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What is a Legal Notice?

In the world of today, we all may enter into litigation with firms or with individuals which we really need to do something about. Majority of us have no knowledge or information regarding how the legal notice operates in India, unless we are lawyers or related to the field of law. As such, dealing with the minor details of litigations or sending or receiving legal notice to other parties can simply take a toll on most of us.

Other times, the red tape of the government sector can be frustrating along with the series of documentation which one must provide. When you go looking for a lawyer, it is hard to decide which one to go for unless it has been tried and tested. We exists to solve all such legal notice and law related issues that you may have and guide you, prepare documents and provide follow up with you throughout the way. We operate at minimal amount of fees and like to understand our customer first and make sure their requirements are met.

What do you understand by Legal Notice?

A legal notice is a type of formal communication given to an entity or a person to inform them that you intend to undertake legal notice proceedings against them. It is a form of a warning to let the other person know that you are filing a lawsuit against them, unless the (so called) demand is not fulfilled. The procedure of filing a legal notice against another party can be cumbersome and although it can be filed by yourself but it is always advisable to undertake the services of a reputable lawyer who can guide you through it.

Connect with the best Attorneys

We have access to the best attorneys in the market and the highest rated lawyers for Legal notice.

Documents drafted by Lawyers

In just four days you can receive your first draft of the document for legal notice that is drafted by professional lawyers.

Free Revisions

At no extra cost, we offer you two rounds of iterations, in case you are not satisfied with the document for legal notice or want to have some modifications. We offer two free revisions at no extra cost.

A formal communication given to an entity or a person to inform them that you are intending to take legal action against them is referred to as a Legal Notice. It is usually done before you file a suit and it is meant to act as a warning against the party that legal notice may be taken against them. For example, a landlord can send a legal notice to the tenant for nonpayment of rent which can state that the failure of the tenant to pay the required sum of money by a particular date will lead to the landlord taking legal action against them.

Advantages of Legal Notice

Risk reduction

Having a disclaimer helps in the protection of the rights between the manufacturer and the consumer. A disclaimer that is drafted well can really help to avoid any sort of ambiguity and also helps to minimize any legal risks by legal notice.

It limits liability

Disclaimers are generally used where there is a chance of some uncertainty or a risk. As such, a disclaimer that is drafted well will state clearly the right as well as the liabilities of both the parties.

The procedure of Legal Notices

Two working days

Our representative will get in touch with you to understand your requirements fully, once you send in your request to us. In case we require any more details, you will be contacted again for more information. Once we have everything we need, we will be working on your request and will eventually send it to you for your feedback and review within the span of only 3 or 4 working days. You are free to get back to us and inform us whether you want to make some changes or modifications on the draft of legal notice.

Two working days

In case you are not satisfied with the outcome of the document that is drafted by us for legal notice, or like to have some changes made to the agreement, then our lawyers will certainly work on it again. We offer two rounds of iterations free of cost, which is included in the original price.

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