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An Overview of Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures

Legal Metrology is a division of the Department of Consumer Affairs that oversees and regulates the import and production of weighing and measuring devices. It was established in 2009. A company's registration as an importer, maker, or packer of weighing and measuring devices and instruments must be done via Legal Metrology. Thus, everyone who wants to produce or import weights and measures must get the Model Approval for Weights and Measurement of Instruments. The Government of India issued the Legal Metrology (Model Approval) Rules, 2011.

What is a Model Approval Certificate in India?

Before importing or producing any weight or measure, every individual must get Model Approval for Weights and Measures in the way, with the fee, and from the authority stipulated. However, such Model Approval is not required for any brass, cast iron, carat weight, bullion, or beam scale, length measures (not measuring tapes) that are commonly used in retail trade for measuring textiles/timber, or capacity measures with a capacity of no more than 20 litres that are commonly used in retail trade for measuring milk, kerosene, or portable liquors. Provided further that if the specified authority is satisfied that the model of any weight/measure approved in a country other than India conforms to the standards established by/under this act, he or she may approve such model without any test or after such test as he or she deems appropriate.

Who Requires a Model Approval Certificate?

It is important to remember that every importer of weighing and measuring goods must also get a dealer license. It is feasible that any importer of weighing and measuring equipment can import such weight and measurement goods into India without a dealership license, but selling such weight and measurement products will undoubtedly require a dealer license.

Manufacturers and importers of weight and measurement products can get model approval.

Approval Of Model Under Section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009

Model Approval for Weights and Measures under the Act implies that all weighing and measuring equipment will be tested and regulated in accordance with the Legal Metrology and Rules. Testing is required for model approval for weights and measures in India. As stated in Section 22 of the Act, every weight and measure instrument must meet the criteria established by the Department of Legal Metrology. The Indian Government governs the Department of Legal Metrology's jurisdiction to approve model weights and measures instruments under the MCA (Ministry of Consumer Affairs). Before producing or importing weights and measuring instruments in India, the maker or importer must get Model Approval.

The Benefits of Legal Metrology Act Registration in India

Measurement plays an important function in corporate processes. Effective commerce requires clear communication and a sense of balance between suppliers and buyers.

Reducing Transaction Costs

Poor measurement exercises may be costly and time-consuming. Such tactics benefit both vendors and consumers. Starting legal action against a vendor who violates measuring regulations is similarly challenging. However, when measurements are taken accurately and precisely in accordance with all of the standards outlined in the Legal Metrology Act, time and expense are reduced.

Supporting and Promoting Trade

The Legal Metrology Act is responsible for enforcing any illegal and dishonest trading activities. The goal of this act is to guarantee that measuring instruments are functioning in excellent order so that they can perform their intended purpose and comply with international standards.

Taking Government Revenue

The government generates money through excise charges paid on things made, sold, exported, and imported, as well as through measurement taxes. The Legal Metrology Act ensures that both the government and traders are treated fairly when it comes to tax payments. The number of mass commodities can account for a significant portion of both export and national pay, notably in goods such as rice, lumber, coal, iron-mineral, coffee, palm oil, natural gas, gold, and jewellery.

Reducing Technical Barriers in Trade

The Legal Metrology Act relieves the burden of technical impediments while instilling trust and clarity in measuring. A lower number of impediments boosts the nation's self-esteem and encourages people to participate in international trade possibilities, resulting in improved national economic growth. The Legal Metrology Act assists traders in avoiding unnecessary hurdles while applying technical rules, adopting standards, and conducting conformity assessment processes.

Building Consumer Trust

Customers' faith in the seller grows when they understand they are receiving a product that has been validated in accordance with particular norms and regulations, resulting in a strong trading tie.

Eligibility Criteria for Model Approval in India

  • According to the provisions of the Legal Metrology Model Approval certificate, the weights and measuring products of the importer or producer must meet the regulatory criteria set by the Legal Metrology Department.
  • Before producing or importing any weights or measurement units, everyone is required to acquire model permission in a certain method. The model approval under the legal metrology registration certificate is granted by the authority upon payment of the necessary amount.
  • Also, if the authority is satisfied that a model of weights or measures approved in a nation other than India meets the requirements stipulated by the Legal Metrology Act, he may accept such model without any test or after such test as he thinks appropriate.

Model Approvals Based on Foreign Model Approvals

If the prescribed authority is satisfied that the model of weight or measure provided in any country outside India conforms to metrology standards established by or under the act of legal Metrology, the prescribed authority may approve such model without any test or after the test if he deems fit, which means that if the model approval, in any case, is approved outside India under the act of legal Metrology, the respective authority does not need to require any test. However, this is only one of the options accessible to the authorities. If the authority believes it is necessary to continue conducting weight and measure tests, it may do so.

Documents Required for Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures

The following are some important documents and information necessary while obtaining Model Approval for Weights and Measures:

  • If the model is imported from another country, include the applicant's full name and address, as well as the name and address of the manufacturer and dealer in India.
  • Provide a brief description of the weight/measure, its class, and intended use.
  • Provide data on metrological and technical characteristics and qualities.
  • Describe the manufacturer's test procedure.
  • Include the brand name or trade name and type of weight/measure.
  • Payment of fees as specified in Rule 19.

