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What is an ECO Mark Scheme?

The ECO Mark Scheme falls under the ambit of the Bureau of Indian Standards. The scheme has nationwide applicability and provides certification and marking for household and other items which fulfill environmental norms and conditions mentioned in Indian Standards. Eco mark is a combination of the ISI Mark and the Eco-logo. The use of Eco mark is only available to entities which qualify the compliance requirements under the Indian standards.

Products Covered under the Ecomark scheme

The scheme encompasses many product categories such as;

  • Paints
  • Soaps and Detergents
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Architectural Paints and Powder Coatings
  • Electrical and Electronic Goods
  • Packing/Packaging Materials
  • Wood Substitutes
  • Food Additives
  • Textiles
  • Plastic Products
  • Aerosols and Propellants
  • Leather and Coir
  • Fire-extinguisher

The Interplay between ECO mark and BIS

The presence of the ISI mark along with the ECO logo on the item confirms that the product fulfils environmental standards along with the quality norms as cited in the relevant Indian Standard.

BIS deals with the following affairs relating to the ECO marking;

  • Suspension, renewal, and revocation of the license
  • Vetting and sample collection for testing

BIS has added a slew of requirements for the ECO mark in the relevant Indian standards to operate the scheme.

Objectives of the ECO mark Scheme

(i) To facilitate incentives for producers and importers to undermine the negative environmental impact of products.

(ii) To reward legitimate initiatives by entities for minimizing the negative environmental impact of their products.

(iii) To make aware customers of the environmental hazards caused by the generic products.

(iv)  To incentivize Indian customers to purchase environmental-friendly items.

(v) To improve the environment quality and to incentivize the sustainable management of resources.

Benefits of ECO Mark from Producers' and customers' standpoint

  • Make products stand out in the international market
  • Garner brand credibility and ensure the increased market size
  • Serve as a sign of trust and authenticity
  • Enable customers to pick eco-friendly products
  • Put generic and hazardous products out of the equation

Documents for the Eco mark certificate

  • NOC from the concerned State Pollution Control Board
  • Small-scale industries (SSI) registration if the applicant firm is a small-scale unit and desires to avail of the concessional rate of marking fee.
  • Company registration
  • Any other certificates granted by the concerned government department
  • Quality assurance certificate, if any

Procedure for the grant of Ecomark

The procedure for issuing a license under the Ecomark scheme is the same as the procedure for grant of license under the Product Certification Marks Scheme.

Step 1:  Fetch the prescribed application from the BIS regional office.

Step 2:  Fill out the said application as required and attach the same with the demand draft of Rs 500. The beneficiary of this demand draft is BIS.

Step 3:  Submit the application with the required annexure (discussed below) at the relevant BIS regional office. Note: For the time being, BIS does not permit the inclusion of multiple products in a single application. Therefore, an applicant can only add one product to a single application.

Step 4: The inspection officers collect samples for testing to assess the product's conformity with norms given in the specification, including the conditions for Ecomark.

Step 5:  The applicant shall receive a copy of the Scheme of Testing and Inspection. The said scheme is required to be followed by the production unit for the product falling under the application. The applicant is required to submit the written confirmation to the authority regarding the acceptance of the STI along with the marking fee.

Step 6: Applicant is liable for paying charges for sample testing by an independent lab. The independent test reports, acceptance of STI, and marking fee schedule are validated at relevant departments within the Bureau.

Step 7:  In case all annexure are completed and found error-free, the authority concerned issues the license which allow unit to utilize the standard mark for a given timeline.

Compliances around the grant of registration

  • There is no requirement to file separate application for the product already covered under BIS certification. Applicant willing to add their BIS-marked product under the Ecomark scheme is only required to contact the concerned office of the Bureau. Upon intimation of such a request, the authority shall confer the modified STI and revised rate of marking fee.
  • The license is issued for one year. Upon expiration of this period, the applicant can renew it for another two years based on their performance in the preceding year(s).
  • The minimum marking fee is payable to the authority after issuing the license but before commencing the marking activities. On the estimation of the marking fee payable after the year, the estimated sum along with the minimum marking fee is required to be submitted to the authority along with the request for license renewal.
  • During the validity tenure, the Bureau can make a surprise visit to the facility to make some legal checks regarding the
    ECO Mark Scheme for the product. While conducting a vetting procedure, the officials may collect some samples for testing to ensure that the product in question meets with the relevant Indian Standard.
  • The feedback received from the organization/end-user forum is also considered for assessing the licensee's performance. Also, BIS officer lookout for deviations from the underlying standards and the scheme of testing and inspection. Any deviation found shall be shared with the authorized representative of the licensee for resolving points of non-compliance. In case of severe non-compliance with the norm of issuing a license, the authority shall take action in accordance with the Bureau of Standards Act, 1986.

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Eco mark certification process is a complicated process that revolves around tons of requirements. New applicants may find it overwhelming to comply with such requirements. Thus, in such a case, it is recommended availing expert help who will guide you on each step of the licensing procedure. At Corpbiz, we simplify the licensing process for our esteemed clients by addressing all the legalities on their behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Indian government instituted ECO Mark Scheme for marking eco-friendly products.

Bureau of Indian Standard.

Some common benefits of securing a permit for ECO marking include;

  • Better market recognition
  • Improved brand presence
  • Increased sales

STI stands for Scheme of Testing and Inspection. The said scheme is required to be followed by the production unit for the product falling under the application.

Common Documents for securing Ecomark in India:

  • NOC from the concerned State Pollution Control Board
  • Small-scale industries (SSI) registration if the applicant firm is a small-scale unit and desires to avail of the concessional rate of marking fee.
  • Company registration
  • Any other certificates granted by the concerned government department.
  • Quality assurance certificate, if any.

One year for a new certificate.

Eco mark has global recognition for quality, and hence it helps companies to ensure widespread market reach. This will eventually lead to increased sales figures.

Upon application submission under the Ecomark scheme, the authority visits the applicant firm for sample collection. After gathering the desired samples, the authority dispatches the same to the independent lab for conformity checks with underlying conditions of Indian standards.

In such a case, the authority intimates the client and provides a certain timeline to fix the issue.

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