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Non-Network License Services with Corpbiz

Obtain non-network license with Corpbiz specialized services and streamline solutions!

With non-network license services, Corpbiz is your committed partner, helping you navigate the tricky world of company compliance. Helping clients obtain licenses and permissions necessary for a variety of commercial endeavors within networking and telecommunications is our area of expertise. We take great satisfaction in our ability to decipher regulatory frameworks and handle complex paper works, ensuring that your company complies with all applicable requirements.

Our professionals are committed to providing seamless solutions so you can focus on your core company operations, and we'll take care of the compliance duties. Corpbiz provides expert guidance and assistance for all types of non-network license services.

Challenges Faced During Non-Network License in India

There are many different challenges which can be faced by the applicant at various different stages of the registration of non-network license India. Our non-network license services will ensure that all these challenges are minimized and avoided.

Let's have a look at these challenges:

Application challenges

There are many challenges like wrong filing, delayed filing etc relating to application forms that can take place. With our non-network license services, we ensure you complete compliance in application form submission and filing.

Procedural challenges

As many procedures all included in the registration process of the license, it can be complex and cause confusion for the applicant. With our non-network license services, you can relax and enjoy as our experts will take care of all the procedural aspects.

Eligibility fulfillment challenges

There are certain eligibility criteria to obtain the non-network license; our experts ensure that you fulfill all the criteria as a part of our non-network license services.

Compliance challenges

it is very time consuming and complex to navigate and adhere to all compliances. With our non-network license services, all these compliances will be timely adhered to and monitored by our experts.

Advantages of Non-Network License

There are several benefits that can be availed by following non-network license guidelines to register for non-network license.

Below mentioned are some of the pros of having a non-network license:

Benefits of Non-Network License

  • Credibility: In India, non-network service providers are those that deal with wireless product imports or usage. These suppliers need to have the necessary approval from Wireless Planning and Coordination wing, also known as the non-network licenses, in order to utilize these sophisticated goods. Credibility and authenticity are provided by a non-network license at the moment of device import.
  • Cost-effective: Because non-network licenses are intended for single users or small organizations, they are frequently less expensive than network licenses.
  • Simple to handle: To manage software licenses, no network infrastructure or license server is required when using non-network licenses.
  • Adaptable: As compared to other licenses, non-network licenses are more adaptable. These licenses are only based on the need of the business or the individual and are easy to use. The software can be transferred whenever required which has the non-network license.

Reasons Why Corpbiz Is India’s Top Platform

If words have not convinced you so far, let us give you some more reasons to trust Corpbiz for Non-Network License Services:

  • Corpbiz has a team of experts that specialize and are experience in non-network license services.
  • Corpbiz utilizes various technologies like AI to optimize the non-network license services.
  • Corpbiz consists of 10,000+ CAs, 9000+ CSs, 4500+ CMAs and 5000+
  • Corpbiz follows a client centric approach where the requirements of the clients are given importance for non-network license services.
  • Corpbiz has a 4.5 rating, which shows our dedication to serving our clients. Corpbiz has a 99.9% client satisfaction record for non-network license services.

Our Non-Network License Services

Corpbiz understands the significance of non-network license services in facilitating global trade and technological integration. We are committed to making complicated processes simpler for our clients, ensuring that navigating regulatory environments is a smooth and efficient experience. Let's navigate through our services for non-network license:

Non-Network License Services

Application Filling Services

With Corpbiz our clients are ensured accurate and timely filling of all the applications related to non-network license registrations. Corpbiz provides assistance in navigating through the application form filling and ensure completion of all requirements as per the application for the non-network license.

Documentation Services

We also provide assistance with all the paper works work that is required for non-network license registrations. Corpbiz adopts a meticulous approach and ensures accurate paperwork is filed for the registration process. Our expert verifies the accuracy of the Documents before submission and timely submissions the same.

Advisory Services

Corpbiz’s professional experts provide tailored advisory services as per the needs of the clients. With decades of experience on hand our experts use their industry knowledge and provide advisory information relating to non-network license registration.

