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An Overview of iCAT Certification

iCAT is India's premier Homologation & Testing Centre developed under NATRiP by the Government of India. It's one of the agencies notified under CMV Rule No. 126 for the issuance of Conformity of Production or COP Certificate and Type Approval Certificate or TAC. The headquarter of iCAT or International Centre for Automotive Technology, is located at Manesar in Gurgaon, Haryana. iCAT is considered a world-class automotive Certification provider. It is supported under the NATRip (National Automatic Testing and R&D infrastructure Project) Government of India. To get iCAT Certification, one needs to meet all the iCAT Standards. Various industries make use of iCAT Certification to show their product authenticity; automobile is one of them.

Whether it is Electronic Vehicles or EVs, 2 Wheelers, 3 Wheelers, 4 Wheelers, trucks, trailers, tractors, and more, iCAT provides Certification to all the vehicles falling under the automobile sector. If you are looking for iCAT Certification, then your vehicle design, duration, functioning and more will be deemed before getting iCAT Certification or approval. This is where Corpbiz comes in. Corpbiz has helped many businesses to get iCAT Certifications or Approvals.

What is iCAT?

iCAT stands for International Centre for Automation Technology and provides Certification to every type of vehicle after testing its effectiveness like emission, power, and more. By obtaining iCAT Certification, you assure the Government and buyers that your vehicle is safe and built with the best materials. It was established in 2006 and it offers quality service to automotive and non-automotive development as well.

iCAT offers validation, testing, and design services to various segments such as:

  • Automotive
  • Railways
  • Defence
  • Consumer Electronics and IT Product
  • Aviation
  • General Lighting and many more.

So if you are a manufacturer looking to introduce any of these products or types of equipment, then it is always recommended to get iCAT Certification. With the help of iCAT Certification, you get an additional layer of security and product quality that will encourage your buyers to make the final purchase.

Different iCAT Certifications or Approvals

Following are some main iCAT Certifications or Approvals:

iCAT Certification or Approval for E-Cycle

E-Cycle or Electric Cycle are on the path to becoming the most selling electric vehicle because of their low price, no need for a driving license, etc.

iCAT Approval or Certification for E-Trucks

An e-truck or motor vehicle with at least 4 wheels used for carrying goods (LCV, MCV, and HCVs).

iCAT for E-Scooty

Two-wheelers like scooty are on the path to becoming the future of e-scooty.

iCAT for E-Bike

E-Bikes or electric bikes are on the path to becoming the wheeler of the future youth.

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Why Choose Corpbiz for iCAT Certification?

Corpbiz provides iCAT Certification to businesses from different industries to get iCAT Approval as soon as possible. We have experts that will not only help you with paper works but will ensure to shape your products in a way that permits you to get iCAT Approval. No matter whether you are looking to get iCAT Certification for EVS, you can always reach out to us for obtaining iCAT Approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

iCAT is India's premier Homologation & Testing centre developed under NATRiP by the Government of India.

It's the process of certifying all vehicles for roadworthiness as per specified criteria laid down by the Government of India for all vehicles made/imported into the country.

There are various types of tests like Power Test, Fuel Consumption Test, and Mass Emission Test can be conducted on various types of lubricants.

NATRiP or National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project is a fully funded project by the Government of India and this is the largest and one of the most vital initiatives in the automotive sector so far.

It's the term for the whole vehicle approval process.

It allows vehicle and component manufacturers to gain legal access to a target market, allowing them to generate higher revenues.

Homologation is the term for the whole vehicle approval process. Whereas approval is a government-issued certificate that permits a product to enter a market.

The BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards, the Transport Divisional Council issue quality certificate vehicle.

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