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Eating House License

Eating House License is the mandatory requirement other than FSSAI License for operating the food business in India such as restaurants, hotels, or any other eating place.

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Overview of Eating House License Registration

An Eating House License refers to legal consent for undertaking business where any kind of food or beverages is supplied for consumption legally. Delhi Police Act regulates this license and it is mandatory in nature. The Eating house license serves as a mandatory prerequisite for conducting food business along with other fundamental licenses. 

Definition of an Eating House

As per the Delhi Police Act, the Eating House refers to a place where various food-related items along with beverages are being served to the masses for consumption. 

This encompasses all retail outlets, dhabas, restaurants, cafes, food trucks, & any other establishments to facilitate food & drink. 

Authority Issuing the License

The license is a legal compulsion as per the Delhi Police Act and should be applied under State/city police headquarters & the Police commissioner

The said authority will grant the license after inspecting all the submitted documents. 

Mandatory Documents for securing Eating House license

The following is the exhaustive list of documents that need to be uploaded on the said portal along with the application: 

Eating House site-related documents:

  • Floor plan of the Eating House-photos of the same- A fire safety registration, applicable for premises that have seating arrangements for more than 50 people at a time. 
  • The proof of in-house security such as availability of surveillance systems or CCTV along with thirty days of video recording comprising, invoice details of the said system.
  • Ownership proof such as rent agreement, sale deed, registered lease
  • NOC granted by the landowner. It must be self-attested
  • Indian Performing Right Society (aka IPRS) consent to have amusement undertakings such as live band, DJ, and discotheque
  • DPCC Clearance granted by the Delhi Pollution Board Committee

Applicant-related documents:

  • Proof of identities like Passport and PAN card
  • Proof of residence like Voted ID, passport, bank account 
  • Company certificate as per the business structure

Director and employee-related documents:

  • Complete list of Director Names & form 32 (reflecting the status of the director) 
  • Declaration on the company’s letterhead regarding the authority signatory nomination
  • Board resolution reflecting members’ consent for commencing the eating house business 
  • The list of existing employees serving the eating house. 
  • A registration certificate granted by the labor department

Other documents

  • A trade license granted by the concerned authority i.e. MCA of the respective state
  • Food license granted by the FSSAI 
  • GST registration certificate 
  • An approval letter granted by the state pollution control board
  • Police Clearance Certificate (aka PCC) copy
  • A self-attested affidavit for granting the new license 

Step-by-step Procedure for obtaining Eating House license in India

The procedure for securing the eating house license involves three steps: 

  • Fill the web-based application 
  • Submit the requested documentations
  • Approach Additional Commissioner of Police

The briefed steps involved in securing the Eating house license are as follows: 

  1. The applicant must visit the respective state police headquarter website and create the account on the same 
  2. The next step is to file an e-form for the eating house license and upload the requested documentation. 
  3. After document submission, make sure to meet the State’s Additional Commissioner of Police for verification of application and documents. 
  4. After this, the applicant must get in touch with the concerned department for knowing the status of the application. If the application confronts rejection due to any error or malafide information, the fees paid shall be forfeited by the authority
  5. Lastly, within 45-60 days, the concerned authority shall grant the eating house license to the applicant after a thorough inspection of the documents. 

Note: The e-form available on the said portal for applying Eating house license has eight important parts as mentioned below; 

  • Applicant Details
  • Trade Details
  • Establishment Details
  • Property Details
  • Municipal Taxes
  • Other Statutory Compliances
  • DPCC Clearance
  • Public Safety & Security
  • Other Information

You can get access to this form only after creating a valid account on the portal. 

How to avail renewed and Duplicate Eating House License?

Renewal of the License

The license renewal will take place when taking place when the validity of the same comes to an end. The validity of the license varies state-wise. However, in general, the eating house license comes with a validity of three years. The renewal process is more or less identical to a new license.

Duplicate Eating House License

In case the license gets physically compromised or damaged, the applicant can opt for the duplicate license against the standard fees. The application for the same can be easily furnished on the portal. After application submission, the authority will initiate the verification process. After finding no error in the submitted application, the authority will grant the license to the applicant. The eating house license is one of the fundamental legal consents to run a food business in India. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, a period of 30 to 40 days is required to obtain Eating House License in India.

An Eating House License remains valid for a period specified by the Registering Authority while issuing the license. However, the validity of the license issued is subject to the specific local civic body and conditions in each case, such as Name Change, Fire NOC, etc.

The Registering Authority has the power to issue the directions and guidelines related to the Eating House License.

Sales deed, lease deed of business place, PAN and Aadhaar of the owner, consent from local bodies, and so on.

Conducting eating house business without eating house license is a punishable offense

FSSAI food license is one of the fundamental licenses for conducting food-related business in India

Confrontation with top-ranked police officials for document verificationr

On the online portal of the Police authority

The general timeframe for granting this license ranges from 15-25 days

Invalid information in the form and incorrect documentation are probably the only reason for application rejection. Thus, be watchful while addressing incorporation formalities.

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