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MEI Number Registration: Secure Your Device & Future

Corpbiz is a successful cloud-based legal and compliance platform. It is one of the top consulting companies in Asia that offers the best legal, compliance, audit, risk, and assurance advising services. We provide services to a global clientele in the US, Singapore, India, and 15 other nations. Our goal is to streamline India's complex legal and regulatory framework.

Every mobile phone has an identification number for the specific device, called the International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI, which is listed beneath the battery. The registration of IMEIs is crucial for various reasons. The registration aids in protecting customers, mobile device security, regulatory compliance, etc. About 25 million Indians, according to estimates, use mobile phones without IMEI numbers. Since midnight on November 30, 2009, the Indian government has outlawed mobile devices with fraudulent or missing IMEI numbers. The IMEI registration gives mobile firms permission or license to more readily import their goods. Additionally, it aids in customs clearance when importing a certain mobile device.

This is where our in-house experts play a pivotal role. We are here to provide end-to-end support throughout your IMEI Registration journey.

Our team of experts at Corpbiz specialize in IMEI registration. Expert guidance will be provided by our professional related to the registration process. Our experts will ensure that you follow all the regulatory compliance and will provide any advice related to it as well. Our clients will be constantly updated in regular periods with the status of their registration.

Note: IMEI number is not only required for the mobile phones but also it is required for every device having a SIM slot, such as Cellular-enabled smartwatches, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots, Mobile Phones, Tablets, USB Modems and Dongles, Certain laptops and computers with built-in cellular connectivity capabilities, GPS Trackers, etc.

Scroll down to explore our services and additional information to make your IMEI Registration experience even more informative and seamless.

Benefits of IMEI Registration

Tracking and Security

One of the main benefits of this registration is that it helps in tracking mobile devices, especially when they are stolen or are lost. The key element of this type of registration is tracking and security. Each and every mobile device has a different IMEI number, which acts as a digital fingerprint for that particular device.

Whenever the mobile device is stolen or is lost this number can be used to track the mobile device's location. The databases will discourage future thefts relating to mobile devices. With the help of registration, the authorities as well as the mobile service providers can combat all the illegal activities that involve mobile devices.

Easier Imports and Customs Clearance

The second major benefit is that its facilities make imports and customs clearances easier. At the time of imports the authorities can check the authenticity of the imported devices. Similarly at customs clearance as well through the IMEI number the devices can be cross-checked with the legitimate devices. This cross checking will enable in ensuring that consumer protection and safety. This will also ensure that the mobile devices that are sold to the consumers in the country are new and are not stolen from somewhere else. This will help in preventing the illegal circulation of stolen items.

User-Friendly Registration

We at Corpbiz makes the process of IMEI registration process user friendly.

IMEI registration makes it possible for regulatory organizations to ensure adherence to national laws and business standards. To confirm the legitimacy and compliance of gadgets which are imported or sold inside a specific jurisdiction, IMEI registration databases can be implemented. On the mobile network, the gadget is identified by its IMEI number.

This enables the network provider to prevent the usage of a stolen or lost phone on their network. The capacity to locate and secure lost or stolen phones is the main reason IMEI numbers are significant. One could not be aware that a phone with an identical code has been sold if the IMEI codes are changed to create duplicate phones from the supplier to the seller. Mobile phone theft and cloning have grown to be major issues.

Our IMEI Registration Services

At Corpbiz, we believe in providing you with the benefit of in-house experts who have a thorough understanding of IMEI Registration rules and regulations. With our assistance, you may effortlessly negotiate the hurdles of IMEI Registration in India.

  • Application Filing Services
  • Allocation of IMEI Numbers
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards
  • Verifications and Validations of IMEI number on Devices
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Tracking
  • Regular Audits and Inspections
  • Keep Detailed Records and Document Assistance
  • Advisory Services on Regulatory Compliance
  • Updates on IMEI Registration Regulations

Do you still have any lingering doubts about what IMEI registration entails and why it should matter to you? The following information will help you uncover the answers and shed light on the significance of IMEI registration in today's digital age.

What do We Understand From IMEI Registration?

The international mobile equipment identifier number is known as the IMEI. Similar to the individual identification of a phone. The international mobile equipment identifier (IMEI), a 15-digit number that individually identifies each mobile device of all phones created in India, has been made necessary by DOT (The Department of Telecommunications) for mobile phone manufactures. Before importing any phones, importers must register the IMEI with the authorities.

The Prevention of Tampering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number (Amendment) Rules, 2022 ("IMEI 2022 Amendment"), which amend the Prevention of Tampering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number Rules, 2017 ("IMEI Rules 2017"), were published by the Department of Telecommunications ('DoT') on September 26, 2022. The IMEI Rules, 2017 have been implemented to prevent tampering with a device's unique 15-digit International Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number ("IMEI Number"), which can be used to verify a mobile device's legitimacy on a mobile network and deter mobile phone theft, cloning, and counterfeiting.

The Indian Counterfeit Device Restriction ("ICDR") system was subsequently launched by the DoT in February 2021 to provide IMEI certifications for the entry of mobile devices through different customs ports. The DoT has issued a rule, known as Rule 4; that specifies required registration procedures for both the maker and the importer of the mobile device. This rule was made possible by the IMEI 2022 Amendment.

The format used by the IMEI is AA-BBBBBBB-CCCCCC-D. The Type Allocation Code (TAC), which consists of the A and B digits, aids in determining the device's maker and model. The C digits represent the device's distinct serial number, while the D digit verifies that the IMEI complies with the necessary regulations.

