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Overview of ISO 21101:2014 Certification

The ISO 21101:2014 Certification Standards outline the Safety Management System for Activity Providers of Adventure Tourism. The ISO 21101:2014 Certification states that the purpose of the said standards is for enhancing safety and performance, for ensuring the expectations of safety measures are met in regard to the participant and staff members, demonstrate safe practice, and supporting compliance measures with applicable legal requirements. The set ISO standards can be utilised for all kinds of service providers, no matter the size, geographic, cultural, and social environment.

Standards of Adventure Tourism

The essential purpose of adventure tourism is for setting out the minimum requirements of the Safety Management Systems and Communications needed to be maintained for the participants. These entities are independent as they apply for various different kinds of Adventure Tourism.

  • The International Standard states the procedure of how the Adventure Tourism Organisation manages the Operations in accordance with the Safety Measures.
  • The ISO/TR 21102:2014 has issued data for determining the basis of minimum competence of adventure tourism activity personnel in charge.

The Purpose of ISO 21101:2014 Certification in Adventure Tourism

The International Organisation for Standards which is also known as ISO is the Worldwide Federation of National Standards Bodies, also known as ISO Member Bodies. The standards are drafted by the ISO technical committees. Adventure tourism is a globally established industry that continuously keeps growing. The ISO standards establish a basis for the adventure tourism activity providers for planning, communicating, and delivering adventure tourism activities which are safe to practice.

Benefits of ISO 21101:2014 Certification

BIS, which is short for Bureau of Indian Standards, states that the set ISO standards -

  • Decreases risk and increases the safety of the participants and the staff members involved in Adventure Tourism.
  • Provides conformity with regulatory requirements
  • Increases the chances of entering more markets
  • Maintains a set standard for the Safety Management System that is internationally acceptable.

Requirements of ISO 21101:2014 Certification

The following are the requirements of ISO 21101:2014 mandated to be complied with

  • Commitments of the Management
  • Needs or expectations of the participants, legal and other fascinated bodies
  • Identifying Internal and External Dangers
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Staff Awareness and Skill Development
  • Vendor Control
  • Hazard Identification
  • Incident Management
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Resource Management
  • Communication and Documented Information
  • Monitoring and Measurement

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The Procedure for ISO 21101:2014 Certification

There are four essential steps mandated to be complied with for obtaining an ISO 21101:2014 Certification -

Optional Preliminary Audit

Voluntary Site inspection is to be conducted, and quality management Documents are to be reviewed, assessing the organisation's preparations in regard to a full-scale Phase I and II Auditing.

Audit - Stage I

Assessment of the eligibility criteria for Certification is determined on the basis of the results of on-site auditing, quality management Documents analysis along with a business assessment.

Audit - Stage II

On-site Evaluation of the Quality Management System for determining the level of efficiency in applicable areas of practice.

Grant of Certificate

If all the safety criteria and compliance measures are met then, then the official confirmation certifies the rectitude of your quality management system and ensures full compliance with the standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ISO, which stands for International Organisation for Standards, is an international developmental body that has the sole responsibility to develop standards to ensure safety measures are being maintained for the relevant applicable field.

The ISO Standards are required for all appropriate entities to maintain the compliance measures and to ensure that the safety measures are maintained in accordance with the appropriate Quality Management System.

The ISO standards are drafted and enacted by the ISO Technical Committees.

The ISO 21101:2014 Certification provides advanced protection for adventure tourism activities which establishes trust and confidence in the customer's mind increasing sales profits.

The set IS standards can be utilised for all kinds of service providers, no matter the size, geographic, cultural, and social environment.

The ISO standards establish a basis for the adventure tourism activity providers for planning, communicating, and delivering adventure tourism activities which are safe to practice.

The Safety Management provides an elaborated framework that ensures continuity in development along with providing assurance of security for Adventure Tourism Activities.

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