Also, provide a schematic diagram of the weights or measuring product, as well as a paper detailing the following:

  • Describe the design and operation of the weight or measure.
  • Safety devices prohibit incorrect or false weight and measure operations.
  • The method and extent of weight/measurement corrections or adjustments.
  • The location where the verification seal or stamp may be placed.
  • General plans, installation drawings, and full installation instructions for weights and measures.
  • Two images of the actual circuit diagram (Digital Type).
  • Provide copies of printed brochures, user manuals, and other materials.
  • Please provide any other information that may be beneficial for evaluating performance and giving Model Approval.
  • Provide detailed information on other devices, including a picture and description, along with the weight/measurement application.

Process of LMPC Certificate for Model Approval in India

The process of LMPC Certificate for Model Approval in India for manufacturing or importing is mentioned below:

Model Approval For Manufacturer

If the applicant is a manufacturer, the product must undergo obligatory testing by the Directorate General of the Legal Metrology Department. Follow the steps below.

  • Gather and organize all Documents as listed above.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Submit the completed application form, paperwork, and product sample to the Department of Legal Metrology.
  • The documents and application will be inspected, and mandatory testing by the directorate will take place.
  • If there are no problems or flaws on your end, you will receive the Model Approval certificate.

Model Approval For An Importer

If the applicant is an importer, he must follow the below-mentioned steps to obtain the Model Approval Certificate:

  • Arrange all important documents properly.
  • Complete the application form correctly with all essential information.
  • Submit the application form, required documentation, fees, and product sample to the Legal Metrology Department.
  • The Department will perform a first examination.
  • If there are no mistakes, the legal metrology department issues a Model Approval Certificate.

Key Inclusions of Model Approval Certificate for Weight and Measures

Certificate Number

Brief description of the model

The category of weight or measure

A Statement of the results of the test

The mark assigned to the approved model

The place or places where the verification stamp or seal or both may be affixed

The special conditions, if any, are to be complied with for the manufacture, use & verification of weights or measures conforming to the model.

Conditions for the Revocation of Model Approval Certificate for Weight and Measures

The Model Approval Certificate for Weight and Measures can be revoked on the following grounds:

  • If the previously authorized model no longer meets the requirements of the act's rules.
  • Defects in accuracy, reliability, or performance have been observed while using items made with this model.
  • The maker or person intentionally changed the permitted design or circuit diagram.
  • The model no longer meets current requirements.
  • If a manufacturer fails to obey the approval certificate's restrictions, the certificate issued cannot be cancelled without giving the owner a reasonable chance to explain the reasons.

When the approval certificate is revoked, the production of any weight or measure instruments ceases on and from that date, and any weight or measure manufactured between the revocation date and the specified date is subject to verification, notwithstanding the revocation. As per the requirements of the Act and Rules in force on the date of such revocation, provided that such verification reveals that the use of any weights or measures is likely to result in errors greater than those authorized for such weights or measures.

Suspension of Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures

The Director may suspend a certificate of Model Approval for Weight and Measures due to failure or omission.

  • Manufacture weights or measurements based on the certificated model.
  • Confirm model-specific norms and standards for weights and measures.
  • Comply with Model Approval Certificate requirements. Provide that no such suspensions will be issued unless the certificate holder is given a fair opportunity or chance to demonstrate cause against the proposed action.

If an Approval Certificate is suspended under sub-rule (1), it cannot be vacated until the omission or failure that caused the suspension is corrected. If the Approval Certificate is suspended under sub-rule (1), the Controller of Legal Metrology of the particular state must conduct an inventory of the current stock and confirm that no further sales will be made unless the Director revokes the suspension of the Approval Certificate.

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Corpbiz's exceptional knowledge, timeliness, and dedication to regulatory compliance make it the best choice for acquiring a Model Approval Certificate for Weights and Measures. Corpbiz has a team of highly experienced individuals who understand the complex processes and criteria for getting Model Approval Certificates. The company's commitment to maintaining current industry standards and regulations guarantees that clients receive accurate and up-to-date counsel throughout the certification process. Corpbiz simplifies the application process, reducing the time and effort required by customers while guaranteeing that all relevant documentation is in order. Corpbiz's reputation for dependability and open communication confirms its position as a trusted partner in negotiating the difficulties of Model Approval for Weights and Measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Legal Metrology Department grants this approval to makers and importers of weights and measuring devices.

The State Government must satisfy itself that, under Section 36, the Central Government has provided a certificate of model approval for such weight or measure.

The inspector's major responsibility is to routinely check and stamp the weight and measure, as well as the weighing and measuring instruments.

The Department of Consumer Affairs validates the accuracy of standard weights.

This act protects customers by requiring anybody who sells things to produce the amount stated to have sold.

This includes legislation for the management of measures and measuring tools, as well as protection for public safety, the environment, merchants, and consumers, which is essential for fair trade.

In India, the Legal Metrology Act 2009 defines model approval as a certificate granted to the producer and importer for the approval of weight and measurement of items. This certificate confirms that the product meets Indian metrological norms.

If the application is accepted, the registration authority (Director/Controller of Legal Metrology) will register the importer's name and address and issue an LMPC certificate. This is what a legal metrology certificate or LMPC certificate looks like. An LMPC registration is valid for at least one year and up to five years.

An Act to create and enforce weight and measurement standards, to control trade and commerce in weights, measures, and other items sold or distributed by weight, measure, or number, and for other purposes related to or incidental thereto.

The Weights and Measures Department regulates the use of proper weighing and measuring tools in manufacturing, trade, and commerce to ensure that any client receives the precise weight, measure, and number of any commodity for which he has contracted or paid.

Before producing or importing any weight or measure, every person should seek the approval of its model in such manner, on payment of such charge, and from such authority as may be prescribed. However, model clearance may not be necessary in the case of cast iron, brass, bullion, and so forth.

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