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Private Limited Company Registration

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  • Two DSC & up to two DINs
  • Name Reservation for your Company
  • Company Agreement
  • MOA & AOA
  • Company PAN & TAN
  • Corporate Identification Number {CIN}
  • Bank account opening

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Overview of Online Private Limited Company Registration in India

A Private Limited Company is a privately maintained small business existence, which is one of the highly recommended means to start a business in India. The efficiency of members of a private limited company restricted to the number of shares possessed by that member. The Companies Act 2013 govern a private Limited company (Creates Separate Legal Entity) where A minimum number of shareholders required to start a private limited corporation is two, while the higher limit of members is 200 following the Companies Act, 2013.

If a separate Private limited company faces financial risk, its shareholders are not subject to sell their assets, i.e. they ought to take limited liability. There must be a least of 2 directors, and a height of 15 directors for a private limited company above the age of 18 years. A foreign national can become a director of private limited company India.

There is no minimum paid-up capital cost for a private limited company and has never-ending existence. A private limited company holds on existing even in the case of death or bankruptcy of its Members. A Private Limited Company does not contain any relationship with the public; they aren't permitted to ask for any collateral from the public or public sectors. In a Private Limited Company, people are not entitled to transfer shares, which can help to stop the takeovers of minute Private Limited firms from big Public companies. Every Private Limited Company must use "pvt.ltd." after their name and can consist of 200 members at a time mentioning everything in Memorandum. Private Limited Company has to pay corporate tax.

Benefits- Why one should go for Private Limited Company Registration in India?

  • Enrolling a Private Limited Company offers many advantages. 
  • A registered Private Limited Company makes it accurate and increases the credibility of your company.
  • Helps from personal liability and protects from other risks and losses.
  • Draws more customers
  • Obtains bank credits and good purchase from credible investors with ease
  • Offers liability security to preserve your company’s assets
  • Greater funds supplement and more attractive stability
  • Increments the potential to grow big and expand

Limited liabilities

The responsibility of the members of a private limited company is restricted to their share only as the private limited company is a separate legal entity.

Separate Legal entity

Organizations are the different lawful element according to the law. Due to this, the selves from a private limited company are liable just for the activity ventured by them and not by different individuals.

Easy Creation

As contrasted to the creation of public sectors, the process is straightforward.


A private limited company can obtain funds from the debentures as well as the stockholders. Banking and other financial organization provide assets on more eminent bases rather than other public sectors.

Tax Benefits

Here the company pays corporation tax and gets rid of paying higher taxes.

Perform International

The private limited company are the particular type of companies which supports for Foreign Direct Investment as other firms or sectors require appropriate licensing/Liaising and approval from the administration for foreign investments.

Existence and Tangibility

A private limited company has a life existence where Private limited companies are also tangible in terms of relation with the shareholders.

What are the basic requirements of registering a Private Limited Company in India?

There are few requirements to be known about before initiating a Private Limited Company in India.

  • The Private Limited Company should have a unique name for it which will not be equivalent to any other registered trademark.
  • It is mandatory for a Private Limited Company to have a minimum two directors.
  • As well as it is necessary to keep in mind that the Private limited company should have a minimum of two shareholders.
  • All members of Private Limited Company should have a digital signature which will be utilized to register a Private Limited Company.
  • There is no minimum capital required for initiating a Private Limited Company.
  • The process of registering a Private Limited Company is simple, make sure that you have a unique name for your company which will surely help you for quick registration.
  • You must avoid any offensive name for your Private Limited Company.

Manual to Web-based SPICe + Filing Form Following MCA

SPICe Plus serves many requirements like name reservation, incorporation, DIN allotment, mandatory issue of PAN, TAN, EPFO, ESIC, Profession Tax (Maharashtra) and Opening of Bank Account and acquire the GSTIN via SPICe + form.

