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What is Environmental Due Diligence?

Environmental due diligence, or EDD, has become a notion across the globe where environmental and social concerns are becoming increasingly important. EDD is a subclass of due diligence. Environmental compliances have become a crucial component of business risks. As a result, businesses worldwide are starting to prioritise the environmental concerns related to their operations and investments before making any financial deals to guarantee that the same turns out to be a profitable endeavour rather than a money pit.

The term "environment due diligence" (EDD) is the process of assessing and looking into how a company's activities and policies affect the environment since, if not handled correctly, these factors might seriously harm any merger, acquisition, or financial transaction. Therefore, by identifying potential risks and unexpected liabilities linked with newfangled investments, operations, or projects, EDD assists these firms in appraising them and gives them the time to implement mitigation plans well in advance to avoid future expenditures and losses.

Phases of Environmental Due Diligence Services

Environmental Due Diligence Services are undertaken in the following phases:

Phase I

  • Inspection of Data
  • Survey and Interviews
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Preparation of Reports containing findings and recommendations.

Phase II

  • Examination of Issues highlighted in Phase I.
  • Detailed Budget Reports for Abatement or Remediation.

Phase III

  • Redressal of identified risks, contamination, water management, air pollution, etc.

What are Environmental Liabilities?

Environmental liability, which is sometimes classified as either operational or residual, is the risk of financial or legal consequences brought about by a certain set of environmental circumstances.

Operational refers to how well a firm performs as well as adheres to environmental regulations, including the existence of permits.

Liabilities associated with land or property portfolio, such as contaminated ground or groundwater, hazardous materials, or floods, are referred to as residual.

What is the Need to Conduct Environmental Due Diligence?

Services for environmental due diligence have become popular worldwide as a proactive approach to managing environmental risk for enterprises. In order to ensure environmental due diligence compliance, proactive steps must be taken to alleviate these environmental liabilities in advance, hence reducing possible hazards and averting needless costs or expenditures down the road. Businesses that neglect to maintain ecological cleanup, pay large penalties, and risk associated with legal action plans for not adhering to EDD regulations ultimately impede their expansion and progress.

The project's range of commercial activities that are linked to current and potential environmental risks or hazards associated with nature are acknowledged by our environmental due diligence services. For you, our specialised team does detailed risk assessment and due diligence in relation to investments, business endeavours, mergers, and acquisitions.

Who Benefits from Environmental Due Diligence Services?

Let's first examine who can profit from using environmental due diligence services before getting into the specifics. Environmental due diligence must be done for anybody wanting to purchase a property, invest, or lend money for any project proponents or transaction. This helps the purchaser, investor, or corporation avoid inheriting any ecological concerns that may later become a financial and/or legal problem for them. It also lessens the likelihood that there may arise environmental risks and liabilities associated with each other. You'll never be able to determine what environmental liabilities you could have if you don't exercise due diligence.

What Benefits Can Environmental Due Diligence Services Offer?

In compliance with the applicable legal provisions and regulations, environmental due diligence services protect you and your organisation from liability for any potential or hidden risks related to the investment made or business operations that you are about to undertake, as well as for any pre-existing liabilities and contaminations attached.

Due diligence on the environment has become necessary over time since failing to comply might result in legal or financial conflicts for the new venture capitalist, investor, or owner. Environmental due diligence is increasingly becoming a top priority for companies worldwide. Businesses that generate profits must now adhere to environmental standards to guarantee regulatory compliance and fulfil their obligations toward the country's sustainable development goals.

Why Should You Consider Hiring EDD Consultants?

In case you're confused about whether or not to work with EDD experts, we can assure you that companies looking to improve the sustainability of their operations may gain a competitive edge and remain ahead of the constantly evolving regulatory landscape by using ESG and EDD services. Benefits from putting environmental due diligence into practice include:

Attract Enhanced Investments

Investors are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly business portfolios because they want their potential investment targets to comply with environmental due diligence regulations. This is because of the exponential rise in environmental and social compliance, which has resulted in strict rules and regulations across industries.

Due to their decreased operational risk and more adaptability to upcoming challenges and advancements, investors are increasingly adopting EDD and ESG characteristics worldwide to select initiatives with more sustainable business models. Because it enables them to draw in more capital, firms can benefit greatly from investing in environmental due diligence services.

Enhanced Brand Value

Enhanced Brand Value Compliance with environmental due diligence is now required. It now assists compliant organisations in drawing in investors and clients who value responsibility, sustainability, and transparency moving beyond compliance. By fulfilling your EDD responsibilities successfully, you'll give complying firms in the relevant market a competitive edge by enhancing their reputation and brand value.

You may demonstrate your dedication to social and environmental sustainability by doing this. Thus, your business may walk the road of sustainability and set an example for the relevant sector by investing in EDD and ESG reporting methods.

Save Cost with EDD Consultants

Businesses that engage in environmental due diligence services can also profit from the ability to reduce unnecessary expenditures that come with attempting to assure compliance on their own. Initially, it could seem like a good idea to have your own staff. Still, there are additional costs associated with keeping them on payroll, providing benefits to them, and other such activities. These can be avoided by choosing to outsource these environmental due diligence tasks.

The few advantages we've covered here should be enough to persuade you to invest in environmental due diligence services out of the many; however, since EDD compliance is a complex regulatory requirement, it can be challenging to fulfil on your own without a team of professional assistance. As a result, companies frequently contract out these environmental due diligence services to guarantee efficient compliance and avoid any careless mistakes.