Regulatory Compliance Services

With Corpbiz clients can ensure timely updates. Corpbiz makes sure that all the regulatory standards are in alignment, if there are any changes in the rules and regulations, Corpbiz ensures the changes are made as per the amendments. Our approach is thorough compliance, minimization of risks for the clients and protecting their business.

Procedural Services

Our professional ensures seamless and hassle-free process for registration of non-network license. We implement the most efficient ways to optimize the procedures for our clients.

Non-Network License Services: Overview

Corpbiz's non-network license services include advice and direction with non-network licensing. It is crucial to take into account the requirements of your company and the intended use of the software when selecting a license. For individuals or small businesses seeking a stand-alone software product, a non-network licensee could be the most economical and adaptable choice. On the other hand, a network license can be a better option if you work for a larger company and need to grant several users on the network access to a software application. The professionals at Corpbiz have the answers to all of these queries regarding the non-network license.

What Is Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC)?

A division of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of the Indian government's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is called Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC). The Wireless Planning and Coordination is in charge of policing the application and usage of radio and wireless equipment that is either imported or produced in India. In India, network, non-network, and equipment type approvals are granted by Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC). Wireless Planning and Coordination is responsible for licensing all kinds of wireless devices and services. RC flying toys, FM broadcasting, GSM, satellite broadcasting, radar, dealer possession licenses, and so forth are a few examples. The import of wireless equipment for demonstration or business use was also subject to regulations under Wireless Planning and Coordination.

What is a Non-Network License?

A software license that permits installation and usage on a single computer or device is known as a non-network license. This indicates that the application cannot be shared with or accessed by other computers or devices on a network; it can only be used on the computer or device where it was first installed. Standalone software applications that don't need a network connection, including desktop publishing, graphic design, or video editing application, are usually licensed without a network. People with tiny networks of computers, such as individuals or small companies, frequently employ these kinds of apps.

Wireless goods and cable TV distributors are examples of non-network service providers who are granted this license. It takes this license to import, buy, and sell particular wireless equipment. For some licenses, the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) issues non-networked licenses. Certain wireless goods cannot be purchased, sold, or imported without certain licenses. Users who acquire a non- network license are issued a special license key that is associated with a particular computer or gadget. On the computer or other device where the software will be installed, this license key is utilized to activate the application. The software doesn't require any additional activation or authentication after it has been installed and enabled on that computer or device. The user will need to buy an extra license, though, if they wish to install the program on another computer or device.

Types of Non-Network License

Here is an exhaustive list for different types of Non-Network License in India:

Types of Non-Network License

The following are the significant types of the licenses:

  • Radio Paging (Captive) License
  • Maritime Mobile Station License
  • Aeronautical Mobile Station License
  • Import License
  • Short Range UHF hand held Radio License
  • Experimental License
  • Demonstration License

These are the seven types of non-network licenses. The business can, as per their requirement from the types, apply for the license.

Non-Network License Guidelines to Fulfilment of Eligibility Criteria

You may only receive a non-network license from the WPC if you're

  • A company that has been incorporated, and
  • Have the necessary staff, based on the kind of machinery or business you run.

Non-Network License Checklist

The non-network license checklist consists of a list of all the Documents and processes which are required to be fulfilled for a non-network license.

What are the Documents needed for a Non-Network License?

As mentioned earlier there are seven types of non-network licenses, all need different types of Documents for registration. Following are the lists of some essential Documents which are require by different non-network license:

Radio Paging (Captive) License

  • A decision letter copy
  • Goods invoice
  • A copy of the SACFA approval must be there with the hub station
  • License fee payment

Maritime Mobile Station License

  • Ship registration copy from the Department of Mercantile Marine
  • Demand draft (SBI) for per vessel of Rs 5000/-
  • Application form
  • Call sign
  • Signed report of inspection by the licensed person as per the requirements of the DPL holder
  • Indian registry certificate copy, in case of regular license
  • DG shipping issuing name
  • Vessel’s official number

Aeronautical Mobile Station License

  • DGCA’s aircraft registration certificate
  • Demand draft (SBI) for per aircraft of Rs 5000/-
  • Inspection certificate from AME with inspection place and license number
  • Online application form

Import License

  • Application form
  • Import license’s online application form
  • Demand draft (SBI) for per application of Rs 5000/-
  • Per port application form for the import (separate application)
  • Document related to equipment information (like power, frequency band, etc.)

