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An Overview of Telemarketing Registration in India

Telemarketing registration refers to legal permission required for performing commercial telemarking business in India. The apex institution called the Telemarketing Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) deals with the issuance of this registration. The said authority operates under the aegis of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The application for the same should be filed as prescribed by the authority or else it would stand disqualified.

What do You Understand by the Term Telemarketer?

A telemarketer can be either an individual or a registered entity dealing with the undertaking concerning commercial communication. The scope of communication held by telemarketers should only adhere to:

  • Informing the general public about a commercial transaction
  • Soliciting about a commercial transaction
  • Promoting any nature of business

Benefits of Securing a Telemarketing License in India

Securing a telemarketing license ensures an array of benefits for the license holders. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • The license holder can perform sale services with peace of mind.
  • You will witness a significant spike in lead generation.
  • The end-users will have more trust in your services.
  • The business will witness sustainable growth over the year.

Who can Apply for Telemarketing Registration in India?

The following can apply for Telemarketing registration in India:

  • An Indian national of legal age
  • A firm or company functioning under the prevailing legislation such as the Partnership Act 1932, the Companies Act 2013, the LLP Act 2008 etc.

Note: the applicant (either an individual or a company) should be free from any criminal track record.

Documentation Needed for Telemarketing Registration

The following Documents are mandatory for telemarketing registration. The applicant is required to share these Documents with the governing authority in a prescribed manner.

  • PAN related to the company
  • TAN related to the company
  • ROC Number
  • Address related to the registered office
  • Address proof related to the corporate Office
  • Turnover during the last FY
  • Utility bills
  • Contact information: Landline number
  • Contact information: Mail ID
  • Contact information related to the authorized signatory

How to Secure Telemarketing Registration in India?

The applicant should abide by the following steps to secure Telemarketing TRAI registration in India:

  • Incorporate your company
  • Arrange mandatory Documents as mentioned above
  • File the prescribed application (TM-1) with the authority concerned
  • Submit the Registration Fee
  • Let the authority (DoT) vet the submitted paperwork
  • DoT will issue the acknowledgment slip that will act as a “Provisional” Telemarketing registration

Note: The “Provisional” Telemarketing registration will remain valid for 3 months. If the license holder passes this tenure without incurring any non-compliance, the authority shall issue the final certificate that will stay valid for 10 years.

Operation Norms for Telemarketer Centre

  • The Telemarketer should approach a registered Telecom Service Provider only for procuring the telecom resources.
  • The (incoming/outgoing) PSTN connectivity is mandatory for Telemarketers to execute Telemarketing operations.
  • Telemarketers may ensure connectivity via the internet/VPN/leased lines for nonvoice applications to the remote regions (client/NDNC-National Do Not Call registry.)
  • The telemarketer should avoid misusing the telecom resources for any other undertaking.
  • A Telemarketer shall draw a clear line of distinction between PSTM lines and other telecom resources present on the same premises.
  • Two different Telemarketing Centres cannot work under one umbrella.
  • The Telemarketer should be open for on-site inspections performed by the DoT officials. The licensee must ensure hassle-free access to on-premises equipment and operation for said officials, as and when required.
  • The Telemarketer should not opt for telecom resources that are detrimental to an individual's health and are against the underlying regulations or public policy.
  • The Telemarketer should provide security agencies with call records handled by the on-premises system during inspection.
  • DoT is free to conduct on-site vetting on suo moto basis or on the complaint to check whether the licensee is compliant or not.

Restricted Activities of Registered Telemarketer

The Telemarketer must not undertake activities falling beyond the scope of registration.

If any of the operations adhere to malpractices or provide for the infringement of the intellectual right, the telemarketer is liable for the same and therefore must take reasonable actions to prevent such mishaps with immediate effect before authority compel it to do so.

Telemarketers are not allowed to interfere with the jurisdiction of registered telecom service providers. Further, they lack the right to render switched telephony or telecom resources as PCO.

Norms Around the Registration's Suspension, Surrender or Termination

  • The Department of Telecommunications has the right to suspend the registration of the licensee guilty of hampering the interest of any third party or of misconduct of any kind. In the worst-case scenario, the said authority can suspend the operation without intimating the licensee.
  • A telemarketer can surrender the license by rendering 30 days' notice to the concerned authority.
  • The breach of any norms may lead to the cancellation of the license.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telemarketing is a business where marketing executives contact potential customers via a telephone call to sold-out products and services.

Telemarketing registration is mandatory for setting up commercial telemarketing business in India. The issuance of this license is in the hand of the Telemarketing Regulatory Authority of India.

A telemarketer is one who pursues commercial communication via telephone to sell products and services to clients.

Commercial communication is engulfed in business intent which helps businesses to sell their offerings to the end-users.

3 months

10 years

Some of the common Document includes PAN of the company, TAN of the company, ROC number, Address proof, detail of landline number, etc.

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