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Lithium-Ion Battery Import License- Brief Overview

India imports Lithium-ion Batteries from various countries as these have some great qualities such as quick charging etc. In order to import Lithium-ion Batteries, importers need to apply to the CPCB by following the due process along with supporting Documents. One can also renew this registration.

Introduction to Batteries

Batteries are a part of everyone's daily life. It is device containing electrochemical cells with external connections that provide power to electrical appliances. When a battery is connected to external electric load, a redox reaction takes place which converts high-energy reactants to lower energy products. Then the free-energy difference is delivered to external circuit thereby producing electrical energy.

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Types of Batteries

Batteries are divided into two types as each device needs a specific type of battery. The two types of batteries are Primary Batteries and Secondary Batteries.

Primary Batteries

These include disposable batteries that can be disposed of after one usage. When the supply of reactants in the batteries are exhausted, the battery stops producing current thus making the battery useless. Eg- Zinc Carbon Battery and Alkaline Battery.

Secondary Batteries

These include those batteries that can be used multiple times by recharging them. Its chemical reactions can be reversed by supplying electric current to the cell. Eg. Lead Acid Battery and Lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion battery- Meaning

A Lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery, hence it is a type of Secondary battery. These batteries use intercalated lithium compound as one electrode material, as compared to the metallic lithium used in non-rechargeable lithium battery. The battery has electrolyte which facilitates ionic movement and the electrodes are the constituent components of a lithium-ion battery cell. Lithium-ions travel from the negative electrode to the positive electrode in discharge and travels back when charging.

These types are commonly seen in military, battery electric vehicles and aerospace applications.

Lithium-ion Battery Import

India has significantly increased its imports of the Lithium-ion Batteries. In the year 2016, 175 million Lithium-ion Batteries were imported, 313 million imports in 2017, 712 million imports in 2018 and 450 million imports in 2019.

India has more than tripled its import bill on those products that are crucial for powering devices like cellphones, electric vehicles. The cost of the imports jumped from 2600 crore rupees to 6500 crore rupees in 2019.

India imports Lithium-ion Batteries from countries such as China, Japan and South Korea. It is among the largest importers across the globe. China leads in Lithium-ion Batteries market where around three quarters of battery cell manufacturing capacity is in China. Moreover, Chinese companies enjoy enormous control over required domestic and foreign battery raw materials and processing facilities.

Qualities of Lithium-ion Battery

These batteries have the following qualities:

  • Good life span.
  • Easy and fast charging.
  • Safer than other types of batteries.
  • Can provide environmental benefits also.

How to obtain Lithium-ion Battery Import License?

The following procedure should be followed to obtain Lithium-ion Battery Import License:

  • The applicant needs to visit the BRMS portal and click on the new importer registration option on the right side of the page.
  • The applicant should fill up the details in the form and submit.
  • The system will then generate a User ID and password for the applicant for logging in to the portal under Importers Login option.
  • Once the registration application is submitted, the applicant must submit hard copy of the application on their letterhead along with the printout of Form II, III and self-attested copy of IEC certificate to the CPCB.
  • Once the approval is gained from the authority in charge and sign from the nodal officer, the certificate of registration will be dispatched via post.
  • The registration certificate will be issued to the corporate address or to the branch address as mentioned on the IEC certificate.

Documents for obtaining Lithium-ion Battery Import License

The following Documents will be required:

  • PAN card
  • IEC certificate
  • Half yearly return
  • BIS certificate
  • Industrial license, if any.

Renewal of Lithium-ion Battery Import License

For renewal the applicant:

  • Should submit an application for renewal at the BRMS portal.
  • Shall submit such application 45 days before the validity period.
  • The renewal will be based on verification of importers half yearly returns submission on the BRMS portal or to the CPCB.
  • The in-charge of the Hazardous Waste Management Division shall grant the registration renewal to the importers.

How does Corpbiz help?

We at Corpbiz will help you obtain the Lithium-ion battery import license from the concerned authority. Complete assistance will be provided in the application filing process and get advisory on the same. Therefore, Contact Corpbiz today.

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