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An Overview of BIS CRS Registration

CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) is regulated under Scheme – II of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. In 2012, CRS Scheme was primarily introduced by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology and in this Scheme, it is compulsory for manufacturers to obtain BIS CRS Registration Certificate for their electronic products before launching them into the market. This Scheme is based on self-declaration of conformity by the manufacturers. Over the past years, the number of licenses under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) has grown significantly.

Also, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology notified Electronics & Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2021 in October 2012 for 15 categories of electronics products. On November 13, 2014, 15 more electronic product categories were added by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. In October 2016, the Ministry also notified the Indian Standard for Indian Language Support for Mobile Phones. Another 13 electronic product categories were added by the Ministry under this order in August 2017. In September 2017, the Ministry of New & Renewal Energy notified 5 more products under the Solar Photovoltaics, Systems, Devices & Components Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2017.

According to the Order, no individual can manufacture or store for sale, import, or distribute products that don't follow the Indian Standard specified and don't bear the Standard Mark with a unique Registration Number obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS).

What is the Meaning of CRS?

CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme, which was first introduced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for electronic and IT products. Currently, there are 76 products under this Scheme. All individuals and businesses who are storing, selling, manufacturing, importing, or distributing electronic products under the product list must apply for BIS CRS Registration. Any individuals who are the manufacturers of electronic products must apply for this Registration after getting their product tested from BIS recognised labs.

Then, BIS registers the manufacturers under BIS CRS Registration Scheme who are allowed to declare that their articles conform to the Indian Standards. Once the entity is successfully registered, they are permitted to use the Standard Mark as informed by the BIS CRS Registration is allotted to the applicant.

List of Products Covered under Compulsory Registration Scheme

Following is the list of products that require a BIS CRS Registration Certificate in India:

Serial Number

Product Name

IS Standard


Amplifiers with input power 2000 Watts & above 

IS 616:2010


Automatic data processing machine      

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010           


Electronic clocks     

IS 302-2-26:2014


Electronic video games     

IS 616:2010


Electronic musical systems along with input power 200 Watts & above 

IS 616:2010


Laptop or Notebook or Tablet      

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Microwave ovens    

IS 302-2-25:2014


Optical disc players along with built-in amplifiers of input power 200 Watts & above


IS 616:2010


Plasma or LCD or LED TVs of screen size 32 inches and above

IS 616:2010


Printers, Plotters    

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010           



IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Set-top box   

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Telephone answering machines  

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010           


Visual display units, monitors of screen size 32 inches & above   

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010           


Wireless keyboards

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Cash Registers         

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Copying machines or duplicators

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Passport reader       

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010



Point of Sale (PoS) terminals      

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Mail processing machines or franking machines or postage machines    

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010           


Power banks

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010           


Smart card reader  

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Mobile phones or Smartphones  

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010


Self-ballasted LED lamps

IS 16102 (Part 1):2012


DA or AC supplied electronic control gear for LED modules          

IS 15885 (Part 2/Sec 13):2012


Power adaptors for video, audio and identical electronic devices   

IS 616:2010


Power adaptors for its apparatus 

IS 13252 (Part 1):2010*           


Fixed overall purpose-led luminaires

IS 10322 (Part 5/Sec 1):2012



UPS for computers or invertors of rating <= 5KVA 

IS 16242 (Part 1):2014


Sealed secondary cells or batteries containing alkaline/other non-acid electrolytes for use in portable applications     

IS 16046:2015



Indian language support for mobile phones           

IS 16333 (Part 3) : 2016*           


Recessed LED Luminaries

IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 2) : 2012       


LED Luminaires for Road & Street lights

IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 3) : 2012       


LED Flood Lights   

IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 5) : 2013        


LED Hand lamps    

IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 6) : 2013       


LED Lighting Chains         

IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 7) : 2013        


LED Luminaires for Emergency Lighting           

IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 8) : 2013       


UPS or Inverters of rating <= 10kVA     

IS 16242 (Part 1) : 2014


CCTV Cameras or CCTV Recorders


IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010           


Adapters for household & identical electrical appliances

IS 302 (Part 1) : 2008           


USB driven Barcode readers, Iris scanners, Optical fingerprint scanners, barcode scanners

IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010


Smart watches        

IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010


Crystalline Silicon Terrestrial Photovoltaic (PV) modules (Silicon wafer-based)


