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Overview of Legal Metrology Repairer License

A repairer license is a mandatory legal approval for those dealing with the repair of weight and measures falling under the Legal Metrology Act. An application relating to the repairer license is filed with the Controller of the State Legal metrology Department along with standard Documents and fees. The legal metrology officer grants the repairer license with one-year validity. The maximum validity of the repairer license has been capped at five years. The Legal Metrology department serves as a primary regulator of weights and measures in the country. This department operates under the aegis of the Ministry Of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.

Definition of Repairer under Legal Metrology Act 2009

According to the Legal Metrology Act 2009, the term "repairer" denotes a person who is involved in the repair of weights and measures. Besides, it is referred to as an individual who cleans, lubricates, or calibrates any weights and measures in accordance with the norms of the governing Act.

What is the objective of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009?

Legal metrology aims for;

  • Legalizing the process of manufacturing, repairing and trading of weights and measures
  • Systematic and periodic calibration of weights and measures
  • The facilitation of genuine weights and measures for the end-users
  • Protecting the interest of the general public by mitigating malpractices relating to weights and measures
  • Curbing the availability of non-standard weights and measures

List of Weights and Measures falling under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009

  • Volumetric Flask.
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Syringes and Pipettes
  • Burette
  • Sphygmomanometers (Instrument used to measure the Arterial Blood Pressure)
  • Clinical Thermometer
  • Taximeter
  • Fuel measuring system for automobiles
  • Water Meters
  • Bulk Meters
  • Volumetric Container Filling Machines
  • Folding Scales
  • Steel Tape Measures
  • Standard Weights
  • Carat Weights
  • Surveying Chains
  • Plastic Tape Measures

This is not an exhaustive list; please refer to Legal Metrology (General Rules), 2011, for more detail. The Legal Metrology (General Rules), 2011 governs the entire aspect of weights and measures, starting from their manufacturing to quality check, packaging to trading.

Application for Legal Metrology Repairer License

Any applicant seeking to obtain a Legal Metrology Repairer License is needed to file a prescribed application in Form – LR – 1 with the State Legal metrology department. Here are the key details to be included by the applicant in Form – LR – 1.

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address of the workshop
  • Tenancy proof of the business place
  • Date of establishment of the repairer's establishment
  • Details of directors, in case of a private limited company
  • Details of the proprietor(s) in case of a proprietorship firm
  • Number of Shop/Trade registration
  • List of weights and measures to be repaired by the licensee seeker
  • Professional Tax registration number/IT tax registration no
  • Area of operation
  • Experience in repairing regime, if any
  • Employees' detail serving the business place
  • Type of equipment/machine/tool available at the business place
  • Power connection detail
  • Details of space to be used for weight storage
  • Detail of the previously held permit, if any

Every application for Legal Metrology Repairer License is accompanied by standard paper works as mentioned below.

Documents to be attached with Legal Metrology Repairer License application

  1. Photos and identity proof of the applicant
  2. Business place registration detail
  3. NOC conferred by the competent authority
  4. Document proof of Agreement/ownership/lease of the business place
  5. Business place registration proof such as partnership deed and incorporation certificate as per the business structure.
  6. Copy of MOA and AOA as applicable
  7. Copy of employees' hiring Document affixed with the academic and experience certificate and photos, if any;
  8. List of equipment, machines, and tools along with their purchase bill.
  9. Purchase bill pertaining to the test weight in case of a new certificate of verification
  10. GST certificate
  11. Professional Tax Registration
  12. Labour license

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Penalties under Section 23 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 for non-compliance

According to Section 23 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, no manufacturer, repairer, or seller is permitted to continue their operation without a valid license. A valid license means a license granted by none other than Controller/Legal Metrology officer. Repairment of own weights and measures by Manufacturer is not allowed under the said Act.

The penal provisions for conducting an operation without a valid license are mentioned under Section 46 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009. The said section specifies a monetary penalty of Rs 5000 as well as a jail term of up to one year or both for defaulters in case of a subsequent offence

Why opt for Corpbiz services to address licensing requirements? 

Legal Metrology Act, 2009 specifies stringent regulations around the grant of the repairer license. Hence, it is in the best interest of the license seeker to seek the expertise that can steer them through the hardship of the complex licensing process. At Corpbiz, we emphasize rendering 100% client satisfaction through professional-grade assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Metrology Act, 2009 seeks to specify norms around weights and measures, administer trade and commerce in weights and measures, and other allied subject matters.

Form – LR – 1

Section 23 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009

Fuel measuring system for automobiles, Water Meters, Bulk Meters, Volumetric Container Filling Machines.

Rs 5000.

Section 17 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 mandates every registered repairer to maintain registers and records of weights and measures being repaired and dispatched to customers. Such Documents can be subjected to an inspection conducted by the Legal Metrology Department.

Legal Metrology (General Rules), 2011

The application fee for a Legal Metrology Repairer License varies state-wise.

Rs 2000-5000 for the first offence and a three-month jail term for the subsequent offence.

Such an action shall be treated as an offence under the governing law and hence is exposed to severe penalties.

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