Additionally, it aids in resource management and protects against exploitation of the network. Mobile network operators can track and identify devices that are blocking the network or engaged in illegal activities like SIM card switching or IMEI cloning by monitoring IMEI numbers. Operators can take the necessary steps to safeguard their networks and guarantee the highest level of service for authorized users by having a complete database of registered IMEI.

Theft of mobile phones puts people's personal lives and national security at danger in addition to causing financial damage. Due to the prevalence of black marketing, phone theft, and tampering in India, the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number has gained attention. The mobile phone manufacturers must now register the 15-digit number, unique to each handset, with the government. The IMEI numbers of imported phones must also be registered.

Required Documents for IMEI Registration

Registration Form for IMEI Registration

The application form's specification section must be completed with the technical specification paper for each field.

Specific Model Form for Which the Certification of IMEI is Taken

The organization must next fill out the particular model for which it seeks IMEI certification.

Manufacturer Agreements

Manufacturer agreements provide for the importer to get a stamp paper that is duly filled, after which they must have the same approval from the director or owner of the company.

The importer is required to transmit the manufacturer agreement to the MSAI (mobile standard alliance India) headquarters, located in Delhi.

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Why IMEI Registration Matters?

Legal Compliance and Regulatory Requirement

With the IMEI registration, the legal compliance and regulatory requirement is adhered to. It is absolutely essential to be in legal compliance and to follow all the rules and regulations laid by the authorities. This legal compliance will help in preventing illegal sale and usage of mobile devices which are stolen. An IMEI registration helps in tracking of stolen or lost mobile devices. IMEI registration also helps in tracking criminal activities and use as evidence if needed.

Enhancing Security and Tracking

With the IMEI registration security and tracking can be enhanced. IMEI registration will help in tracking down the mobile device in question and will assist in potential recovery of the device. The security of one's personal data can be enhanced with IMEI registration.

Facilitating Import and Export

IMEI registration plays a very crucial role in facilitating export and import. IMEI registration is one of the essential requirements at the time of import and export of mobile devices. The regulatory authorities at the time of import and export require IMEI registration. The IMEI registration will help in monitoring the devices across borders. In the case of smuggling of counterfeit devices, the IMEI number will help in tracking these devices and prevent import and export of these devices.

Entities and Individuals that Need IMEI Number Registration

  • Mobile Device Manufacturers/Brand Owners
  • Importer of Mobile Equipment and other devices with SIM Slot
  • Registration Certificate Allotment
  • ICDR Validation

How Corpbiz Can Help?

Expert Guidance and Assistance

Corpbiz provides expert guidance and assistance throughout the registration process, answering and guiding the client whenever required. Our team of experts offers invaluable insights to the clients along with customized solutions that fit their problems.

Document Preparation and Submission

Our skilled experts here at Corpbiz, ensure hassle-free and seamless Documents preparation and allocation of any Documents required in the registration process. Our experts make sure that all your Documents are properly submitted within the time limits prescribed by the authorities.

Streamlined Registration Process

Corpbiz will make the registration process easy and less time-consuming, and streamline the entire process for the clients, making it easy for them to understand and follow the same and be compliant to all rules and regulations. Corpbiz simplifies all the admin tasks in a effective manner.

Ensuring Compliance

With 24/7 customer support and prompt replies from the experts, Corpbiz ensures that compliance is maintained. Our experts will guide and explain the compliance rules and regulations to the clients in an understandable manner, which makes it easy to meet the requirements prescribed.

Customized Packages for Different Business Needs

Our professional team offers customized packages to all our clients which meet all their specific business needs. This will ensure that all the needs of the business are met, and the flexibility of support and assistance is guaranteed.

What does Data Say About Us?

With an exceptional client approval rate of 99.9% and an equally excellent client satisfaction record, Corpbiz is a notable organization. With over lakh happy customers, Corpbiz is a new and expanding family. Corpbiz has made a name for itself as a very dependable global business partner for all enterprises. Corpbiz has a diverse group of professionals, including:

  • 250 + Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers
  • 100 + IMEI experts

Corpbiz guarantees exceptional competence across all areas. Additionally, Corpbiz provides environmental services. Sustainability and ecological issues are handled by Corpbiz experts. The excellent services offered by the professionals at Corpbiz are reflected in the 4.9 rating that Corpbiz has received from more than 50,000 clients. For all enterprises and companies looking for professional guidance and assistance, Corpbiz remains a very dependable choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, an IMEI number is registered. As per the Department of Telecommunication, it has been made compulsory to register the IMEI number.

Yes, changing IMEI is illegal in India. One of the main aims of an IMEI number is that it assists in tracking mobile devices, so changing the IMEI number is illegal.

The IMEI number can be registered on an online portal.

To generate IMEI certificates, users can access and register on the ICDR portal at The target audience may include importers, manufacturers, brand owners, and gadget assemblers.

The IMEI is related to the phone and not the SIM of the mobile device.

The cost can vary from person to person and service provider to service provider.

The IMEI number is provided by the GSMA and various other organizations.

No, an IMEI cannot be changed permanently. The IMEI number is a 15-digit unique number, so it cannot be duplicated as well as changes.

The main purpose of the IMEI number is to help in tracking mobile devices when they are compromised or stolen.

IMEI number tracking is used by the regulatory authorities to track devices and their locations.

A fifteen-digit number, which is unique for every device, is called an IMEI number.

Service providers use this number to identify valid devices in a unique way. To be more precise, an IMEI code can be used to allow a Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) or Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) network to stop a lost or stolen phone from making calls.

By allowing device tracking, IMEI allows the tracking letter to be shared with the network operator. Police can quickly locate the offender by using this tracking system.

Buyers generally ask for the IMEI number to avoid buying mobile devices that are stolen.

IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity.

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