Legislations Related to Environment

There are many different types of environmental laws, including:

  • The Environment Act, 2021
  • The Hazardous Waste Regulations, 2005
  • The Clean Air Act, 1993
  • The Environmental Protection Act, 1990 - Part 2A, in particular
  • Environmental Damage Regulations, 2015
  • The Water Resources Act, 1991

Due to past pollution, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Part 2A) offers a way to address the intolerable risks that contaminated property poses to the environment and human health and safety based on how it is now used. In order to handle such land, local authorities must have a Strategic Inspection in place. The authorities conduct evaluations, provide technical evaluations of technologies and must prioritise locations that provide the highest danger based on the specific features of the area. If a site poses an unacceptable danger, it may be subject to a determination under this Act. To discuss a site's status under this legislation, we assist our customers in consulting with local authorities.

What are Some Common Environmental Risks?

During the years, when conducting site inspections, the following common sources have been identified as possible environmental risks:

  • Fuels, oils, and chemicals are stored in above-ground tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs).
  • Generators with diesel engines
  • Interceptors
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Sewage treatment facilities on-site
  • Problems with waste management and storage
  • Hazardous waste

These might cause a property's value to decrease in the event of a contamination occurrence. One of the numerous services we provide our clients is assistance in understanding the environmental risks and liabilities and how to use best practices to prevent a potential contamination issue.

Significance of Environmental Due Diligence in India for Risk Management

The Confederation of India Industry (CII) released a report indicating that 70% of Indian businesses plan to increase their investment and venture in environmental due diligence within the next three years. This underscores the importance of India's environmental due diligence process, even beyond the legal and environmental mandate. Furthermore, a different IFC research from 2022 states that by 2025, the Indian market for environmental due diligence services is expected to grow to a value of USD 400 million. This demonstrates that spending money on environmental due diligence compliance will pay off in two ways: it will address the financial problems and the legal, social, and environmental issues related to your commercial endeavour. The need for environmental due diligence services is expected to increase, eventually significantly boosting your profitability and cost-effectiveness.

However, complying with environmental due diligence laws is a multifaceted and difficult task that calls for a high level of knowledge and experience due to the numerous steps and procedures that must be followed, such as identifying potential risks, gathering data, developing mitigation strategies, creating effective risk management plans, environmental audits, compliance audits, etc. Because environmental due diligence (EDD) compliance may make or break a business initiative, organisations must now retain Environmental Due Diligence Consultant Services to verify that all legal duties are met.

Why Ensure Environmental Due Diligence Compliance with Corpbiz?

Due to Corpbiz's enormous knowledge and strong presence in the legal and environmental domains, you should consider guaranteeing compliance with environmental due diligence services in India. By selecting Corpbiz for environmental due diligence services, you can take advantage of several advantages that will support the success of your commercial endeavours in today's competitive market.

Our team of experts and professionals offers you years of expertise and provides a full range of knowledge. Furthermore, we have a track record of 99.9% effectiveness in doing environmental due diligence for companies in various Indian sectors.

Our professionals keep up with any modifications, updates, and changes to laws and regulations to ensure your company is compliant and you don't make any unintentional mistakes. We guarantee top-notch insights and services because we are recognised for upholding ethical standards.

We have successfully established ourselves as a one-stop solution platform for business inquiries and problems of all kinds. Our growth-focused approach enables us to assist a broad clientele. Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss and learn more about Environmental Due Diligence Services in your specific industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due diligence reduces risks, guarantees legal compliance, and facilitates efficient decision-making by offering a thorough grasp of the subject at hand.

In order to protect oneself from being held legally responsible for any loss or harm, due diligence is the process or effort to gather and evaluate information before making a decision or carrying out a transaction. The word refers to a variety of circumstances, but particularly commercial dealings.

Environmental due diligence (EDD) is the process of evaluating a property's environmental status in conjunction with a merger or acquisition (MA) to inform investors of any potential unexcepted environmental liabilities.

Examine the available public records, including historical aerial photographs, topographic maps, fire insurance maps, and city directories. Make site inspections and investigations to examine the land and linked properties' history, current state, and uses.

Checking that operating methods and risk assessments adhere to best standards and environmental legislation. Examination of possible pollution of soil and groundwater, protection against the existence of contaminants that could endanger human health and the environment.

Phase I is initial site evaluations. Sub-surface pollution investigations comprise Phase II. Phase III: monitoring and remediation. Closure is Phase IV.

Businesses benefit from environmental due diligence as it assists them in identifying possible risks related to their initiatives or investments. Businesses may guarantee compliance with pertinent laws and regulations while enhancing their brand value and reputation by fulfilling their ESDD duties.

With the aid of environmental due diligence services, you and your company may avoid being held accountable for any concealed or possible hazards related to your investment, the activities you will carry out, or any linked pre-existing liabilities and contaminations.

When starting and running a project, EHS due diligence offers a model to identify the potential hazards to the environment and occupational health and safety, both now and in the future.

Checking that operating methods and risk assessments adhere to the best standards and comprehensive environmental legislation. Examination of possible soil and groundwater pollution, and protection against contaminants that could endanger human health and the environment to eradicate future environmental and sustainability issues.

A systematic process known as "environmental due diligence" assesses a property or plot of land for potential environmental contamination hazards, such as soil or groundwater pollution, and mitigates these environmental issues.

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