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License for charging station in UP

The whole world is witnessing the depletion of the ozone layer due to the burning of fossil fuels which causes pollution and pollution-borne diseases. The automobile sector is largely responsible for environmental pollution. To combat this problem, the Paris agreement was signed in 2016 with the objective to curb carbon emissions in order to control global warming and a threat to climate change. In Contemporary, Electric vehicles are gaining the global market. Due to the high pressure and fast depletion of fossil fuels, electrification of the automotive industry has been implemented to reduce carbon emissions. Electrification of the automobile industry shall replace the utilization of fossil fuels in the automobile industry and aims to decarbonize the whole transport system. India is said to be the third-largest producer of cars in the world. To transform this sector, the government of India aims to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in the automobile industry and is determined to produce 100% hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030.

Opening of Electric power station in UP

It is an advantage to open an electric power station in UP because Uttar Pradesh is the country's largest consumer base; it is to be observed that the Uttar Pradesh electronic vehicle market will boom in coming days. Uttar Pradesh is considered the largest economy in India, which contributes almost 8% of the country's GDP. In Uttar Pradesh there are highest no. of MSME units are set up with a strong foothold in the automobile industry. As per the records available on, around 210 million vehicles registered in India. Uttar Pradesh individually has 10 % of the registered vehicles.

Directions issued by the Ministry of Power in respect of charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles

The MOP issued the guidelines regarding charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on December 14, 2018. Following are the key guidelines given below:

  • Charging stations or chains of charging stations will obtain electricity from any generation company via open access.

Public Charging stations

  • So any entity or individual is free to set up a public charging station. It is the Di-licensed activity
  • Connectivity on a priority basis

Minimum Requirements

PCS will have one or more electric kiosks/boards, with have all charger models installed as follows.

PCS providers are free to build Charging Hubs and install different charging stations. Additionally, the minimum number of chargers, the number of Kiosks/Chargers as stated previously.

  • Form a partnership with at least one online NSP to enable remote/online booking of services in advance.
  • EV owners have access to recharge stations.
  • A fast-charging station is also being developed for the PCS.
  • PCS may additionally have the option of including stand-alone battery switching capabilities.
  • In addition to the essential amenities listed above, space and other prerequisites permit.

Private Charging Stations

  • Permitted in residences and offices.
  • These recommendations' minimum infrastructure requirements do not apply to Private Charging Points.
  • Captive charging infrastructure for 100 percent internal use for a company's own/leased fleet will not be required to install all types of chargers or have NSP tie-ups.
  • Fast Charging Stations (FCS) that are only intended for 100% in-house/captive use, such as business buses, would be able to choose the charging parameters that best suit their needs.
  • The rate in effect for home consumption will also be in effect for domestic charging.

Locations of Public charging Stations

  • At least one charging station should be available in a grid of 3km x 3km.
  • Every 25 kilometres, one charging station will be placed upon both sides of highways and roads.
  • At least one Fast Charging station should be available every 100 kilometres for long-range EVs (such as long-range SUVs) and heavy-duty EVs (such as buses and Lorries).&

How much is the Tariff service charge?

  • The PCS tariff will not be more than the average cost of supply + 15%.
  • The State Nodal Agency will set the maximum Service Chargers that the PCS can charge.

Nodal agency

The Ministry of power will appoint a Central Nodal Agency to oversee the deployment, while the State Government will appoint a State Nodal Agency to supervise the installation of charging infrastructure. Furthermore, the Ministry of Power (MoP) has announced in a notification dated February 12, 2019, that the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has been established. The Central Nodal Agency for the project would be (BEE), a statutory entity under the Ministry of Power. Provisions related with Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles - Guidelines and Standards have a specific function.

Who is eligible to apply for the License?

So, any individual can apply for the License to set up power station plant for vehicle charging for Electronic vehicle (EV) in Uttar Pradesh.

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What are the Documents required for the application for License?

  • KYC of Authorized person
  • KYC of company signatory
  • Sale deed/lease deed/rent agreement of the Land
  • Aadhar card of the authorized signatory
  • Pan card of the authorized signatory
  • TOPO map
  • Map of the Land

What is the Process to apply for the License?

  • An applicant can submit an online application to register a License in the portal of the Ministry of Uttar Pradesh Power to generate the login credentials.
  • Once the application is submitted in the portal, an acknowledgment will be generated after applying.
  • Afterwards, you will get the Transfer certificate, an inspection of the Land shall be conducted by the authority concerned.
  • After the Land inspection, the government fees should be paid by the applicant for registration.

How Corpbiz will assist you?

  • Corphiz will assist you in paper works
  • Arrange and provide all required Documents for registration
  • Consultation on How to obtain license
  • Regular monitoring with the government authority
  • End-to-end service

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