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Overview on Building NOC

Every individual who plans to execute new development and erect, re-erect or make any alterations in any place in a building or demolish any building essential to obtain building permits from the local planning authority. Building permission is the No Objection Certificate for Building Construction. You can make the application for Construction NOC through a registered architect or licensed engineer/ structural engineer, to the planning authority.

A NOC is a legal Document that is issued by an authority or an institute and could even be from an individual. A Building NOC is a clarification certifying no legal hassle that may occur if the business takes place.

What are the Advantages of Building NOC?

The advantages of obtaining the Building NOC are-

  • Ensures the protection of the persons living in the building.
  • Avoids higher penalties and imprisonment.
  • Protects the owner from legal formalities and losses.
  • Building NOC provides the right to construct a building legally.
  • Building NOC is a pre-requisite to get the other licenses and NOCs.
  • NOC works as proof that the authority has no objection, and the individual can construct a building.

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What Documents are Required for Obtaining a Building NOC?

To apply for a Building NOC, it is essential to submit requisite information in the application with all Documents. Below is the list of Documents required for building permission

Copy of Building plans through Building Authority that shall consist of-

  • The site plan
  • Building plan
  • Layout Plan
  • Analysis Report

The building plan shall comply with the prescribed bye-laws.

  • Checklist filled in a questionnaire.
  • Id and Address Proof of the applicant.
  • Images of the Establishment Building taken from outside.
  • Blueprint of the building.
  • Layout Certified by the architect.
  • Building Security Certificate.

What is the Procedure to Obtain Building NOC?

A person needs to procure a building NOC which is a requisite to commence the construction of the building. The Construction of a building requires various approvals. The builder is required to obtain various approvals and the absence of such required approvals may result in penalties and fines against the builder. The procedure for obtaining these approvals is explained here-

Step 1

The very first step is to procure all the required Documents.

Step 2

Online application with Pre-DCR drawing to get Pre-approval. Also, various approvals are required before constructing the building. The checklist of approval is mentioned below-

Land Title

At the very outset, a builder needs to find a clear land title or site. The Land title ensures that the land is clear, attractive and follows any costs or deductions made to that property and its current condition. The builder should buy the land first and then start the project.

Land Clearance

In the event of urbanization, it is the responsibility of builder to obtain the consent of the relevant authorities regarding the conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural land. The same approval from the local body and the Ministry of Urban Development (UD) is required.

Zonal Clearance

Once the builder has obtained land titles and Land clearance approvals, they are expected to obtain a permit from the Zonal authorities. As per the Local Government Regulations, it is the responsibility of the finance department to issue a building ownership certificate.

Building Approval and Building Plan

The next section requires approval from the authorities to approve building licenses under the Building Byelaws, Master plan, and Local Body Act.

Building plan

The Building plans state how the building will look after the development and ensures that the building complies with building codes.

Layout Approval

Before commencing the construction of residential or commercial buildings, the builder needs to obtain approval for the design plan of the relevant professionals.

Imitation of Disapproval

The imitation of the disapproval means the criteria that must be followed at different stages of the Ground Construction Project. The imitation of the prohibition in certain areas is also known as the Building Permit. These situations are often divided into 3 categories:-

  • Immediately before the start of the development work
  • During construction
  • After construction is complete

Completion Certificate

Once the construction gets completed, the Completion Certificate must be acquired before selling the property. A certificate of completion is issued after the investigation process. Certificate of Completion ensures that the builder has built the building following the approved plan.

Installation of Services and Utilities

The builder must obtain permission from the relevant authorities for non-perishable and non-renewable energy. The building must comply with the building codes for approval or approval of basic services. The builder needs to obtain the NOC in the region.

Occupancy Certificate

An Occupancy Certificate is required from the local body before the control of a building or part of a building for any reason. The local body submits recommendations to various concerned professionals in the city as per the requirement to issue a NOC approval before obtaining an Occupancy certificate.

Step 3

Submission of file through offline mode

Step 4

Report of a site visit and order by Building Inspector

Step 5

Payment of fees and challans

Step 6

Final stamp on blueprint and

Step 7

Obtaining Commencement Certificate

What Penalties are Imposed in Case of Non-Compliance in Obtaining a Building NOC?

It means there is no specification given in terms of amount (Penalty) and imprisonment. However, non-compliance can result in higher penalties depending on the authority and place of the building.

CorpBiz Procedure for Building NOC

Kindly utilize the steps given above to integrate legally and securely a Building NOC and get the benefits in the form of better-quality construction business. Our CorpBiz experts will be at your disposal for assisting you with guidance concerning Building NOC and its compliance for the smooth functioning of your real estate business in India. CorpBiz professionals will assist you in planning seamlessly at the least cost, confirming the successful conclusion of the process.

It is advisable that an attorney with "real estate experience" must be appointed to overwhelm many of the potential pitfalls that creep around within application Building NOC and to understand the requirement in detail. The elementary information would be mandatory from your end to start the process. The Attorney will begin working on your request once all the information is provided, and the payment is received.

Why CorpBiz?

CorpBiz is one of the platforms which coordinate to fulfil all your legal and financial requirements and connect you to consistent professionals. Yes, our clients are pleased with our legal service! Because of our focus on simplifying legal requirements, they have consistently regarded us highly and providing regular updates.

Our clients can also track at all times the progress on our platform. If you have any questions about the Building NOC process, our experienced representatives are just a phone call away. CorpBiz will ensure that your communication with professionals is charming and seamless.

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  • Add Queries Regarding Building NOC
  • Provide Documents to Corpbiz Expert
  • Prepare Application for Building NOC+ Complete all Admissibility Criteria for Preliminary Screening
  • Complete Procedural Actions
  • Building NOC at your Door Step

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the legal Document that works as a confirmation letter issued by the competent authority to start constructing a building.

Building NOC is permission given to a person or a company to proceed with the purchase or construction of a property. While constructing a building, an applicant must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the appropriate government authorities.

To acquire a Land NOC, an applicant needs to visit the individual Circle Office and apply for the NOC application form. Also, the application ought to be properly carried and marked by both the seller(s)/purchaser(s) and attach all the Documents.

A person does not require NOC from the builder if the title is free and marketable. The NOC has to be obtained to sell the flat.

To prevent any sort of mishappenings, the authority ensures that the premise has all fire safety measures and is fire resistant in case of any tragedy. Therefore, the authority has made it mandatory for almost every business entity to obtain Fire NOC in India.

If the builder does not provide the Occupancy Certificate, the buyers have the right to take legal action. If the builder sends a possession letter without Occupancy Certificate, the buyer should retain such possession and refuse to pay the principal, or the interest amount asked for.

Without a valid Occupancy Certificate, the premise is illegal as it can be categorized as an unauthorized structure by the authorities. An Occupancy certificate is crucial while applying for a home loan. Also, you cannot sell your property without a valid Occupancy certificate.

The completion certificate is provided by the local authority after inspection of the premises.

A completion certificate should be provided within 8 weeks of completion of the building work. However, it can only be granted if it complies with the regulations.

A NOC is valid for 5 years for residential buildings and 3 years for a commercial building.

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