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ISI Mark Certification

ISI Mark is a symbol of quality & trust approved by ISI. Get your ISI Mark Certificate online with the help of Corpbiz.

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An Overview of ISI Mark Certification

ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute; it is the certificate scheme under BIS which ensures that a product withstands the BIS Standards and safety. ISI Mark Certification allows you to use the ISI Mark. Under the ISI Certificate, 346+ products fall, which requires an ISI Mark Certification mandatorily and without this, the manufacturer won't be able to sell and manufacture products in India.

Any manufacturer or importer who wants to get their product registered with the ISI Scheme of BIS must follow pre-defined procedures from the department, which comprise testing of product, application filing, inspection, and application scrutiny.

Primary Objectives of ISI Mark Certification

  1. It increases customer satisfaction and enhances the business goodwill;
  2. Reducing wastage of resources & thereby minimising the costs of production;
  3. Confirming delivery of high-quality products to consumers;
  4. Provide better growth prospects to the business;
  5. Provide a guarantee of safety and quality of products;
  6. Mitigating product rejections.

Who issues ISI Mark Certification in India?

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has the authority to issue ISI Mart Certification and once the application for this certification is received, the BIS Officer begins a preliminary examination and certification of the factory premise. The same is done to make sure that the product complies with the Indian Standards and is also safe to use & is not harmful to the heath in any form.

Benefits of Obtaining ISI Mark Certification

Following are some benefits of obtaining ISI Mark Certification in India:

  1. Market Benefits: This certificate will provide a huge market benefit over uncertified products like the unchallenging & uninterrupted production of products. Also, ISI Mark Certification verifies that your products have been manufactured with proper standards, which confirms safety.
  2. Access into Market: A certified product provides an extensive market because it shows better quality and conformity to following safety standards and consumers' security. A product with this mark would be more trustworthy and this will provide you wider market access.
  3. Provides Competitive Advantage: ISI certification shows the standard quality of the product, which provides the manufacturer with a competitive edge because a customer always prefers a certified product.

List of Products under ISI Mark Certification

Following is the list of all the products under ISI Mark Certification:

  1. Medical Equipment;
  2. Automobile components;
  3. Iron;
  4. LPG;
  5. Electrical Transformers;
  6. Steel Products;
  7. Milk Powder;
  8. Household Electrical Appliances;
  9. Food-related products;
  10. Oil pressure stoves & cylinders;
  11. Cement;
  12. Kitchen appliances;

Important Points to Consider for ISI Mark Certification

Following are some vital points to consider for ISI Mark Certification:

  • If the quality of the product is not good, then you can file a complaint to BIS;
  • The BIS Officer will take 3 months to examine the complaint filed against a manufacturer;
  • The seller should specify details of the ISI Mark Certification on every invoice;
  • The BIS regularly observes all the manufacturers.

Documents Required for Getting ISI Mark Certification

Following are some vital documents required for getting ISI Mark Certification:

  1. Address proof of the manufacturing unit;
  2. Copy of Certificate of Registration;
  3. A certified copy of the test report by a BSI certified lab;
  4. Details of equipment used for testing;
  5. Copy of Trademark Registration Certificate;
  6. Packaging details such as product size, quantity, storage facility, etc.;
  7. Layout plan of the factory;
  8. Certificate copy from the Regulatory Authority;
  9. A copy of the bank statement of the company;
  10. Flow chart of the manufacturing process;
  11. Indian residency proof;
  12. Particulars regarding the raw material being used;
  13. Latest utility bills such as electricity bills, gas bills, water tax receipts, etc.;
  14. Product or component drawing.

Procedure for Obtaining ISI Mark Certification in India

Step 1: Select the Product Code: This is the primary step to select the product quality that complies with all the guidelines set by the BIS. The applicant must identify & choose an ISI standard product code for their product.

Step 2: File the Application: Once you select the product code, then we will help you in applying for ISI Mark Certification. Further, the applicant must pay audit fees and the registration fees for further inspection.

Step 3: BIS Inspection of the Factory Premise: Once we file the application, then the BIS Office and the inspection team will visit the factory premise of the applicant and examine the quality control & manufacturing process. The officer will collect some products as samples and send the same for testing in a BIS certified lab.

Step 4: Submit Sample Report: It is necessary to submit the sample report of the product from the certified labs and submit it to BIS.

Step 5: Grant of ISI Certificate: Once the application and inspection process is completed, the BIS issues an ISI Mark Certificate. Generally, the process of obtaining ISI Mark Certification takes 30 days from the date of application.

Validity and Renewal of ISI Mark Certificate

ISI certificate is valid for only one year and it can be further renewed by filing a renewal application and paying the prescribed renewal fees. The application for the renewal must be examined by a Practising CA (Chartered Accountant).

What are the reasons for the Rejection of the ISI Mark Application?

There are some conditions which, if not complied with, then BIS reject the ISI Mark application and some reasons the BIS are as follows:

  1. If the samples are not submitted for testing after submitting the ISI Mark application;
  2. If there are sufficient technical personnel with the manufacturer;
  3. The firm or the applicant is indulging in unethical practice;
  4. In case there is a failure on the manufacturer's part to provide assistance to visiting official at the time of the factory visit;
  5. If the firm has not submitted correct documents or incomplete documents;
  6. If there is a vast deviation in the manufacturing facility from the declared (BIS official) facility;
  7. If there is not sufficient technical personnel with the manufacturer;
  8. The samples drawn for testing fail the test;
  9. If there are lack of facilities for testing by the manufacturer;
  10. If there is non-conformity in factory testing of sample product during 2nd

Note: Before rejecting the ISI Mark application, the BIS will give you 21 days of the notice period and in this period, you need to hear in person or through a representative. In case the reasons given by the applicant are not satisfactory, then the BIS will reject the application.

How will Corpbiz assist you?

Corpbiz will help you in obtaining ISI Mark Certification without any difficulties. Corpbiz will provide responsive, competent, and excellent ISI Certification services. To ensure the customer’s satisfaction, we work tirelessly to complete the ISI Certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute; it's a body established to create standards required for an orderly commercial growth & maintaining quality in industrial production.

BIS issues ISI Certificate.

Any producer or manufacturer whose product meets the BIS standards can apply for this certification in India.

If any manufacturer misuses an ISI Mark, he or she will be penalised with a penalty of Rs. 50,000 along with imprisonment for up to 1 year.

ISI Mark is for the quality & safety of the products, whereas the Agmark ensures the quality of the agricultural products and BIS Hallmark ensures the purity of gold jewellery.

When you find any duplicate ISI Mark, the compliant BIS immediately.

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