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ISO Registration

International Standard Organization management standard, a series of framework maintains the standard and quality.

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What is the ISO Registration?

ISO registration is ideal for the purpose of enhancing the standard and quality of the organization’s services or products.

ISO refers to the International Standard Organization. ISO certification provides credibility to the organization. In the global marketplace, to maintain consistency and quality across industries and nations, checks and balances need to be in one place. Certification ensures that the management system, the manufacturing process has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. ISO certification exists in many areas of industry like medical devices, energy management, and social responsibility. It is an independent, non –governmental, international organization with a membership of 164 national standard bodies.

Every ISO certification has a separate set of standard and criteria, and even it is classified numerically. For example, ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001 Certification Meaning

A company that fulfils all the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001 Standard is eligible to receive ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 certification is used for a quality management system. Organizations follow the standards to maintain the consistency in their products and services so that their customers’ and regulatory requirements are met on time and keeps on improving.

Benefits of ISO Certification

Obtaining ISO 9001 is important for food manufacturing units. ISO 9001 certificate assures the quality in products is maintained. Small to medium-sized manufacturer (SMM) need ISO 9001 certification to measure their QMS. Having a QMS allows you to keep a check on the irregularities for food safety standards and also helps in delivering high quality products.

  • Helps in improving customer satisfaction, because ISO standards intend to make organizations deliver best quality services to their customers.
  • If the company is looking forward to expand their business internationally, certification plays a very important role to build credibility in overseas business.
  • Even for the purpose of govt. Tenders ISO certification plays an essential role to bid in tenders.
  • After obtaining the certification, the product should match the quality of international standard; else the product will face the rejection on the grounds of quality issues.
  • Maintaining standards in food products yield growth, profitability, and cost savings for SMMs.

Improves Staff Performance and Overall Productivity

Employees are motivated to follow the process that will help in maintaining quality and also proves helpful in quickly identifying and resolving the problem.

QMS is a proper system that contains procedures, documents and also defines responsibilities, processes and objectives. It is a blueprint of all the requirements that SMM need to succeed.

Flesh Out Your Company’s Processes

ISO 9001 is fragmented without having a complete and defined business processes. It should also define measures to be taken for quality control and responsibilities of all the employees.

Make sure that your QMS also guarantees on-time delivery and accurately reflect your system’s performance.

Reduce Waste and Improve Efficiency

The purpose of drafting an effective QMS is to keep an eye on preventive measures, so that wasteful problems can be avoided completely for the future. Certification helps in the process of continuous improvement so that you can always seek to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

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