IS 14286 : 2010 or IEC 61215 : 2005, IS or IEC 61730 (Part 1) : 2004 and IS/IEC 61730 (Part 2) : 2004


Thin-Film Terrestrial (PV) Modules (a-Si, CiGs & CdTe)           

IS 16077 : 2013 or IEC 61646 : 2008, IS or IEC 61730 (Part 1) : 2004 & IS or IEC 61730 (Part 2) : 2004  


Power Invertors for photovoltaic power system          

IS 16221 (Part 2) : 2015           


Utility-Interconnected Photovoltaic inverters       

IS 16221 (Part 2) : 2015 & IS 16169 : 2014        


Storage battery       

IS 16270 : 2014        


Independent LED Modules for General Lighting        

IS 16103 (Part 1) : 2012           


Lighting Chain (Rope Lights)      

IS 10322 (Part 5/Sec 9) : 2017   



IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010


Induction Stove

IS 302-2-6 : 2009


Automatic Teller Cash dispensing machines           

IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010


USB Type External Hard Disk Drive       

IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010


Wireless Headphone and Earphone       

IS 616 : 2017


USB Type External Solid-State Storage Devices (above 256 GB capacity) 

IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010           


Electronic Musical System with input power below 200 Watts    

IS 616 : 2017


Standalone Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) with output voltage 48V (max) 

IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010           


Television other than Plasma or LCD or LED TVs


IS 616 : 2017


Rice Cooker 

IS 302-2-15 : 2009  


Wireless Microphone        

IS 616 : 2017


Digital Camera        

IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010


Video Camera          

IS 616 : 2017


Webcam (Finished Product)        

IS 616 : 2017


Smart Speakers (with and without Display)


IS 616 : 2017


Dimmers for LED items   

IS 60669-2-1: 2008


Bluetooth Speakers

IS 616 : 2017


Low - Voltage switchgear and control gear: Circuit - Breakers   

IS/IEC 60947-2 : 2016           


Low - Voltage switchgear and control-gear: switches, dis-connectors, switch dis-connectors & fuse - Combination units


IS/IEC 60947-3 : 2012           


Low - Voltage switchgear & control-gear: electromechanical contactors & motor - Starters         

IS/IEC 60947-4-1 : 2012           


Low - Voltage switchgear & control-gear: AC semiconductor motor controllers & starters           

IS/IEC 60947-4-2: 2011



Low - Voltage switchgear & control-gear: AC semiconductor motor controllers & contactors for non - Motor loads

IS/IEC 60947-4-3: 2014



Low - Voltage switchgear & control-gear: electromechanical control circuit devices           

IS/IEC 60947-5-1 : 2009



Low - Voltage Switchgear & control-gear proximity switches


IS/IEC 60947-5-2 : 2007           


Low-Voltage Switchgear & control-gear: electrical emergency stop devices along with mechanical latching function      

IS/IEC 60947-5-5 : 2016           


Ortho Phosphoric Acid      

IS 798 : 2020           


Polyphosphoric Acid          

IS 17439 : 2020       

Who can apply for BIS CRS Registration?

Manufacturers of any product that comes under the scope of the Compulsory Registration Order notified by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology or Ministry of New & Renewable Energy need to apply for BIS CRS Registration.

Different Forms Required for BIS CRS Registration


Required for


Application for grant of new license


Format for the undertaking of test reports


Format for affidavit


Format for letter of nomination of AIR (Authorised Indian Representative)


Application for Renewal of License


Inclusion or Model Withdrawal


Change of other details in the scope of the license

Documents Required for BIS CRS Registration

Following are some vital documents required for BIS CRS Registration:

  • Business License of the manufacturing unit;
  • If the signatory person is other than the head of the manufacturing facility, then submit the Authorisation Letter;
  • ISO Certificate of the manufacturer;
  • Application form;
  • Nomination Letter of AIR;
  • Testing documents such as filled CCL and CDF;
  • Authorised Indian Representative and Affidavit (In case of Foreign Manufacturer);
  • Test Report;
  • Trademark Certificate;
  • Trademark Authorisation Letter, in case the brand, is not owned by the manufacturer;
  • Undertaking;
  • Product manual of the applied devices.

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Procedure for BIS CRS Registration

Step 1: First you need to know your product and its ISI number as we have mentioned above in the table.

