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Music License

Music License is needed to use the copyrighted work of an artist after taking permission written from such an author to reproduce its original publications.

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What is The Music License in India?

Music License is one of the ways for an artist to make money from their music. Through music licensing, the artist can give legal permission to the third party who would like to use their creativity by paying them in the form of royalties.

Music License is needed to use the copyrighted work of an artist after taking permission written from such an author to reproduce its original publications. In laymen's terms, anyone who is willing to use a song for re-telecasting it somewhere for other people to hear the music will need a music license to do so. In this article, you will learn about various music rights and their usage henceforth.

Why Needed Music License?

Musicians earn money through music license. US copyrights state law provides certain exclusive benefits when it comes to the use of their creation:

  • Only artists can perform their songs in concert or can give a public performance.
  • They can make the recording in the form of audio or video of their creation
  • Enter into new arrangements or agreements for their songs
  • Make duplicate copies of their songs, music or lyrics.
  • They can play a recording of their songs live on radios, the internet, youtube, television, etc.

Types of Music License

Following types of music license are allotted to the artist for their creations:

  • Sync License

    Under this method, music already created is synced with/paired with some visual media. A broad range of users such as TV commercials, advertising agencies, film studios, etc. holds music license.

  • Mechanical License

    This license is used to reproduce physically any artist's work, such as the creation of CDs, publication of music for online download or any other form of distribution. The artist having copyrights of their work are paid for the agreement signed by them to allow the distribution or reproduction of his original work. A mechanical license is needed even for making a slight change in original components such as remix, adding own lyrics, changing anything of the original composition, etc.

  • Master License

    the Master license is complex than other licenses and is issued in conjunction with sync license. This license allows the holder of such a license to use the pre-recorded version of the song in any audiovisual project but doesn't allow re-recording the song.

  • Public Performance License

    This license is the most common form of a license issued for broadcasting an artist's copyrighted work. This license is obtained by the businesses playing music in their jukebox or any kind of public-performance such as concerts.

What are The Advantages of Music License

Following are the merits of obtaining music license in India:

  • Through music license, the artist can use the platform where they can show their talents to the entire world
  • Music license enhances the popularity and awareness of the particular song composition of an artist.
  • Creations of an artist are protected through copyrights reducing the chances of stealing or copying the song
  • Artist gets other earning sources through an increasing number of downloads, subscription, the total number of views, etc. of his song on social media.
  • Artist enjoys the right of performing his work in an event, concerts, broadcasting, etc.

Categories of Music License

Various classifications for which music license is allotted in India:

  • Music License for Public Performances in multiplex, hotels, events premises, malls, pubs, banquets, etc.
  • Music license for broadcasting music on television and radio.
  • Music license for interactive and non-interactive music streaming on the internet.
  • Music license for caller ring back tune
  • Music license for the use of sounds or music on commercial TV, advertisement, etc.

Procedure to get Music License in India

  • Start the procedure to get a music license by selecting the category or type for the music license, i.e., in which type an applicant wants to get his music license
  • The creation of an account is done online on the official website of IPR. Start with selecting the type of license and then complete the necessary details such as the name of applicant, address & contact details of an applicant, Email-id, GST, password, and user-id for login credentials.
  • After the application is completed, online verification is done through mobile OTP verification.
  • After the verification, online application is completed by payment of government fees online through payment gateways after which the online receipt will be sent through SMS or E-mail.
  • After the successful registration, the IPRS license issue the Introduction Letter to an applicant that implies the registration of the applicant with the IPRS database.

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