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Authorization for Export of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste can be harmful for both humans and environment if it is not handled or disposed of properly. Therefore there is a need for well-organized hazardous waste management. Hazardous waste are non-biodegradable, persistent in the environment and can be dangerous. A proper hazardous waste management includes collection, recycling, treatment, disposal and transportation of wastes. For such process, proper authorization is required from the authority. Moreover, if any individual wishes to export hazardous waste, then he needs to take authorization from the concerned authority.

What do you mean by Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste can be in the form of solids, liquids or contained gases. Primarily these are generated by chemical production, manufacturing and other activities. Hazardous waste can be classified based on their different properties like biological, chemical and physical. These properties generate materials that can be toxic, reactive, ignitable, infectious, corrosive or radioactive.

Hazardous Waste Management

For the proper management of hazardous wastes, an occupier shall do the following:

  • Prevention
  • Minimization
  • Reuse
  • Recycling
  • Recovery, Utilization including co-processing
  • Safe disposal. The occupier will be responsible for safe and environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes.

Who is an Exporter under Hazardous Waste Management?

Exporter refers to a person or occupier under the jurisdiction of the exporting country who exports hazardous or other wastes.

Export of Hazardous Waste

The export of hazardous wastes from India listed in Part A and Part B of Schedule III and Schedule VI shall be with the permission of Ministry of Environment and Forest. In case of applications for export of hazardous wastes listed in Part A of Schedule III and Schedule VI, they will be considered based on prior informed consent of the importing country. Any individual (Actual user/trader) who wishes to export hazardous waste, needs to take authorization from the appropriate authority (MoEF/SPCB). The list of hazardous waste that can be exported is explained below.

The following types of hazardous waste can be exported:

  • Metal and metal bearing waste and waste that comprises of alloys of- Antimony, Cadmium, Lead, Tellurium.
  • Waste with constituents such as, Antimony compounds, cadmium compounds, Lead compounds, Tellurium compounds.
  • Waste with metal carbonyls.
  • Galvanic sludge.
  • Wastes Liquors from the pickling of metals.
  • Leaching residues from zinc processing, dusts & sludges like jarosite, hematite etc.
  • Waste Zinc residues
  • Waste Lead acid batteries whole or crushed.
  • Unsorted waste batteries excluding mixtures of List B batteries.
  • Waste Electrical and electronic assembles or scrap containing, component
  • Wastes containing principally inorganic constituents, which can contain metals and organic materials.
  • Clean, uncontaminated metal scrap, including alloys, in bulk finished form like-(sheet, plates, beams, rods etc.).
  • Molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, niobium, tantalum and rhenium metal and metal alloy waste in metallic dispersible form (metal powder).
  • Mixed non-ferrous metal, heavy fraction scrap with cadmium, antimony, lead and tellurium.
  • Precious metal bearing residues in the form of solids with traces of inorganic cyanides.
  • Wastes from mining operations in non-dispersible form.
  • Glass wastes in non-dispersible form.
  • Calcium fluoride sludge.
  • Metal and metal-alloy waste in metallic, non-dispersible form- Precious metals, iron and steel scrap, nickel scrap, aluminium scrap, Zinc scrap, tin scrap, molybdenum scrap, tungsten scrap, tantalum scrap, cobalt scrap, bismuth scrap, zirconium scrap, manganese scrap, titanium scrap, germanium scrap, hafnium scrap, niobium scrap, rhenium scrap, gallium scrap, magnesium scrap, copper scrap, chromium scrap.
  • Paper, paperboard and paper product wastes.
  • Used multifunction print and copying machines.

Procedure for Export of Hazardous Waste

The Ministry of Environment and Forests is the nodal ministry that deals with the movement of all hazardous materials.

In order to export hazardous waste:

  • Anyone who intends to export hazardous waste shall make an application to the MoEF/SPCB.
  • The MoEF/SPCB can give the permission for the proposed export.
  • The state government will grant the NOC for export provided that the exporter submits a valid informed consent letter with authenticated copy from the concerned authority.
  • For such certification, an actual user like recycler or trader both are eligible. On the basis of such certification provided by MOEF/SPCB, a trader can start exporting the hazardous wastes such as metal scrap or ferrous and non-ferrous scrap from India.

What is illegal export of hazardous waste?

The export of hazardous wastes from India will be deemed illegal,if:

  • It is without permission of Central Government in accordance with these rules.
  • The permission has been taken through falsification, mis-representation or fraud.
  • It does not conform to shipping details provided in the movement Documents.
  • It results in deliberate disposal (dumping) of hazardous wastes in contravention of the Basel Convention of general principles of international or domestic law.

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Compliances for Export of Hazardous Waste

The exporter should ensure that no consignment is shipped before a prior informed consent is received from the importing country, wherever applicable. The exporter is also required to ensure that the shipment is accompanied with movement Document in Form 6. The exporter of the hazardous wastes is required to maintain the records of the hazardous waste exported by him in Form 3 and the record so maintained should be made available for inspection.

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