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Eating House License

Eating House License is the mandatory requirement other than FSSAI License for operating the food business in India such as restaurants, hotels, or any other eating place.

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What is Eating House License?

Eating House License is the mandatory requirement other than FSSAI License for operating the food business in India such as restaurants, hotels, or any other eating place. The License shall be obtained at the time of opening the restaurant.

Delhi Police enacted an act as per which it is compulsory for a shop/ restaurant/ Dhaba/ club etc. to obtain 'Eating House License'. The trader can apply for the license under the City/State Police Headquarters and the Police Commissioner. Monitoring authority issues the license to the operator.

Eating House License

What is Eating House?

"Any place which offers various products related to food or drink to the general public for consumption is regarded as Eating House."

Licensing Police Commissioner of the city issues Eating House License.

What is included in Package?

Eating House License

Market Overview

The food industry is expandinag and growing swiftly. Change in consumer's eating habits and their craving for fresh and healthy food has made the industry more exploring and vying. This trend has changed the functioning of the eating industry and below-mentioned factors further help in the growth of the food industry:

  • Young Population of the country
  • Increase in the income level of the population
  • Changes in the lifestyle of the people

Procedure for Eating House License Registration

Procedure for Eating House License Registration
  • Fill Application Form

    For obtaining Eating House License, fill the application form in which the operator needs to mention the complete details.

  • Documents Submission

    Submit all the prerequisite documents along with the application to the Additional Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi with the help of professionals like Corpbiz.

  • Appointment with Additional Commissioner of Police

    Once you have applied for the eating house license, the last step is to finalize an appointment date for scrutiny of application along with the necessary documents by Additional Commissioner.

  • Eating House License will be issued after proper and complete verification by the commissioner.

Documents for Eating House Registration

  • Location plan of the Eating House
  • Postcard size photographs of Eating House
  • Identity proof and residential proof of the applicant
  • Legal occupancy proof of the Eating House
  • In case of tenancy, NOC from the owner
  • A copy of Trade License from NDMC/MCD/DCB/Airport Authority of India along with the receipt
  • Notary Public attested affidavit on stamp paper
  • Certificate of Incorporation and complete details of the director
  • Copy of Board Resolution
  • FSSAI License
  • Details of employees
  • GST registration certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Fire safety measures installation proof

Steps to follow for getting Eating House License

Application for Eating House License can be filled online directly with the government. Though the process is long and consumes around 30-60 days to complete.

  • Step 1

    For starting the way toward acquiring the Eating House License, the applicant needs to get user ID and Password by giving a request letter in person with the subtleties of the Eating House.

  • Step 2

    All the data is to be filled absolutely for separate application for Eating House License. All the necessary documents ought to be uploaded for the reason. There are various reasons for the dismissal of an application. The licensing authority may request some other explicit reports whenever required.

  • Step 3

    Meet the Additional Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi for scrutiny of your application and supporting documents.

  • Step 4

    To know about any update on your application, take a follow-up with the government department. On encountering any rejection based on any malafide information or incomplete information, the fees once paid will be forfeited by the government.

  • Step 5

    Within 45-60 working days, the government will review your application and thus grant Eating House License.

    To get Eating House License contact Corpbiz, we work day and night on behalf of our clients and save their time from all the government hassles.

Obtaining the following license means operator owns a food business:

  • Food License

    Having a food license from FSSAI is essential if you want to own and run a food business in India. Though before applying for the license, make sure you satisfy all the eligibility criteria for FSSAI registration.

  • Health Trade License

    Food business units which trade in certain goods and services that directly impact the health of general public needs to obtain Health Trade License. Municipal Corporation of the concerned state issues the Health Trade License.

  • Eating House License

    Police Commissioner of the concerned state has the authority to issue Eating House License.

  • Fire Security Certificate

    The food business operator must obtain NOC from the fire department. Once the FBO has applied for the NOC, the officials of the fire department will conduct an inspection.

  • Liquor License

    Excise commissioner of the state will issue a liquor license. Without this license, business operator cannot serve liquor in their food business premises.

  • Lift Clearance

    In case of a multi-story building, obtain a clearance from the electrical inspector of the office of the labour commissioner. The clearance works as an assurance that lift is operating as per the safety standards.

  • Music License

    Obtain a music license if music will also be part of food business.

  • Environmental Clearance

    Pollution board of the concerned state will issue an environmental clearance certificate which ensures that business will not harm the environment.

  • Insurance

    It is necessary to take the insurance for public liability, fire policy and for the assets of the company.

  • License under Shop and Establishment Act

    Obtain the license under Shop and Establishment Act from the concerned state. It is monitored by the Department of Labor that regulates premises wherein trade; business is performed.

  • Weight & Measures Department Approval

    As per the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 it is compulsory for food business operators to get approvals of models of weighing & measuring instruments from the Weights & Measures Department.

Cancellation of License

Authority who has granted the License can also cancel or suspend the same based on the following:

  • If the owner or the license holder violates the guidelines issued at the time of allotting the License or is found not following the direction issued by registering authority shall upon giving the reasonable opportunity of being heard, can cancel the License
  • In case the eating house is not operating or is willing to shut down its business for the reason stated, it can apply to the authority, for the surrender of the License, who upon the receipt of such application will cancel the License.

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