Fire Department NOC

Fire Department NOC is issued by the particular state’s fire services after verifying and checking the entire building resistance against fire.

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Fire Department NOC

With the growth in the infrastructural sector, there has been a rise in fraudulent practices in the purchase of property due to a flexible legal system. The ever-growing level of fraudulent practices in the property purchase has made the Government alert by initiating the steps such as mandating Fire Department NOC, proper scrutinizing of documents in cases of a property deal, etc. to discourage such practices.

Incidence happened back in 2011 that witnessed about 90 people injured when there was fire broke out happened in one of the hospitals in Kolkata along with damages in 11 hospitals and schools have pushed the government to take strict actions to ensure the safety of common public and therefore fire NOC from concerned state fire department was made compulsory. In this write-up, you will learn in detail about the Fire NOC and its applicability.

Fire Department NOC- An Overview

Fire Department NOC is issued by the particular state’s fire services after verifying and checking the entire building resistance against fire, i.e., the building is fire-proof and can observe fire-related accidents.

Fire department issues the NOC after verifying the commercial or residential multi-story building of an applicant. Guidelines and procedures of issuing NOC vary as per state to state. Multi-story buildings of more than 15 meters height shall get Fire NOC on a compulsory basis from respective state fire services.

Procedure to obtain Fire Department NOC

Following are the step-by-step process to get NOC from the relevant state's fire department:

  • The applicant can apply either online through the official website of the relevant state or offline by submitting the application form in physical form to chief fire officer or fire service department for obtaining a fire clearance certificate.
  • Either the application is submitted online or offline, it shall be accompanied by the following documents:

    • Copy of building plan layout issued by building authority, including site plan, layout plan, analysis report, etc.

    • Building model

    • Certified checklist of the building by architect

    • Copy of Aadhar and PAN of the applicant

    • Photograph of full building clicked from outside

    • Certificate by recognized authority verifying the electric wiring and its quality

  • After the receipt of application CFO Officer forwards the same to the concerned inspector of the relevant state having the jurisdiction of a particular state.
  • The concerned inspector will visit the site and verify that all the necessary equipment are installed along with requisite arrangement for Fire Safety.
  • Inspector of the fire brigade of concerned state shall issue the fire clearance certificate after inspecting the building with all the fire arrangements are found in place, and the inspector is fully satisfied relating to the safety measures equipped in a building.
  • Once the NOC is issued remains valid for:

    • For commercial: 3 years

    • For residential: 5 years

Checklist for obtaining NOC from the Fire Department

Checklist at various stages to keep in hand for obtaining fire department NOC:

a) Pre-Construction Requirements

  • The application shall provide information such as the nature of the business, address of the business establishment, contact details, etc. duly signed by the business owner.
  • Sanctioned plan or building plan depicting the fire fighting system shall be attached with an application
  • Upon the receipt of the application, a technical officer from the fire & emergency department visits the site for carrying a fire safety audit of the premise within ten days of receipt of application which will issue provisional NOC to the business.
  • Recommendation and suggestion issued by the fire department shall be adhered to by the business owner who shall submit the compliance report to the fire & emergency department.

b) Post-Construction Requirement

  • Upon receipt of the compliance report & declaration by the owner, the technical officer will revisit the site and re-inspect the site and shall forward his recommendation to the head of the department for providing final NOC
  • Once the head of the department approves the application shall issue final NOC to the business owner

Renewal of NOC Certificate

Following are the provisions for renewal of NOC of the fire department:

  • Application for renewal shall be made to concern state authority of fire department to whom the prior application was given
  • The renewal application shall be attached with declaration certified by the competent authority regarding necessary electrical installations are installed and are in proper condition
  • If the business owner fails to apply for renewal within the prescribed time limit, shall be levied following charges:

    • If delayed for seven days: No charges

    • If delayed for 7 to 15 days: INR 5 per day

    • If delayed beyond 15 days: INR 15 per day

The need for obtaining Fire License

A business owner needs a fire license for the following reasons:

  • A fire license is a mandatory requirement as an attachment for applying a trade license to the civic body in a particular state.
  • Fire NOC is one of the mandatory requirement prescribed by the fire department for carrying on any trade or business activities in India
  • Fire NOC ensures the safety precautions are in place for safeguarding the people in building against any hazard.

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