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State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) - NOC

In India whoever wants to set up an industrial plant or to run any project must need to obtain the NOC from SPCB. Corpbiz will help you to obtain the NOC from SPCB for your dream project.

  • Complete documentation process
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Overview on State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) - NOC

Every individual who wants to operate or set up an industrial plant/or any project needs to acquire Consent to operate (CTO) from the State Pollution control board. To set up an outlet one should comply with the provision enumerated under section 25 of the water prevention and control act, 1974. If anyone wants to operate an industrial plant, he needs to comply with the rules mentioned U/s 21 of the Air prevention and control of pollution act, 1981. 

Types of NOC 

There are two types of NOC required by the clearance board:

  1. Consent to establish 
  2. Consent to operate 

Consent to establish 

Consent to establish is the form of Consent required by the Authority to set up or run any manufacturing industry. This is considered the primary authority to set up any air/water or noise pollution industry. 

Consent to Operate 

Consent to operate is required to ensure that the industry should be maintained or maintains the standards related to operations. All the industries need to form this type of Consent to operate. 

What are the eligibility criteria required to obtain NOC?

Following are the eligibility criteria to obtain NOC by an individual from SPCB:

  • Demarcated areas for Industries. 
  • The Industries should not have Rs. 1 crore plant and machinery.
  • Industries which do not have Rs. 2 crores of machinery on hosiery units. 
  • Industry should not discharge any form of pollution. 
  • No toxic and hazardous waste should be discharged from the industry. 

Any individual can apply for the NOC while complying with the above requirements to get the same from the state pollution control board. 

State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) - NOC

Documents required to obtain NOC from State Pollution control board

The following documents are required to obtain NOC:

  • Along with the layout design, the industry or manufacturer's layout plan must include effluent sewage treatment and emissions sources.
  • It is also necessary to provide information on the DG set, including the capacity.
  • Information about the process flow is displayed on a sheet.
  • Solid waste, effluent, hazardous wastes, and fuel gases analysis report.
  • Information on the instruments used by the water pollution control board and the air pollution control board.
  • Quality report of the Air effluents.
  • There is a fee associated with Consent. A demand draft must be made out to the appropriate pollution control authority. 
  • Budgeting for Water Calculations
  • The Monitoring Facility is presented in diagrammatic form.
  • Emission Analysis Reports

Government fee and time period



Time period

  Time   schedule



05 Years

For the First three Years, in the beginning when the application is filed, and for the remaining Two years before the Third year ends.



10 Years

For the first four years, at the time of application, for the following three years before the fourth year ends, and for the final three years before the seventh year end.


Different types of Industries require the mandatory CTO/CTE NOC from the state pollution control board. 

  • Battery waste management industries 
  • Manufacturing industries 
  • Health care sectors and institutions 
  • Solid waste management industries 
  • Plastic waste management industries 
  • Bio-medical waste industries 
  • E-waste management industries
  • Plastic Waste Industries 
  • Recyclers  
  • Refurbisher   
  • Hotel Industry 

Procedure to obtain NOC from State pollution control board

  • The procedure of obtaining the NOC from the state pollution control board can be done through online consent management and monitoring system.
  • Consent to Operate (CTO) is required for manufacturing under environmental laws. The industry proprietor must submit the relevant permits, fees, and the CTO FORM to obtain Consent to operate the license.
  • Before commencing operations, any applicant must get a NOC from the state Pollution Control Board. Consent to Operate is essential even for trail production.
  • Before awarding the NOC, an officer will inspect the industrial unit.
  • Before deciding the cases of the first CTO under the Water Act, 1974 / Air Act, 1981 and also authorization under Hazardous Waste Management Rules, the Competent Authority will check the status of pollution control measures/ devices undertaken at the time of obtaining the CTE as well as their structural adequacy.
  • After delivering the initial CTO, the sample will be inspected again in three months to see whether the industry complies with the Air and Water Pollution rules. 
  • The license will not be cancelled if the industry is completed following the sample tests.
  • If the industry does not comply, the license will be revoked and cancelled.
  • The following is the validity period for a Consent to Operate (CTO) under the Water Act of 1974 & the Air Act of 1981:
  1. Red category- Validity period is of 5 years 
  2. Orange category – Validity period is of 10 years

How Copbiz can help?

  • Complete documentation process
  • Consultation
  • Assist in filing the application
  • Follow up with the government authorities
  • End-to end service
  • Delivering of NOC
  • Constant monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

The ability to operate is an essential prerequisite for any manufacturing organization. Such permission would be required to carry out any manufacturing-related activity or production.

Consent to establish follows Consent to operate as a compliance need for all industries. Obtaining the NOC usually necessitates obtaining the approval to establish.

The main difference between Consent to Establish (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO) is that CTE must be obtained before the plant may begin construction. Still, CTO can be obtained after a site inspection of the plant's completion.

Steps of apply for pollution NOC

  • Obtain a letter of authorization (NOC) or a certificate of training (CTE).
  • Submit an application with site details to the state pollution control board's regional officer, pollution control plans, and industry registration certificates.
  • You can submit your application online by visiting the website of the pollution control board in your state.

The procedure to get Consent to create and operate requires applying to the appropriate State Pollution Control Board, along with the requisite paperwork and costs, via the State Pollution Control Board's online portal (Online consent management).

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