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PM-WANI or Prime Minister's Wifi Access Network Interface is a scheme introduced by the central government with the aim to create a large-scale network of hotspots throughout the country. The PM-WANI registration permits small and medium-scale businesses to start wifi services. This registration will enable businesses to generate employment and boost their disposable income in turn enabling people to have access to good quality internet at affordable rates. PM-WANI registration will address the issue of connectivity in remote areas and develop the growth of the Internet organically. As of now, there are a total of 136 PDO aggregators, 83 app providers and a total of 132,529 public hotspots registered under the PM-WANI scheme.

Components of the PM-WANI Framework

There are 4 components of the PM-WANI framework these are:

Public Data Office (PDO): Public data offices are those establishments that will provide Wifi to the people. These establishments are not required to pay any fee for registration to the department of telecommunication. The public data office will allow licensed internet service providers to connect to its Wifi Access Points (WAP). This shall enable the user to access WANI complaint wifi on the payment of a subscription fee.

Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA): The PDOA can be any company that is registered as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. PDOA is an aggregator and will assist the PDO with functions of accounting and authorization. The PDOA must also work for the integration of digital payment portals. They will also keep track of tariffs, and subscriptions of users along with this, they are also required to make detailed records of each subscriber. Public Data Office Aggregator shall deal with the complaints of the users as per the directions issued by the Department of telecommunication.

App Provider: Similarly, like a PDOA, an app provider must be registered under the Companies Act, 2013. The app provider has to design and maintain the software application. It is the app provider's responsibility to develop infrastructure which enables the user to signup and finds PM-WANI-compliant hotspots and make these connections easily connect through the app. The app provider can also register with the department of telecom for free. In short, it will act as the medium to connect a user with a PM-WANI network.

Central Registry: The central registry is will create a detailed list of PDOs, PDOAs and App providers. The central registry shall be maintained by the Department of telecommunications. The central registry provides certification to the software applications and PDOA's infrastructure for PM-WANI within a span of 10 days. The central registry has to delete the details of all the stakeholders if and when prompted by the department of telecommunication.

Regulatory Bodies Involved in PM-WANI Registration

  • Department of Telecommunication (DoT)
  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

Documents Required for PM-WANI Registration

  • Certification of Incorporation of the company
  • PAN card details
  • Address proof of the Business
  • Identification for Authorized representative
  • Copy of Board resolution
  • FDI approval from the government (if the investments are more than 49%)

Important Terms and Conditions for PM-WANI Registration

  • Any company can become a PDO as there is no requirement to be registered with the department of telecommunication.
  • PDOAs, on the other hand, need to be registered with the DoT, However, this registration shall be free of cost. PDOA must ensure that it adheres to the FDI guidelines
  • PDOAs and App providers must get themselves registered with DoT through the online portal called "SARALSANCHAR".
  • The registration certificate shall be provided to the entities within seven working days. This shall enable PDOAs and App providers to have pan-India operations
  • The Department of telecommunication reserves the right to suspend the registration of entities at any time if it believes it to interfere with the security of the state.

Security Conditions for PM-WANI Registration

  • PDOA will be responsible for the security of user data and also be compliant with the laws of the land.
  • App providers must ensure the data privacy of their users. All user information must be stored in India.
  • All the stakeholders and the central registry should ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of third-party users must be safeguarded whenever they provide their service.

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General Conditions for PM-WANI Registration

  • PDOA, Central Registry and App providers are prohibited from providing telephone services.
  • All the stakeholders must comply with the infrastructural requirements as laid down for the WANI Framework.
  • The DoT must be indemnified for claims, costs, charges and damages etc. whenever a dispute arises between a user and PDOA/App provider.
  • PDOA, Central Registry, and App Provider will be held responsible for any violation of the terms and agreement.
  • PDOAs must ensure to use of and promote Indian technology through which the WANI framework shall operate.
  • DoT shall take appropriate action for violation of terms and conditions. Severe cases may lead to the cancellation of registration.

How will Corpbiz Help You with PM-WANI Registration?

  • Upon opting for our PM-WANI service, our experts will get in touch with you and assist you in getting all the Documents ready for the application process for PM-WANI.
  • We shall help you sign up for online registration through the Saral Sanchar portal and also register at the Central registry under the PM-WANI portal.
  • The Application for registration shall be assessed by the Department of telecommunication. We will closely monitor and update you about the progress of your registration.
  • Once the process is complete, you receive your registration within the next 7-10 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the introduction of the PM-WANI registration scheme, the government aims to provide easy access of the internet to the common people of India. It also aims to boost the usage of internet services through public wifi and promote the idea of a digital India.

The PDOA and App Providers have to get registered with the central registry after signing up with the Department of Telecommunication. Once registered with the central registry the business entity will be certified to exchange pieces of information with all the PDOAs or App providers in the PM-WANI Ecosystem

As of now the PODs, PDOAs and app providers need not pay any amount for getting themselves registered with the Department of Telecommunication. Unlike the PDOAs and App providers PODs don't even require to obtain a license.

The Department of telecommunication will grant the certificate of registration to the PDOAs and App providers within seven working days. The certificate shall be automatically updated in the portal within that period.

An entity can establish all types of broadband services that are compliant with PM-WANI wifi hotspots. However, the company is prohibited from entering into telephony services.

Yes, an entity can become both the PDOA as well as the App provider the government has not introduced any restriction for the same.

No, PM-WANI registration does not have any region-based restrictions. Once a company obtains a certification it shall permit the entity to operate on a PAN India level.

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