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Overview of a Term sheet

A term sheet is a non-mandatory agreement that indicates the primary terms and conditions of an investment. The term sheet acts as a template and basis for complete and necessary legal Documents. The term sheet summarizes the contents of the agreement laid down by the parties, before implementing the legal agreements and initiating the process.

Most often, the Term sheets are connected with the startups. Entrepreneurs find the term sheet as a crucial Document to attract investors to fund the companies. A term sheet is a decisive report for the entrepreneur.

What are the Key Features of a Term sheet?

A Term Sheet is an agreement that sets the guidelines on how both parties i.e. entrepreneur and investor will be acting to protect the investments. It sets out the framework for potential investment, thus creating a parameter for negotiation on the final agreement.

The key features of term sheets are-

  • Term Sheet is a written Document presented in line-item format.
  • It is a non-mandatory agreement.
  • The Term Sheet can be modified whenever needed.
  • It is prepared before the final agreement.
  • Acts as a reference work while preparing the final Document.

What is the Purpose of a Term sheet?

The term sheet is to cover the important aspects of a deal without detailing every small uncertainty covered by a binding contract. The term sheet sets the structure for ensuring that the parties involved in a business transaction agree on primarily major aspects. The term sheet minimizes the probability of a misunderstanding or unnecessary dispute.

Further, the term sheet ensures that high-prices legal charges involved in preparing a binding agreement which are not incurred previously. All term sheets contain all the information related to following elements, those are as follows:-

  • The assets of the company,
  • The initial purchase price,
  • A period for a response and,
  • Other salient information.

What are the Satisfying Conditions that a Start-Up Term Sheet considers?

Start-up Term sheets is a formal Document between the potential investors and the start-up entrepreneur. Majorly, Venture Capitalists offer funds to the start-ups. Below mentioned are some conditions that a startup term sheet should consider:

  • Term-sheet is a Non-Binding Document

    The term sheet is a non-mandatory Document. Both the parties i.e. Entrepreneur and the venture capitalists are not legally obligated to abide by whatever is mentioned on the term sheet.

  • Valuation of the Company

    Company valuations, amount of investment, the percentage of stakes, and anti-dilutive provisions should be mentioned clearly.

  • Voting Rights

    Startups looking up for funding are usually dependent upon the Venture Capitalists who want to maximize the return on their investment. This being the case, the Venture capitalist asking for and obtaining an unfair influence on the company's direction.

  • Liquidation Preference

    The term sheet shall disclose how the proceeds of a sale will be allocated between the entrepreneur and the investors.

  • Investor Commitment

    The term sheet should disclose how long the investor is required to remain vested.

The term sheet may also highlight the information regarding what, if anything is excluded from the term sheet or any items that may be considered necessary by one or both parties.

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How Term sheet benefits the Entrepreneur and the Investor in preparing the Final Agreement?

Although preparing a term sheet is not binding on both the parties. However, preparing the term sheet will be highly advantageous to both the parties entering a business deal. The benefits of a Term Sheet are given below, those are as follows:-

  • Clear Intention of the parties

    Term Sheet indicates the intention of parties to agree to the funding and financial agreement.

  • Builds a relation between the parties

    It creates an uncomplicated relationship among the potential investor and the start-ups.

  • Negotiation

    Before the final agreement is prepared, negotiations can be done to make modifications in the Term Sheet.

  • Less time-consuming

    Term sheet takes less time for negotiation on a business agreement.

  • Elimination of misconception

    It reduces the chances of a misconception and substantially reduces the probability of occurrence of unneeded details.

  • Cost-effective

    Term sheet saves the cost of parties by ensuring that expensive legal charges involved in preparing a legal agreement are not undertaken previously.

  • Walk out the agreement

    It provides the flexibility to both the parties to abandon the agreement without destroying their image if it is not executed as promised.

What is the procedure to be followed from the term sheet to the signed deal?

From the term sheet to the signed deal, the process involves various steps, once the Venture Capitalists have expressed their interest in investing in the company. The next step is to agree with the specific terms and conditions of the deal. The process is very technical, and it requires the proper involvement of the lawyer to structure it.

1. Before signing the final agreement, you have to go through different steps. Various steps required before signing the final deal are-

  • Negotiating the term sheet,
  • Going through due diligence,
  • Negotiating the terms of the final contract.
  • Deal Finalization.

2. Further, deal finalization includes-

  • Start-up due diligence
  • Contract agreement
  • How long it will take to convert the term sheet to a signed deal.

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How Corpbiz will help in starting a term sheet?

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  • Enquiry to receive a legal consultation.
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  • Proper follow-up and updates.

Keynotes on Term sheet Drafting

A term sheet is drafted in such a way that covers the basic framework which helps in finalizing the business deal. Broadly, it includes a summary of what is to be present in the transaction agreements. The agreements are later concluded based on the initial terms finalized in a term sheet. A term sheet contains information based on which an investor makes his investment. Below mentioned are some basic elements and the information that the term sheet should include-

  • Company valuation,
  • Details of the parties involved,
  • Amount of Investment,
  • Percentage stake,
  • Voting rights in the company,
  • Liquidation preference,
  • Investor Undertaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

A term sheet is a short Document prepared by the investor for presentation to the company in which the investor states the investment that he is ready to make in the company.

A term sheet is a written Document between the parties that enlists the important terms and conditions of the business deal. The term sheetoutlines the major aspects of the agreements and resolves the differences before implementing the legal agreements and initiating with the due diligence process.

  • Amount Raised
  • Price per share
  • Pre-money valuation
  • Liquidation preference
  • Voting rights of the investor
  • Anti-dilution provision
  • Registration and exit rights

A term sheet should cover the important aspects of an agreement without going into any small details and uncertainties covered by a binding contract.

It sets out the frameworkwhich ensures that the parties involved in a business transaction agree on the most important aspects of the deal, thus prevents the possibility of misconception and reducing the possibility of unnecessary disputes.

A term sheet is a non-binding agreement that sets out certain terms and conditions agreed in between the parties, negotiable and signed at the beginning of the deal.

A term sheet is prepared to help the parties to the loan to mention in advance, the terms, and conditions on which the loan will be issued. It serves as a non-mandatory letter of intent which summarizes all the important financial and legal terms as well as quantifying the amount of the loan and its repayment.

  • Get the interested potential venture capitalists
  • Understand the market trends and analyze the market.
  • Negotiate the pre-money valuation.
  • Confirming the Venture capitalist’s interest.
  • Working through the key terms in the term sheet.
  • Prioritize the non-negotiables
  • Understand the impact of dilution
  • Restrict stock exit contingencies.

  • Company valuation,
  • Details of the parties involved
  • Amount of Investment
  • Percentage stake,
  • voting rights in the company
  • Liquidation preference
  • Investor Undertaking

Expect negotiation will take about 4-5 weeks from signing the term sheet.

When a term sheet is used, there is a risk that one party may seek to treat the term sheet as a lawful contract. Theterm sheets are non-mandatory,but they can become legally binding ifthey carryout on a stamp paper. Parties involved should be careful while drafting the Documents at the negotiation stage.

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