Part A –: Name Reservation (New Companies only)

Part B:

  • Company Incorporation
  • Application for DIN
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Application
  • GSTIN Application
  • EPFO Registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • Opening of Bank Account for the Company
  • Profession Tax Registration (only for Maharashtra)

MCA Notifications Related to SPICe Plus Form (2.0 version)

  • The Government is drawing in the seasoned integrated form SPICe+ as a part of its India’s Ease of Doing Business (EODB) enterprises. MCA has announced the beginning of this advanced form that will facilitate the users with far more options than the SPICe Form. As soon as the beginning of the new way is confirmed, the whole new name reservations, as well as company incorporation, will only be optional via SPICe Plud
  • If any form is presently marked for resubmission the same can be resubmitted via the existing SPICe form along with the relevant documents needed for the same
  • Owing to some alterations in the current Reserve Unique Name (RUN) web service, the Resubmission option for name reservation is restricted starting from February 1, 2020, for almost 15 days
  • As the RUN web services are going under the changes, it is advised to the stakeholders to either delay their application for names till the new MCA form SPICe + is implemented or be extra conscious while submitting a request for name reservation or change through the current RUN services
  • Any RUN application received after February 1 2020, shall either be approved or rejected based on the checkmarks given by the Central Registration Centre (CRC) officers under jurisdiction of MCA.

Documents Required to Attach for submitting the SPICe+ forms:

  • The Articles of Association 
  • Memorandum of Association 
  • Declaration by the subscribers and by the directors.
  • A confirmation for the address of the office
  • Two Months Utility Bills copy
  • Certificate of incorporation of the Outer Country body corporate 
  • A resolution passed by the global Company 
  • A recommendation declared by the promotional Company 
  • The interest of the directors in from other entities 
  • Nominee’s assent 
  • Identity proof and residential address of the subscribers and the nominees 
  • Identity proof and residential address of Applicant 1,2 and 3
  • The Declaration/Resolution of the unregistered companies 
  • Declaration in Form 'INC-14' and Form 'INC-15'


  • Proof of principal place of business
  • Evidence of appointment of Authorized Signatory for GSTIN
  • (Either of the documents– Letter of Authorization/Copy of Resolution passed by BOD/
  • Managing Committee and Acceptance Letter
  • Proof of identity of Authorized Signatory for the opening of a bank account
  • Proof of address of Authorized Signatory for the opening of a bank account
  • Specimen Signature of Authorized Signatory for EPFO


The declaration in form 'INC-9' of the subscribers and the directors obligatorily be auto-generated in PDF format and presented electronically. The aspirant has to provide the recommendation along with a certification recommended by a professional, such as Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant. Although, if the total number of directors or subscribers is more than 20 or do not possess the above said obligation.

List of assistance which will be offered by the SPICe+ form are:

  • Reservation of Name (Run would be discontinued for Company Registration) 
  • Director Identification Number (DIN) Allotment 
  • Incorporation of Companies 
  • PAN Issuance for the Company 
  • Issue of TAN 
  • Registration of Company as an Employer with EPFO 
  • ESIC Registration for the Company 
  • Profession Tax Registration for the State of Maharashtra 
  • Bank Account Opening. 
  • Company Registration as Tax Payer in GST

What is Private Limited Company Registration Process in India? – Register Company Online

  • Recent Amended Regulation for Companies Under Form SPICe Plus

    All the companies mandatorily will have to file sanctioned returns whenever they exceed the applicable threshold limits under the form SPICe Plus (SPICe+) latest association standards which have also got their EPFO/ESI numbers.

  • Features of SPICe Plus Form Released by MCA

    Recently the Government has published the comprehensive features of the SPICe Plus form (SPICe+) to clear the value of the construction as well as make a lead for a piece of good information. SPICe Plus form (MCA Form SPICe+) is said to dedicate ten services via three central govt ministries and departments which are Ministry of Labour & Department of Revenue in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The new SPICe Plus form is said to save good time and method maintenance of the concerned people and has been incorporated for all the new companies from February 23. The other forms that need to be filed along with SPICe+ are AGILE-PRO, SPICe+AoA and SPICe+MoA.

  • Step- By- Step Procedure for New Private Limited Company-Incorporation under SPICe+

    • Click ‘SPICe+’ placed under ‘MCA Services’.

    • After that Choose ‘New Application;

    • Existing application, you can prefer ‘Existing Application’, fill in the application number with the proposed or approved name. Click ‘Type of Company’

    • Click ‘Class of Company’, and the ‘Category of Company’'

    • Click ‘Sub-Category of Company’

    • Next, you have to specify the ‘Main division of industrial activity of the Company’

    • Next, you have to mention the ‘Main division of industrial activity of the Company’

    • Next you have to provide details of the ‘proposed or approved name’. Click the ‘Auto-check’ to in accordance with the rules administering the name. Submit the ‘Part A’ for reservation of name or proceed with the incorporation.

    • Part B has different sections for ‘check form’ for each section.

