require to create a fresh order after approval from the client. 
  • You understand that government authorities may levy any penalty or fee on you for any reason; you shall bear all such penalties, and the consultant or shall not be held responsible for any such action or imposition by the government authorities. 
  • By purchasing services from our website, you undertake that you are not an agent, middleman, or un-registered Legal professional in any manner; you are aware that is a legal platform solely designed for businesses or individuals who are seeking legal services. In case any service order is received from the middleman or unregistered professionals or professionals outside the CorpBiz network, such orders shall be considered a violation of platform principles and under such circumstances order shall be marked as cancelled, and no refund shall take place. 
  • Refunds shall not be entertained when documents required for delivering the service order have been shared with you via email or whatsapp. 

Refund method

  • We will refund you to the original mode from which we received the fees from you and shall not be refunded to any third party in any case. 
  • Eligible refund shall be processed within a minimum of 30 days from the approval by the network of professionals ( 

Escalation matrix

Level 1: Email the designed professionals (CA/CS/other professionals) and keep cc'd to This may take a week time to finalize the decision. 

Level 2 – If you are unhappy or satisfied with level 1, you may appeal to our nodal officer at – This may take seven (7) working days to conclude. The decision of the nodal officer is final.

Other terms: 

  1. Enquiry posted on our website ( 
  2. You have made the payment online in the Bank Account of Enterslice Pvt Ltd and Payment gateways. We have received the payment.
  3. A professional from our network based on the package selected by you shall be assigned within 30 minutes from the payment confirmation.
  4. While making payment, we assume you know your service requirement and the documents required for obtaining such registration, licenses, or approval. 
  5. The documents required by the professionals or government agencies shall be final, and you undertake to provide the same as and when required. 
  6. Dispute Settlement – In case of a dispute among the parties, the New Delhi court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to solve disputes among the parties. 

Corpbiz reserves the right to make amendments to the information provided on the website, at any time and without prior notice. Thus, we recommend you to review this information periodically for changes.

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