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An Overview of Agile Pro S form

Agile Pro S plays a vital role in enabling the company to secure a host of registrations such as ESIC, EPFO, GST, and so on. It is mandatorily to be filed and linked with the SPICe+ form, which essentially helps applicants with name reservation and entity registration.

What is the significance of the AGILE Pro S form?

Also known as Form INC-35, Agile Pro S was introduced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with the aim of boosting entrepreneurship in India. AGILE Pro S serves as a single window application that helps secure a multitude of registration in a single attempt.

AGILE Pro S filing is not optional as it has been made mandatory by the MCA. Any applicant intending to secure an incorporation certificate must file this form alongside the former.

Services provided by the AGILE Pro S webform

AGILE Pro S helps file various applications concerning the following:

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (optional)

GSTIN, widely known as the GST Identification number, refers to a legal identity of an assessee. It has some resemblance with the TIN number, which was granted in the pre-GST era. Securing GSTIN is mandatory for all businesses falling under the single tax system.

GST registration can be secured either offline or online mode. Those who prefer offline mode can visit nearby the GST Seva Kendra. Likewise, there is also an online GST portal that accords GSTIN against a prescribed application and fee.

Employees' State Insurance Corporation registration (ESIC)

Employees State Insurance Corporation functions as per the norms cited in the ESI Act 1948. It is a government institution established under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, GOI. Production units with a workforce comprising 10 or more employees earning wages of up to Rs 21,000/month are required to secure ESIC registration.

Employees Provident Fund Organisation registration (EPFO)

Employees Provident Fund refers to a scheme launched and managed by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). It helps provide financial support to employees in their retirement phase. Every establishment with a workforce comprising 20 or more persons is mandated to secure EPFO registration.

Professional Tax

Professional tax is applicable to entities established in the state of Maharastra. Under this tax regime, the factory owner is liable to deduct a certain sum from their employee's salaries whose monthly salary is above Rs 7500/.

The applicant is mandatorily required to file the SPICe+ form alongside AGILE-PRO-S, Form INC-34, and URC-1 to secure the above registrations.

Note: This condition shall apply to entities to be incorporated by MCA via the SPICe+ web form. Other applicants such as tax collectors, tax deductors, ISD, Casual Taxable persons, factory owners, etc seeking GSTIN must head to the GST portal to apply for registration.

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Documents required to apply for AGILE Pro S web form

Following are the Documents required to apply for AGILE Pro S Webform:

  • Proof concerning the business place (if seeking GSTIN)
  • Proof concerning the signatory's appointment (If seeking GSTIN)
  • Proof of identification concerning the authorized signatory (bank account opening)
  • Proof of residence relating to the Authorized Signatory (for bank account opening)
  • Specimen signature of the signatory in question (For EPFO)

Details to be added in the AGILE Pro S form

Following are some important details to be added in the AGILE Pro S Form:

  • Details concerning the district and state in which your business resides
  • Center jurisdiction
  • Reason to secure registration
  • Nature of the premises possession
  • Proof concerning the business place
  • Category of the registered person
  • Nature of business activity being performed within the facility
  • Other business activity if exists
  • Details concerning the products/services supplied by the business
  • HSN code (for product-based company)
  • Service accounting code (for service-based company)
  • Number of directors
  • Details concerning the subscribers and directors such as
    • Name
    • Address
    • DIN/PAN
    • Mobile no and email address
    • Photograph
  • Police station
  • Employer's details
  • Bank's details

Note: After enclosing all these details, the applicant needs to e-sign this application via Digital Signature Certificate.

Online procedure concerning the filing of Agile Pro S form

Upon successful submission of SPICe+ part B, start filing the AGILE Pro S form in the following way:

  • Open the AGILE Pro S form on your screen and provide the GSTN details such as State jurisdiction, Center jurisdiction, nature of the business place's possession, etc.
  • Attach the proof concerning the business place. Select Yes, if you wish to go with the composition scheme.
  • Enter the business details and primary business activity.
  • Based on whether your company is product or service-based, enter the HSN code/SAC code accordingly.
  • Provide your particulars such as name and contact details. Also, attach the applicant's photos. Be mindful of size while doing so.
  • Verify your contact details via OTP if you are acting as an Authorized signatory.
  • Provide information concerning the police station as well as the inspection office.
  • Enter the bank-related details.
  • Upload the required dossiers. Complete the declaration and type in the place and date.
  • Enter the PAN as well as DIN relating to the Authorized signatory.
  • Head to the payment section to submit the fee.
  • Note down the Service Request Number (SRN).

Who is eligible to apply for ESIC service via AGILE-PRO-S form?

Anyone who is seeking incorporation certification via the SPICe+ webform must apply for additional registration such as ESIC, EPFO, GSTIN, etc via this form.

The webformSPICe+ form goes along with the linked form such as INC-33, INC-34, and URC-1.

This process can be used by entities intending to legalize under the Companies Act 2013. Factories seeking employer code accorded by ESIC shall abide by the generalized process of registration available on the common portal.

How many Directors can be added to the AGILE-PRO-S form?

Details of the Directors to be included should be based on the category, class, and sub-category cited in the SPICe+ web form. The following numbers reflect the minimum threshold of directors that must be added to the web form.

  • One Person Company: 1 Director
  • Private Limited Company: 2 Directors
  • Public Limited company: 3 Directors
  • Producer company: 5 Directors

Note: Make sure that the directors details provided in this form should not deviate from what you have provided in the SPICe+ form.

What is the difference between the SPICe+ form and AGILE Pro S form?

Technically, it does not make to differentiate these two web forms since one acts as a subset of the other. AGILE Pro S form is basically a linked webform that serves as an annexure to the SPICe + form.

The latter entails two parts - Part A and Part B. Part A helps the applicant secures the name reservation and Part B offers a slew of services including DIN allotment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AGILE-PRO, aka INC-35 form, refers to a multipurpose web form that helps apply for various registration such as ESIC. EPFO. Profession Tax, etc.

Those who want to secure company incorporation certification from MCA needs to apply for this web form. This form serves as an annexure application to the SPICe+ form.

The full form of SPICe is the SimplifiedProforma for Incorporating a Company Electronically. This is a web form that helps with company incorporation, name reservation, the opening of a bank account, and so on.

Yes, all the establishments falling under the ambit of the ESI Act needs to apply for these registrations. Also, entities whose workforce is greater than 10 employees and dispense salaries less than Rs 21000 must enroll with the ESIC.

No. Professional tax registration is only applicable to entities operation in the state of West Bengal, Karnataka, and Maharastra

As per the prevailing legislation, the opening of an account via SPICe+ is mandatory for entities looking to register with MCA.

It should not be greater than 6 MB

It should not be greater than 6 MB

The HSN and Service classification code is cited on the portal of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes under the GST tab.

Yes, the webform called AGILE PRO can help you file the application for the same.

Some common attachments include details of the directors, address proof of the authorized signatory, proof relating to the business place, etc.

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