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IMEI Certificate Generation with Corpbiz

Through its team of experts, Corpbiz, an Al-driven technology platform, offers financial and legal services. Because of the skilled professionals that work with us, we are the finest in the industry at providing consulting services. Our experienced, proficient staff will inform you about the project and, following thorough investigation and inspection, recommend the finest method that is the most suitable option for you. We have excellent automation and customer empowerment in place, so all it takes is a click to get in touch with us.

Throughout the world, Corpbiz has established itself as a reputable name in technical certification and regulatory compliance. Corpbiz's primary goal is to give producers and importers a single point of contact for all things related to regulatory compliance and product technical certification.

Our team of professionals makes sure that the procedures and methods used in the production meet the specifications of the developed standards. With the top professionals working for you, Corpbiz offers a comprehensive process that is easy and seamless. We also provide exceptional help, a fair pricing structure, and prompt responses.

IMEI Certificate Generation is a process in which a certificate is granted after the registration of the IMEI number. This certificate will act as proof of the registration of the IMEI number in front of the authorities. The IMEI certificate generation is required to submit some essential necessary papers by the individuals or the companies looking to register the IMEI number for the devices. IMEI certificate is crucial for being in compliance with all the rules and regulations laid in the market by the authorities. Corpbiz provides a vast spectrum of services for IMEI certificate generation. Some of the key services are:

  • Assistance with the preparation of Documents.
  • Professional guidance during the registration procedure for IMEI Certificate Generation.
  • Direction and support when completing the procedure.
  • Regulatory compliance-related advisory services.
  • Regular updates concerning.
  • Assistance in any other matters related to the IMEI Certificate Generation.

Our success stories prove how efficient our professionals are; time and again, Corpbiz has proved its efficiency and helps our clients with all the services they require to be fulfilled, with 99.9 % customer satisfaction.

Note: IMEI number is not only required for the smartphones/mobile handsets but also it is required for every device having a SIM slot, such as Cellular-enabled smart watches, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots, Tablets, USB Modems and Dongles, Certain laptops and computers with built-in cellular connectivity capabilities, GPS Trackers.

Challenges faced during IMEI Certificate Generation in India

Registration Process Challenges

A registration process consists of many stages and steps, which can be cumbersome. The registration process can have many difficulties, including uploading the Documents, verification stages, filling out the applications and other forms, etc. Experts at Corpbiz are well aware of the IMEI certificate generation process and will help mitigate the challenges.

Compliance Requirements Challenges

The country's Rules and regulations keep changing continuously in accordance with the changing environment for the particular subject. It makes it challenging for the manufacturers to keep up with the pace. There is much compliance to be fulfilled in the IMEI certification generation process, which can be difficult. Our experts acquaint themselves with the ongoing changes made in the rules and regulations and ensure that our clients always comply with all standards.

Application Form Filling Challenges

All the registration processes require the first and foremost application filling stages, as seen in the certification process. To acquire an IMEI certificate, the application form must be filled in in a prescribed manner in the given time frame. All the information mentioned in the application form has to be accurate and the latest, which can be challenging and time-consuming. The application forms can also differ in the language they are to be filled in, which can be difficult. Our experts have detailed experience filling out application forms and will assist you in mitigating the challenges.

Data Entry Errors Challenges

Throughout the process, all the data and information the manufacturers provide must be error-free to ensure accuracy. Many manual errors can be found if the person filling in the form is new. This can result in many inaccuracies, which will cause delays in the certificate generation process. Corpbiz will make sure the Documents are thoroughly checked, and no information is entered incorrectly.

Document Gathering Challenges

Verification and collection of the essential Documents required for the IMEI certificate generation is one of the main challenging tasks. There can be many instances where the wrong, incomplete or inaccurate Documents are submitted. There are many times when some necessary papers are to be filled in their original form while some in the copy version; knowing which form to file in what form can be challenging as well. Ensuring that all the submitted Documents are authenticated can also be challenging. Our experts will guide you in Document collection and ensure all the crucial ones are ready for submission on time.

Benefits of IMEI Certificate Generation

Authentication of the Devices

IMEI numbers are unique identifiers for mobile devices. Creating IMEI certificates aids in the verification of a device's validity, guaranteeing that it is not a counterfeit or modified device.

