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New Lead Acid Battery Import- Brief Overview

Lead Acid Batteries store energy and it is one of the cheapest ways of storing energy. This battery includes two electrodes namely- lead and other is lead oxide. The electrodes are immersed in the water solution as well as in sulfuric acid. When the battery generates energy, the lead mixes with the sulphuric acid and produces lead sulphate. The lead oxide combines with the hydrogen and sulphuric acid and creates lead sulphate and water. As the battery gets discharged, the lead sulphate builds up on the electrode and the water builds up in sulphuric acid solution. The process would be reversed when the battery is charged. Hence with the use of lead alloy ingots and lead oxide, the lead acid battery is made up of two chemically different lead-based plates immersed in a sulphuric acid solution.

If these batteries are not handled or disposed of properly, then it can contaminate soil and ground water. It can also become a cause for environmental pollution.

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Who grants Registration for New Lead Acid Battery Import?

According to the provision under Rule 5 of Batteries (Management Handling) Rules, 2001, as amended in May 2010, the responsibility for granting registration to importers of the new lead acid batteries has been delegated by the Ministry of Environment and Forest to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) with effect from 4th May, 2010.

New Lead Acid Battery Import License- Grant of Fresh Registration

The following procedure is followed for the grant of certificate to New Lead Acid Battery Importers:

  • Applicants should apply online through the online web portal.

Once the application is submitted, the applicant also needs to submit hard copy of the application on their letter head along with the following Documents:

  • Form I
  • Form II
  • Form III (mention Qty. MT want to import)
  • Attested copy of Import and Export Code Certificate
  • The registration will be issued on the address or branch address mentioned on the IEC certificate.
  • The incharge HWM Division shall grant the registration to the new lead acid batteries importers.
  • The importer who was registered earlier by the MoEF and seeking to get registered with CPCB, can apply for the same as above. However they need to surrender their original registration certificate issued by MoEF.

Renewal of Registration to New Lead Acid Batteries Importers

The following points should be noted:

  • Physical copy of application is not necessary for renewal of registration.
  • The applicant is required to submit application for renewal at the BRMS portal. The application can be submitted 45 days before the validity period.

Renewal of application will be processed subject to the verification of the following:

  • Submission of half-yearly returns by the importer or submission of hard copies to the SPCB and CPCB.
  • If the applicants are irregular in filing half-yearly returns or Files returns at the time of renewal application then the applicant can be permitted to file previous returns after furnishing an undertaking in an affidavit.

The renewal of the registration will be valid for 1 year period. In case of non-compliance during this period, no further registration renewal will be provided.

New Lead Acid Battery Import License: Cancellation or Suspension of Registration

The following points may be noted:

  • According to the batteries rules, registration can be suspended or cancelled on non-submission of timely half yearly returns to the State Pollution Control Board and a copy to CPCB.
  • If the half-yearly return is not submitted since a year then the CPCB can issue a notice of non-compliance to importers and if the importers fails to respond to the same, the registration will be liable to be cancelled.
  • Cancellation of the registration has to be approved by Member Secretary after which the letters for cancellation of registration will be issued by in-charge-HWMD.
  • The option of reactivating such registration is also available to the importer. Such reactivation should be approved by Member Secretary after which the in-charge- HWMD will issue letters for reactivation of registration.

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We at Corpbiz have team of dedicated and skilled professionals who will help you obtain the New Lead Acid Battery import license from the concerned authority. Complete assistance will be provided in the application filing process and get advisory on the same. So, Contact Corpbiz today.

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