    The details required for registration

    a. Location of the registered office of the company

    b. Advised directors and subscribers

    c. Resources of the company

    d. Other learning to apply for tax registrations such as PAN and TAN

  • Carry out a ‘pre-scrutiny’ check. A confirmation is presented upon successful submission of the form.
  • Download the PDF of Part B proposed for affixing the DSC and for filling up any linked forms along with Part B. The forms linked to SPICe+ are AGILE-PRO, SPICe+MoA and SPICe+AoA, URC-1 and INC-9. Part B of SPICe+ and linked forms can then be uploaded on the MCA portal. A Service Request Number is generated for making a payment towards Private Limited Company incorporation. Once the payment is made successfully, the forms would be processed.
  • In a case where the forms need resubmission for any errors being flagged upon processing, the SPICe+ form has to be resubmitted in the same manner.

What will change with the introduction of SPICE+ Form?

  • As per MCA notification stakeholders are requested to note that as part of the Government of India’s Ease of Doing Business (EODB) initiatives, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs would be shortly notifying & deploying a new Web Form ‘SPICe+’ (pronounced ‘SPICe Plus’) replacing the existing SPICe form.  
  • After deployment of the SPICe web form, RUN shall be applicable only for a change of name of existing companies.  
  • Upon notification & deployment of a new form, all new name reservations for new companies as well as new incorporations shall be applied through SPICe only 
  • However, incorporation/registration of companies for names reserved through the existing RUN service shall continue to be filed in the existing SPICe e-form along with related linked forms as applicable and if marked under resubmission shall be resubmitted in old SPICe e-form. 
  • Resubmission of SPICe forms submitted before the date of deployment of the SPICe webform shall also be filed in the existing SPICe e-form and related linked forms as applicable.

Expected Details for SPICe+ Form for Private Company Registration in India?

  • Type, category of the Private Limited Company 
  • Fabrication of the Private Limited Company (Articles of Association, subscribed share capital and details of members) 
  • Registered Residence of the Company 
  • Details of the subscribers and directors 
  • Details of payment of stamp duty 
  • Information on PAN or TAN 

How we can help you with Private Limited Company Registration?

Company Registration Docket

Post Private Limited Company Incorporation Formalities

Corporate Stationery: The Company must obtain the following corporate stuff for use in company compliance matters:

Name Board: Companies are required to affix the name of the Company and location of its registered office outside each office or place in which it takes on business.

Letterhead: Company must publish the name and registered office address of the Company on all letterhead, receipts, announcements and other official records of the Company.

Share Certificates: Company must address share certificates to all the contributors of the Company within two months from the date of establishment. 

Statutory Register: All companies need to maintain a statutory register for the Company containing information like a register of members, list of directors, charges, debentures and other matters about the shareholders and administration of the Company. 

Appointment of Auditor

Subsequent incorporation of a company, it requires the Board of Directors concerning the Company to designate the first auditor of the Company, a Chartered Accountant within 30 days of incorporation.

Business Entities Comparison Guide








Maximum 1


2- Unlimited



Legal Status of Entity

Not Considered as separate Legal entity

Not Considered as separate Legal entity

Considered as separate Legal entity

Considered as separate Legal entity

Considered as separate Legal entity

Members Liability

Unlimited Liability

Unlimited Liability

Liability of its members is limited

Limited to the extent of share capital

Limited to the extent of share capital


Not Compulsory

Optional/ Can be Registered under partnership Act 1932

Registered Under MCA

Registered Under MCA

Registered Under MCA and Companies Act 2013

Transferability Option

As in Individual

30% of Company Profit

30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable

0% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable

Allowed to only one person


As in Individual

30% of Company Profit

30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable

30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable

30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable

Annual Filings

Income Tax Returns with the Registrar of companies

Income Tax Returns with the Registrar of companies

Filed with the registrar of the company

Filed with the registrar of the company

Filed with the registrar of the company

Frequently Asked Questions

While SPICe is an eform, SPICe+ is an integrated Web form offering 10 services by 3 Central Govt Ministries & Departments.

Application Number refers to a system generated number given to an application for Name reservation/Incorporation which is yet to be submitted/uploaded by the user.

Yes. However, a fee of INR 1000 becomes payable if applied separately.

Yes. Registration for EPFO and ESIC shall be mandatory for all new companies incorporated w.e.f 23rd February 2020 and no EPFO & ESIC registration nos. shall be separately issued by the respective agencies.

Presently ICICI bank has been integrated with SPICe+ for opening a Bank account.

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