Regulatory Compliance

In order to be lawfully sold and used, several countries and areas require mobile devices to have legitimate IMEI numbers. The creation of IMEI certificates assures compliance with these laws.


IMEI codes allow mobile devices to be tracked and traced. This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as warranty tracking, support, and investigating device-related issues.

Recovery of the device when stolen

IMEI numbers can be used by law enforcement authorities and mobile service providers to track and potentially recover stolen devices. This can serve as a deterrent to theft and allow device owners to retrieve their property.

Device Quality Assurance

IMEI certificates can be used to connect a gadget to its manufacturing and quality control processes. This helps guarantee that the item fulfils the quality criteria of the manufacturer.

Global Standardization

International Identity (IMEI) is Mobile Equipment, an internationally recognized standard for identifying mobile devices. IMEI certifications help to further global standardization by making it easier to operate devices across borders and maintaining compatibility.

Reduces Illegal Activities

IMEI certificates can aid in the reduction of criminal activities including the trafficking of stolen or counterfeit mobile devices. Authorities can discover and prosecute illegal acts by checking IMEI numbers.

Consumer Protection

IMEI certifications provide buyers confidence in the validity and quality of the gadget they are purchasing. This helps to protect consumers by lowering the probability of fraud and ensuring that gadgets satisfy specified quality criteria.

Reasons Why Corpbiz is India's Top Platform for IMEI Certificate Generation

Corpbiz is an AI- driven platform for service delivery, which is committed to providing its clients full and swift support. Corpbiz has a very impressive customer satisfaction and consistency level of 99.9 %, which proves Corpbiz's commitment to fulfilling their client's needs and preferences. Corpbiz boosts an experienced and skilled team of professionals who have experience and specialization in IMEI certificate generations. Corpbiz offers all its clients exclusive customized solutions which are specifically tailored in accordance with their specific needs. Corpbiz ensures that the client is updated about the IMEI certificate generation procedure at regular intervals, contributing to transparent communication. Corpbiz has a successful track record in IMEI certificate generation. Corpbiz constitutes an extensive network of 50,000 professionals in all different types of fields, who ensure that the wide array of business services provided by Corpbiz reaches to all. Our specialists at Corpbiz have years of experience.

  • Prompt Assistance
  • Professional Team
  • Customized Solutions
  • Consistency
  • Extensive Network
  • Global Reach
  • Timely Updates

How Corpbiz help you to get IMEI Certificate Generation?

  • Fill the Form - The procedure begins with filling a request form which gives a brief about the initial information. This can include the basic details of the clients and how to contact them further.
  • Get a call back - As the form is submitted the duly filled information is reviewed by the experts and consultants at Corpbiz, and the client is reached by using the same contact information in the form for consultation. In this call furthermore details relating to the service will be discussed.
  • Track Progress - After the consultation, the certificate generation process will start all the information and updates about the various stages of the applications and generation of IMEI certificate will be informed to the clients.
  • Submit the Documents - As the procedure goes further, some essential Documents will need to be submitted for the IMEI certificate generation, our experts will guide and assist the clients for the same preparation of the Documents.
  • Get deliverables - After the IMEI certificate generation is fully complete and the registration is approved, the clients will get the required certifications.

Our workforce of more than 200 experts has already provided outstanding services to over 10,000 satisfied clients and have played a critical role in guaranteeing that startups adhere to the legal and regulatory frameworks of our nation. With over 10,000+ CAs, 9000+ CSs, 4500+ CMAs, and 5000+ Experts, we can provide you with the advice you need. You can reach us with relative ease.

Send in your question, and one of our professionals will respond right away to take care of all of your needs. Our motto, "Client-Centric," drives us to consistently put the needs of our clients first.

Our IMEI Certificate Generation Services

IMEI Number Allocation Services

The IMEI number serves as a unique identifier for mobile handsets. Our team of specialists ensures that your devices are assigned IMEI numbers in an effective manner. Our team will ensure that there is as little chance of duplicates and that numbers are distributed effectively.

Filling and Submission of Application Form Services

Corpbiz manages the entire application filling and submission process with the appropriate authorities. Our professionals at Corpbiz will take care of all Document work and submission. Our professionals will help to streamline the registration and application submission procedure.

