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Overview of ISO 16001 Certification

ISO 16001:2017 specifies basic requirements and describes the method or procedure for evaluating and testing the performance of the object detection systems (ODSs) and visibility aids (VAs) used on the earth moving machines. It includes all the following aspects:

  • Detection, visibility or both objects, including people in the detection zone
  • Visual warnings, audible warnings or both warnings to the operator and, if appropriate, to the persons in the detection zone
  • The operational reliability of the system
  • Compatibility and environmental specifications of the system

ISO 16001 Certification is related to the Earth-moving machinery- object detection systems and visibility aid- performance requirements and tests. This ISO 16001 Certification applies to machines as defined under ISO 6165. An ODS, VA or both is used to augment the operator's direct vision using addition, an ODS, VA or both is also used to provide additional means of object detection or view, for e.g., where ergonomic consideration limits the effectiveness of the direct vision and to avoid the repeated turning of the head and upper body. These ODSs and VAs inform the operator on whether a person or object is in the machine's path, primarily during the rearward movement. It is essential to note that works ODSs and VAs have both advantages and disadvantages. There is no such device that works perfectly in all situations. It is also essential that the shortcomings of ODSs and VAs be recognised by the system users. The advantages, as well as disadvantages of selected devices are summarised in part of the prescribed standards.

Pre-Requisites Required for Obtaining ISO 16001 Certification

The performance requirements and tests required to be there before obtaining the ISO 16001 Certification are as follows:

General Requirements

  • Test to determine the detection zone boundary
  • Test body requirements
  • Evaluation of test results
  • Detection
  • Evaluation of false signals

Location and Fixing of ODS and VA Components

Operator Station Components

  • Location and images of monitor
  • Warning devices for ODS
  • Audible devices
  • Visual device
  • External machine-mounted warning device

System Activation and Initial Check

System activation on engine start

System activation from standby mode

ODS Detection Time

Continuous Self-Checking

Warning Device Disablement for ODS

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Physical Environment Operating Conditions

Followings are also considered to be requirements under the ISO 16001 Standards:

  • Object Detection System (ODS) that includes sensing device, warning device, and evaluation device
  • Visibility Aid (VA) that includes monitor and camera
  • Detection Zone
  • Test body
  • Self-checking
  • Detection time
  • Stand by
  • Job-site organisation
  • Warning range

Documents required for ISO 16001 Certification

Followings are appropriate Documents required for the ISO 16001 Certification:

Description of systems function

Detection area shape and size and variances according to operational and external factors

Information for the job-site organisation as it related to the use of ODSs and VAs

Weather limitations

Instructions for routine maintenance, including necessary countermeasures against environmental conditions that impair the system's sensitivity or its ability to discriminate objects

Topography limitations

Instructions for activation

Description of controls

Instructions concerning the safe operation

Instructions on the action in the event of malfunction

Regulatory certifications

Recommended routine for regular performance checks of the ODSs and VAs by the user.

Other Information Documents Required are the Following:

  • A detailed description of performance and operating limits, in particular, the effect of different mounting heights and angels
  • Instructions for installation and assembly, including mounting location
  • Instructions for performance verification
  • Information for connection with other components
  • Regulatory certificates, such as RF conformity test certifications required by the regional regulatory body
  • Electrical supply requirements

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Procedure to obtain ISO 16001 Certification

The most basic steps to be followed to get ISO 16001 Certification are as follows:

Optional Preliminary Audit

Voluntary Site inspection is conducted, and quality management Documents are reviewed, assessing the organisation's readiness for full-scale Phase I and II auditings.

Audit: Stage I

Assessment of Certification eligibility is determined by on-site auditing, quality management Documents analysis and business assessment results.

Audit: Stage II

An on-site evaluation is done for excellence in applied practice and efficiency.


Official confirmation certifying the integrity of the organisation's quality management system and full compliance with the ISO 16001 standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ISO refers to International Organisation for Standardisation, a worldwide federation of national standards bodies known as ISO member bodies.

ISO 16001 covers the following aspects:

  • Detection or visibility or both objects, including people in the detection zone
  • Visual, audible or both warnings to the operator and, if appropriate, to the people in the detection zone
  • Operation reliability of the system
  • Compatibility and environmental specification of the system.

The main focus of ISO 16001 Certification is Object Detection Systems (ODSs) and Visibility Aids (VAs) used on earth-moving machines.

The ISO 16001 standards contribute to the UN sustainable development goals.

Present ISO 16001:2017 is an updated version of ISO 16001:2008.

ISO 16001:2017 was published in November 2017.

The ISO/TC 127/SC 1 is the recognised test method for safety and machine performance under the ISO 16001 Certification.

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