Short Range UHF hand held Radio License,

  • Signed application form – along with Annexure A&B
  • A separate application for each location
  • Assignments should only be taken into consideration for usage within a city or region, not throughout the entire country.
  • Fixed stations are not allowed.
  • If the application is for more than one station, the initial license must be in effect.

After the submission of the above Documents, below mentioned Documents are to be submitted:

  • A decision letter copy
  • Compliance with technical parameters
  • Equipment invoice
  • License fee payment

Experimental License

  • Application form
  • Description in brief with diagrams
  • Equipment’s technical specifications
  • A valid DPL/NDPL

After the submission of the above Documents, below mentioned Documents are to be submitted:

  • A decision letter copy
  • Goods invoice
  • A copy of the SACFA approval
  • License fee payment

Demonstration License

  • Application form
  • Technical information and description
  • Online application printed form
  • A valid DPL/NDPL
  • Description in brief with diagrams and date - place

After the submission of the above Documents, below mentioned Documents are to be submitted:

  • A decision letter copy
  • Equipment invoice
  • License fee payment

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Process of registration for Non-Network License

The general procedure for obtaining a Non-Network License is as follows:

  • Submit the network license application;
  • Examine the attached checklist.
  • Complete the application and use your DSC to upload it.
  • Wait for the application's analysis in question.
  • Acquire a license for the network.

As we have discussed above there are seven types of non-network license which can be obtained. All the types of non-network licenses in India have their own different applications and processes for obtaining the different types of licenses of the non-network license. Corpbiz will provide guidance and assistance for types of non-network license as per the client’s requirement.

Why Contact Corpbiz For Non-Network License

Beyond efficiency, the effectiveness of our tactics distinguishes us, for enterprises seeking our non-network license services pan India. We do more than just meet compliance requirements; we elevate your company by ensuring it is well positioned for success in your sector. Corpbiz provides full assistance at every level of the compliance path, from initial consultation for non-network license to eventually receiving the certificate. Throughout the procedure, our consultants are committed to guaranteeing your understanding and comfort.

Contact Corpbiz for non network licence

Get started with Corpbiz for Import Licenses WPC

Choose Corpbiz as your consulting partner to get started on a unique compliance adventure. Our commitment to excellence, proven track record, and constant focus on efficacy and efficiency make us the ideal choice for businesses looking to get a non-network license. Boost your company's performance with Corpbiz as success is a shared journey rather than a destination. To order your professional assistance package for non-network license services at Corpbiz, give us a call at 9121230280.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India, the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a division of the Department of Telecommunications. The department is in charge of assigning frequency spectrum, monitoring frequency spectrum, and giving licenses for amateur radio operators. An authorization certificate known as a WPC license enables Indian importers to purchase radio and wireless equipment from foreign countries.

Software or some wireless devices can be used on a single device without sharing a network with a non-network license. For stand-alone applications like graphic design or video editing software, it is necessary.

Following is the list of Documents that are essential for import license:

  • Application form
  • Import license’s online application form
  • Demand draft (SBI) for per application of Rs 5000/-
  • Per port application form for the import (separate application)
  • Document related to equipment information (like power, frequency band etc.)


Following are the types of non-network license:

  • Radio Paging (Captive) License
  • Maritime Mobile Station License
  • Aeronautical Mobile Station License
  • Import License
  • Short Range UHF hand held Radio License
  • Experimental License
  • Demonstration License


A restricted pool of licenses can be shared by several users on a local network due to network licenses, sometimes referred to as floating licenses. A software license that permits installation and usage on a single computer or device is known as a non-network license. This indicates that the application cannot be shared with or accessed by other computers or devices on a network.

The procedure includes completing an online application, checking off items on the checklist, sending in the Documentwork, and waiting for WPC to approve the particular kind of non-network license that is required.

A non-network license is adaptable in nature, cost effective option for small and medium sized users, flexible, and it is simple in managing as well. Having a license increases credibility at the time of imports.

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