IMEI Number Verification Services

To make sure that the devices are not unauthorized, it is imperative that they are validated and verified. We thoroughly check and validate the IMEI numbers of the devices.

Regulatory Compliance Services

Adherence to all regulatory requirements is crucial. Our experts make sure that every particular need set forth by the relevant authorities is fulfilled. Our professionals ensure that your devices are compliant with the legal requirements for IMEI certificate generation.

Post - Certification Services

The registration is just the beginning of the procedure; it continues to post certification services as well. To ensure compliance, we carry out routine inspections and audits. This methodology aids in the proactive mitigation of associated risks and ensures compliance with all applicable requirements.

Tracking and Reporting Services

We offer thorough tracking and reporting for IMEI numbers that have been registered. This will support the device's monitoring, compliance verification, and other crucial tasks.

Documentation Services

Corpbiz helps to ensure compliance by supporting the maintenance of thorough records and paper works. It additionally aids in future administrative tasks.

Advisory Services on IMEI Certificate Generation Procedure

Our clients will be offered guidance and insights into IMEI from our experts. In terms of regulatory compliance, we provide knowledgeable counsel. Our expert assists in quickly and effectively resolving compliance-related concerns, ensuring that activities continue unhindered.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Cost Effective Services
  • Experienced Team
  • Custom Solutions
  • Timely Updates
  • Compliants Assurance
  • Seamless Registration Process

Our approach for IMEI Certificate Generation

Expert Guidance

Our professional provides expert guidance during the process of certificate generation. Our skilled experts provide a clear understanding of the IMEI certificate, and its requirements and various processes included in the same.

Assistance in Documentation work

Corpbiz assists clients in preparing all the crucial Documents which are required in IMEI certificate generation. This also included helping with preparing the Documents and submitting the same as required.

Advisory Services

Corpbiz provides all the advisory services related to IMEI certificate generation. Our experts will solve all the client's queries relating to the IMEI Certificate generations. Our professionals will help the clients in navigating the whole IMEI certificate generation process efficiently. This can contain advice and guidance on industry standards, and registration process. Best options for the clients and other relevant insights.

Regulatory Compliance Services

All the regulatory compliance services such are timely review and submission, local and global regulations, maintenance of industry standards, mitigation of risks are all overseen by experts at Corpbiz.

Timely Updates and Support

Our experts provide all the necessary timely updates on the procedure of the status of the IMEI certificate generation. Our experts make sure that the clients are updated about the current status of the application. All the queries of the clients are promptly answered. The regulations can change from time to time; our experts ensure that the clients are also made aware of the same.

What is IMEI?

You may have heard of an IMEI number while looking into new phones or when changing phone providers. IMEI, or "International Mobile Equipment Identity," facilitates a phone's identification on all mobile networks. Consider it as a smart phone's identification number or fingerprint. Networks can identify phones and obtain details about them, such as the model and manufacturing location, by using this 15- 17-digit number. The serial number of the gadget and the IMEI number are not the same. The IMEI is stored in the AA-BBBBBBB-CCCCCC-D format. The manufacturer and model of the device can be ascertained with the help of the Type Allocation Code (TAC), which is made up of the A and B digits. The C digits provide the unique serial number of the device, while the D digit confirms that the IMEI conforms to all applicable laws.

Serial numbers are exclusively used internally by manufacturers; IMEI numbers are industry standard. The IMEI is only used to uniquely identify a device. However, it can also benefit in preventing theft. Carriers have the ability to disable phones that are stolen or misplaced by blocking their IMEI numbers at the network level.

The Equipment Identity Register, or EIR, is a database that houses these IMEI numbers together with details about all authorized mobile phone equipment. This is due to the fact that the EIR's responsibility is to verify, through the use of the IMEI number, that each phone call or SMS transmitted is coming from a mobile phone that is permitted to use a mobile network. Your phone is therefore already registered if it is in working order and is linked to a mobile network. All imports of mobile handsets, whether domestic or foreign, are required to register and get IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) certificates from the Department of Telecom's Indian Counterfeit Device Restriction webpage, as per a notification dated September 26.

What is the IMEI Certificate?

