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CAPEXIL Certificate

CAPEXIL Certificate is a vital document and its primary focus is to provide export assistance to its member exporters. Hurry up! Get your CAPEXIL Certificate Now!

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An Overview of CAPEXIL Certificate

CAPEXIL stands for Chemical & Allied Export Promotion Council, a non-profit making organisation and it was established in March 1958 by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, to promote the export of Chemical & Allied Products from India. The main objective of the CAPEXIL Certificate is to bring the export of chemicals & allied products to various destinations internationally and provide export support to the chemical product exporters. The chemical & allied products industry organises all the companies & facilities that produce chemicals. The chemical industry is one of the basics of modern life owing to various chemicals that are indispensable for everyday living.

In India, the chemical industry is increasing day by day, constituting the manufacture of more than eighty thousand types of chemical products. India is becoming the 3rd largest chemical producer in Asia, and the variety of chemical products manufactured in India can be categorised as Basic Chemicals, speciality use chemicals & Agricultural Chemicals.

In India, CAPEXIL has more than 3500 members and is a promoter of many different chemical products. Like other export councils, CAPEXIL provides help to exporters and is also involved in various promotional activities, such as sending trade representatives to developed & developing markets around the globe and establishing trade delegates to developed & developing markets across the world.

Objective of CAPEXIL Certificate

  1. It acts as an intermediary in setting up business contacts between Indian and Foreign exporters to give 2-way services as an international trade facilitator;
  2. By knowing the totality of global trade and guiding the Indian business community to top-up the exports, attain & sustain a leading international standing;
  3. To promote or develop India's export, the council has planned to undertake various promotional measures.

Different Products Covered under CAPEXIL Certificate

  • Auto tyres and tubes;
  • Glass and Glassware;
  • Books, Publications and Printing;
  • Ossein and Gelatine;
  • Plywood and Allied Products;
  • Graphite Products and Explosives;
  • Bulk Minerals and ORES;
  • Processed Minerals;
  • Natural Stones and Products;
  • Animal By-Products;
  • Graphite Products and Explosives;
  • Ceramic & Allied Products, including Refractories;
  • Paints, Printing Ink and Allied Products;
  • Rubber Products;
  • Cement, Clinkers, Asbestos Cement Products;
  • Miscellaneous Products.

What are the benefits of CAPEXIL Certificate Membership?

The registered member of CAPEXIL can get the following benefits offered by the council:

  1. Quality Service: It provides access to the most capable officers dedicated to quality service.
  2. MDA (Market Development Assistance): CAPEXIL Certificate provides Market Development Assistance to the registered member to a trader to stimulate and spread the country's export trade.
  3. Statistical Information: The CAPEXIL member can get the latest statistical information on India's exports & imports. The registered trader or member can get the details of the World's exports & imports of an extensive range of products.
  4. Filing of Export Reports: The council is helping with the filing of monthly or quarterly export returns.
  5. Buyer-Seller Meets: The council members can also participate in the national workshops, organising seminars & buyer-seller meets conducted by the CAPEXIL.
  6. Subscribe to Trade Leads: The registered trader can get the subscription to Trade Leads by e-mail.
  7. Export Returns Filing: The Council is helping with filing monthly/quarterly export returns.
  8. Visa Assistance: The Chemical & Allied Export Promotion Council provides visa assistance for business visits abroad.
  9. Exporter’s HUB: The exporter's HUB of CAPXIL is an information gateway & it is a helping hand for exporters.
  10. Interface for Trade & Policy: It also acts as an interface between the members & the Government regarding policy & trade-related matters.

Eligibility for CAPEXIL Membership

Membership in the council is categorised into two different parts and you can check the same below:

  1. Associate Membership: For these memberships, a person should have an Import Export Code (IEC) Number from the office of the DGFT, Government of India.
  2. Ordinary Membership: Any individual or person fulfilling the criteria is eligible for this membership within the council.

Note: The said individual or entity that he or she should have been an associate member for at least 3 years. The person or the entity represented by them should have had an average export performance of at least Rs. 10 lakhs in the case of small-scale industries & at least Rs. 25 lakhs in the case of any other type of set-up.

Vital Documents Required for Obtaining CAPEXIL Certificate

Following are some vital documents required for obtaining CAPEXIL Certificate and the applicant need to scan & upload the required documents:

  1. IEC (Import Export Code) issued by the Licensing Authority;
  2. PAN Number;
  3. Manufacturing or Industrial License issued by the LA (Licensing Authority);
  4. Self-declaring that the firm or company is not blacklisted by any Government organisation or department;
  5. CA's Certificate mentions Domestic Turnover or Export Turnover concerning CAPEXIL's products for the last 2 years;
  6. Copy of Export House Certificate (if available);
  7. Copy of Cancelled Cheque with Account Number and Bank Name;
  8. GST Certificate.

Online Application Procedure for CAPEXIL Certificate

Traders who want to obtain CAPEXIL Certificate must follow the guidelines explained below:

  1. New User Registration: First, the applicant needs to create a new login id, and for this, the applicant has to provide the IEC (Import Export Code) Number and at least the first three characters of the firm's name to access the application details at the website. The applicant's name must be matched with the name registered in DGFT while obtaining IEC. The applicant is required to enter the relevant details such as PAN, Company details, and Import Export Code Number in the prescribed form.
  2. Upload all the Documents: After the above step, the applicant needs to upload the required documents as per the CAPEXIL criteria. All the relevant documents, along with the requisite fee, need to be paid for the verification.
  3. Fee Payment: The fee payment for Membership Registration should be made in DD or the applicant can also pay the fee online. Once the applicant provided all the details, an application number will be generated and informed to the applicant for future correspondence.
  4. Get CAPEXIL Certificate: Once all the above is successfully completed, the CAPEXIL Certificate will be issued.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the central body governing the guidelines & regulations for the export of chemicals & associated products.

Yes, it's an ISO 9001:2000 certified organisation.

Currently, there are 14 Export Promotion Councils in India.

The role of EPC is to showcase India as the preferred destination for the export of high-quality Products & Services.

CAPEXIL headquarters are located in Kolkata, and the regional officers at Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi.

CAPEXIL is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

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50,000+ Clients Worldwide


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300+ Team CA/CS/Lawyers


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