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Hazardous Waste Management Authorization Domestic

As the lifestyle of people undergoes significant change, different chemicals and products are used at home today and often, we are unaware that it is corrosive, explosive, flammable or toxic. These fall under dangerous wastes that should be kept out of wet and dry waste streams as they can be harmful to our health and for the environment also if not correctly disposed of. Proper hazardous waste management is required and to ensure that the state pollution control board provides hazardous waste management authorization.

What do you mean by Domestic Hazardous Waste?

Domestic Hazardous Waste has been defined under the Solid Waste Management Rules of 2016, which includes items like discarded cans of paint and pesticide, sanitary waste like disposable diaper and sanitary pads, bio medical waste items like expired or discarded medicines, broken mercury thermometers, used syringes, e-waste like tube lights and CFL bulbs and items like used batteries and button cells, generated at household level.

Hazardous waste can degrade the public health and environment. Hazardous waste has one or more of the hazardous properties like ignitability, reactivity, toxicity etc. It is a different type of waste which cannot be disposed of by standard means. They contain toxic metals ad flammable solvents. Young children are vulnerable as lead exposure can cause cognitive disabilities.

Another example of hazardous domestic waste includes pesticide for mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats, which are poisonous for humans. Fungicides and garden herbicides are also very toxic not only when they are used but also when they are disposed of. Broken glass is another common dangerous hazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste Management Rules

These rules have been notified to ensure safe handling, generation, processing, storage, treatment, transportation, reprocessing, collection and proper disposal of hazardous waste. The Hazardous Waste Management Rules came into picture in 1989 and was amended later in 2000, 2003. Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules were notified in 2016.

The rules lay emphasis on responsibility of each person engaged in collecting, storing, packing, transporting, processing, recycling, recovery, pre and co-processing, transfer or disposal of the hazardous waste.

There are various rules for domestic hazardous waste. Domestic hazardous waste falls under the purview of the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, whereas hazardous waste generated by industries and offices has been covered separately under the Hazardous Waste Rules 2016. There are certain bio-medical waste that have been included under the definition of domestic hazardous waste however, waste from health care establishments have been covered under the Bio-medical waste management rules 2016. The e-waste management rules apply to the e-waste, including computers, TV, fluorescent etc., while lead acid batteries from home inverters and cars fall under the batteries (management and handling) Rules 2001.

Authorities that grant Hazardous Waste Management Authorization

Various authorities that are involved in the process of providing hazardous waste management authorization are as follows:

  • Central Pollution Control Board.
  • State Pollution Control Board/pollution control committee.
  • Directorate General of Foreign Trade.
  • Port authority and Customs Authority.
  • Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Who should obtain hazardous waste management authorization?

It may be noted that a person who is involved in handling, generating, collection, storing, packaging, transportation, treatment, processing, recycling, recovery, utilization, offering for sale, transfer or disposal of the hazardous and such other waste must get a clearance from the state pollution control board. Such person will be responsible for safe and environment-friendly management of the hazardous and other waste. Moreover, such person should take all steps necessary to manage such wastes to avoid accidents and limit their adverse effect on humans and environment. Further also provide protective equipment, training etc., to persons working in the site for their safety.

Consequences of improper hazardous waste management

Hazardous waste can be destructive for humans. Improper management of the same can cause damage to all living things. Its impact can be long lasting. Hence there is an urgent for proper management to preserve the environment and people.

Improper hazardous waste management can raise pollution levels and inflict damage to the extent that if no adequate steps are taken, then it can cause irreparable damage.

Hazardous waste can cause damage to the environment by way of soil contamination, water pollution, global warming, and affect human and marine life. Water pollution is one of the main dangers as water is a great solvent, it may contain various chemicals. If rainfall is mixed with toxic liquid substance and mixed into the water stream, it will cause water pollution. Imagine animals and plants getting such polluted water. Humans will also be significantly affected.

Improper hazardous waste management can also lead to global warming, which can be terrible for the future generations. Therefore all hazardous waste should be adequately and effectively managed so that the plant can be preserved.

List of Hazardous Wastes




Metal and Metal Bearing Waste


Metal and Metal alloy wastes in metallic, non-dispersible form:

  • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum but not mercury)
  • Iron and steel scrap
  • Nickel scrap
  • Aluminium scrap
  • Zinc scrap
  • Tin scrap
  • Tungsten scrap
  • Molybdenum scrap
  • Tantalum scrap
  • Cobalt scrap
  • Bismuth scrap
  • Titanium scrap
  • Zirconium scrap
  • Manganese scrap
  • Germanium scrap
  • Vanadium scrap
  • Hafnium scrap
  • Indium scrap
  • Niobium scrap
  • Rhenium scrap
  • Gallium scrap
  • Magnesium scrap
  • Copper scrap
  • Chromium scrap


Mixed Non-ferrous metal


Electrical and Electronic Assemblies


Wastes containing principally organic constituents, which will contain metals and inorganic materials


Paper, paperboard and paper product wastes

List of Recyclable Hazardous Wastes




Brass Dross


Copper Dross


Copper oxide mill scale


Waste copper and copper alloys


Spent cleared metal catalyst containing copper


Spent catalyst containing nickel, cadmium, Zinc, copper, arsenic, vanadium and cobalt


Used oil and waste oil

Procedure to obtain Hazardous Waste Management Authorization

The procedure is as follows:

  • Apply to the state pollution control board file an application in Form I within 60 days period from the date of publication of these rules
  • The applicant must also accompany such application with consent to establish and consent to operate while applying
  • Attach all Documents, and the Documents should be signed from the authorized person
  • Submit the form to the concerned state pollution board
  • If the board finds the form to be fit enough, then it shall grant the authorization

Documents required

  • Aadhaar Card copy and PAN card copy of the applicant
  • GST certificate
  • Rent/lease or proof of ownership
  • Factory license or trade license
  • Electricity bill
  • Layout plan
  • Certificate of incorporation if it's a company/LLP
  • MOA and AOA
  • Board resolution to appoint an authorized person

Validity of the Authorization

The validity of hazardous waste management authorization is for 5 years. For renewal of the authorization, an application should be submitted 120 days prior to the expiry of the existing authorization.

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