A Document called an IMEI certificate contains information about the device model, IMEIS, CHA, importer, OEM, and other details. As part of the customs clearance process, the consignee must have this certificate verified by the customs agents. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) certificate services are critical to the telecom and mobile device industries. To help them stand out from other devices, all mobile devices-including tablets and smart phones-are assigned an IMEI, or unique identifying number for the import of mobile handsets in India. IMEI certificate services are responsible for managing and verifying these distinct IDs.

Who requires IMEI certificate Generation?

Following are the four categories that require IMEI certificate:

Mobile Network Operators

The main parties in need of IMEI certificate generation are mobile network operators. They are responsible for making sure the devices linked to their networks are authentic and adhere to legal requirements. IMEI certification aids mobile network operators in resource management, blocking unauthorized devices from connecting to their networks, and enforcing adherence to industry rules.

Manufacturers of the Devices and Importers

To prove the legitimacy and compliance of their devices, device manufacturers and importers may apply for IMEI registration certification. By confirming that the devices fulfill quality criteria, are authentic, and have valid IMEI numbers, certification contributes to the development of trust with both consumers and regulatory organizations.

Government Regulatory Bodies and Organizations

IMEI registration certification is required by government agencies and regulatory bodies who are in charge of monitoring the telecommunications industry. They make use of this certification to make sure that the devices being used within their jurisdiction are authentic and of high quality, to monitor the importation and distribution of mobile devices, and to enforce compliance with local rules.

What is the process of the IMEI Certificate Generation?

Following are the step for IMEI Certificate generation:

  • Signup for the registration and register yourself in the first place. Next you will have to choose the option - Local Manufacturer or Importer whichever suits you. Next the candidate will have to upload a few Documents for verification which are required to be stamped and self-attested. Following an OTP verification, the information uploaded will be examined by ICDR admin and approval will be granted after that.
  • The next stage is to enter the CHA details for generating CHA. Fill all the necessary information that is required on the page
  • After the CHA details, the details of the importer are to be added to the form. Inspections and changes in already registered importers can also be done at this stage.
  • To create an OEM, the user needs to select the option for the same - OEM Details. The recorded importer details will be used in the IMEI certificate production procedure.
  • To register the Device Model, the user needs to choose the Register Model option. The captured register model details will be used in the Register IMEI & IMEI certificate producing operations. When registering a model, the user should carefully consider the model's name and TAC.
  • For IMEIs that match a model, IMEI registration is required in order to generate an IMEI certificate. The user is not allowed to generate more than one certificate for the same collection of IMEIS.
  • To generate a certificate, the user needs to pick the Generate IMEI Certificate option. An automated certificate will be generated. After they are generated, users can view as well as download the IMEI certificates.

Essential Documents for IMEI Certificate Generations

  • A sheet that contains all the technical specifications with accurate information.
  • An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
  • Manufacture Agreement.
  • Specific model details for which the registration is being done.

Why contact Corpbiz?

Corpbiz delivers their clients exceptional services on IMEI Certificate Generation.

  • Effortless Registration: Our experts are skilled in IMEI certification generation and assist in experiencing an effortless registration.
  • Rapid Responsiveness: All the calls and emails are answered by our team in a short period of time.
  • Expert Consultation: Our experts provide a comprehensive consultation on IMEI certificate generation.
  • Global Network: Corpbiz offers services in multiple countries and facilitates a wide array of global services as well.
  • Round-the-clock support: Corpbiz offers 24/7 support to its clients, so you can reach us at any time that is convenient for you, and we will always be ready to help you.
  • Transparent Pricing: Corpbiz offers a very simple and straight forward pricing plan, there are no hidden charges.
  • Tailored Solutions: Every business is different, and our experts are very well aware of that. We provide custom solutions as per the needs of the businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity.

The main reason that IMEI numbers are essential is because they have the ability to track and secure any lost or stolen devices.

Because it can reveal information about the type of device (Android or iOS), the IMEI number is important. The phone's model number, network, country of origin, warranty details, date of purchase, and other information.

A registered IMEI is when the certificate is generated for the IMEI number and the device.

A Document called an IMEI certificate contains information about the device model, IMEIS, CHA, The device's origin, model, importer, OEM, and other details.

Yes, it compulsory in India to get IMEI number registered for the devices.

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