Step 2: Then, you need to provide testing sample to BIS certified lab.

Step 3: Then we will file and submit the application along with the documents & test reports.

Step 4: Once we submit all the documents along with the application, then BIS will examine the application and documents.

Step 5: Once they are fully satisfied with the application, they will issue BIS CRS Registration Certificate.

Validity of BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Registration is valid for 2 years and it can be further renewed if there is no change in the product and the standard.

Guidelines for E-Labelling of Products under BIS CRS Registration Scheme

  1. Devices using e-labels must have a physical label on the product packaging during sale, distribution, import and storage. For devices in mass and not packed individually, a removable adhesive label on the packaging is acceptable;
  2. The compliance regarding information must be programmed by the responsible party and the details must be protected in such a manner that 3rd party cannot modify them. The details can be in the software menu, provided it is easily accessible and cannot be modified;
  3. All the applicable regulatory details required on the product packaging or user manual must be provided as per the applicable rules, even if it is shown electronically;
  4. E-Labelled Devices must not require any tool or supplemental plug-in to access the e-label;
  5. User must be able to access the details without requiring any special access codes or permissions. In all cases, the details must be accessible in more than 4 steps in a device's menu;
  6. If the primary user manual/user guide is given by other electronic media, this information may also be given as part of the e-label;
  7. The instruction to access the information may be available on the product website. The instructions on how to access the website must be mentioned in the user's manual or product package;
  8. Users must be provided particular instructions on how to access the details. The instructions must be comprised in the user's manual, operating instructions, or as an insert in the product package;
  9. The Standard Mark shown electronically must meet all the requirements issued by BIS.

Market Surveillance of Products Covered under BIS CRS Registration Scheme

  • Market surveillance is a vital aspect of the BIS CRS Registration Scheme to ascertain the quality of products available in the market. A strong surveillance mechanism is vital to check the conformance of certified products or items available in the market to the applicable standard. Such surveillance activities also provide input & opportunities for improvement to the manufacturers;
  • BIS is in the process of commencing market surveillance based on the provisions laid down under the sub-para 6 of para 3 of Scheme II of Schedule II BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018;
  • According to the conditions of the license to use Standard Mark under Regulation 6 of BIS (Conformity Assessment Regulations), 2018, all licenses are required to submit details of their distributors, retailers, consignee, or dealers. Moreover, as per the Regulations, the licensees will have to bear the surveillance cost. For effective surveillance, all licensees will have to deposit the surveillance cost;
  • It's aimed to take up the market surveillance activity in stages. Letters or emails are being sent to the licensees to provide the details and deposit the fees with BIS;
  • A system is being developed to feed the consignee information and deposit the fees online. Till the time it's ready, the details may be provided by email and fees may be submitted via DD or Demand Draft;
  • It's requested to submit information of the distributors, dealers, consignees, or retailers via email in the format as attached & deposit the surveillance cost within 10 days and 15 days, respectively, receipt of email or letter by DD;
  • In case the details are not submitted and the fees are not deposited within the stipulated time frame, the same will be construed as a violation of conditions of BIS CRS Registration or License to apply or use BIS CRS Standard Mark and appropriate action comprising of suspension or cancellation of the license may be initiated as per the provisions of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018;

Following is the procedure for implementing surveillance:

  1. Collection of Surveillance cost;
  2. Packaging or Transportation and submission of the samples to BIS or BIS certified labs;
  3. Refund (in case of cancellation of expiry of BIS CRS Registration);
  4. Revision of Surveillance Cost by BIS;
  5. Drawl of Sample;
  6. Final State of Surveillance;
  7. Disposal of Samples or Remnants.

How will Corpbiz help you?

Corpbiz will help you in obtaining BIS CRS Registration Certificate without any hassle and Corpbiz will provide end-to-end services for all Indian Regulatory Compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme, which was first introduced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for electronic and IT products.

It's the National Standard Body of India set up under the BIS Act, 2016 for the development of the activities of marking standardisation and quality certification of products and for matters associated therewith/incidental thereto.

The BIS Registration for products is voluntary and the Government of India has made it compulsory for certain products considering public health under the CRS Certification Scheme.

Different brands should be registered separately.

Smartwatches with slim slots are not covered under this Registration.

Under this Scheme, 76 products are covered.

The CRO applies to finished products and not the spare parts or components used to manufacture the finished products.

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