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EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management

Every day, India generates tons of plastic waste. If these wastes are not dealt with properly then it can have a significant negative impact. The indiscriminate disposal of the plastic wastes has caused huge environmental crisis. Therefore the government introduced the plastic waste (management and handling) Regulations in 2011 which consisted of the plastic waste management. In line with this, the government also introduced the plastic waste management regulations 2016. EPR authorization is necessary to deal in plastic waste management.

Harmful Effects of the Plastic Waste

Indiscriminate littering of plastic waste and its unskilled recycling/re-processing can raise the following environmental issues:

  • During the process of polymerization, fugitive emissions are released.
  • Indiscriminate dumping of plastic waste on land can make the land infertile.
  • Plastic burning generates toxic emissions like Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Dioxin, Furans, Nitrides, Styrene, Benzene etc.
  • Non-recyclable plastic wastes like multi-layer, metalised pouches and other thermoset plastic poses disposal problems.
  • Littered plastic give anaesthetic look to the city, choke drains and can cause floods.
  • Garbage mixed with plastics can interfere with waste processing facilities and cause problems in landfill operations.

What do you mean by EPR?

Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy method wherein the producers take the responsibility for organization of the products disposal that they produce once the products are deemed to be not useful for consumers. EPR transfers the economic liability of the value of the disposal from the government to the manufacturer of the trade.

Applicability of EPR in Plastic Waste Management

EPR in Plastic Waste Management applies to:

  • Every producer, brand owner, recyclers, plastic traders and plastic manufacturer needs to obtain registration from the state pollution control board or from the pollution control committee of the concerned UT.
  • The plastic waste management rule shall apply to every waste generator, local body, manufacturers, importers, brand owners and producer of plastic materials.

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Responsibility of local bodies, gram Panchayat, producers, importer and brand owners

Local bodies: It shall be responsible for creating and establishing plastic waste segregation, collection, storage, processing, transportation, and disposal system on its own or by engaging any agency or manufacturers.

Gram Panchayat: Every gram panchayat, on its own or by engaging an agency is required to set up, operate and organize waste management in the rural area and perform related functions like:

  • Segregation, storage, transport, collection of plastic waste and channelizing recyclable plastic waste fractions to licensed recyclers while ensuring no loss is inflicted to the environment in the process.
  • Informing all stakeholders about their responsibility.
  • Restricting open burning of plastic wastes.

Producers, importer and brand owners: Producers within 6 months from the date of publication of the rules should work out modalities for waste collection system based on the EPR and involving state urban development departments, individually or collectively, through their own distribution channel or through the concerned local body. Every producer should maintain details of the person engaged in supply of plastic used as a raw material to manufacture carry bags/plastic sheet or cover made of plastic sheet or multi-layered packaging.

Manufacture and use of multi-layered plastic that is non-recyclable or non-energy recoverable or without any alternate use of plastic, must be phased out as earliest. The producer as per CPCB guidelines from the final publication date of these rules in the official gazette needs to apply to the pollution control board or to the pollution control committee of the states or the UT administration concerned for the grant of registration.

No producer can, after the expiry of six months period from the date of final publication of these rules, manufacture or use any plastic or multilayered packaging for packing commodities without registration from the state pollution control board or pollution control committees and every producer is required to maintain a record of the person who is engaged in the supply of plastic used as raw material to manufacture carry bags/plastic sheet or cover made of plastic sheet or multi-layered packaging.

How to obtain EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management?

The following process can be followed to obtain EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management:

  • We Will submit the file in concern department of SPCB/CPCB.
  • Attach the Documents.
  • Submit the form to the concerned authorities.
  • Liaison with the concerned authorities.
  • If the application and Documents are found to be satisfactory by the officials then the authorization certificate shall be issued and in case of any objection, we will take care accordingly for getting EPR Authorization.

Documents required

  • KYC of company signatory
  • KYC of Authorized signatory
  • State Board Consent Letter or SPCB NOC
  • Web site domain
  • Toll free No.

How can we assist you?

Corpbiz has a team of legal professionals who can help you obtain EPR Authorization for plastic waste management. Connect with Corpbiz today to avail our quality services.

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