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An Overview of Legal Metrology Manufacturer License

For better performance, several business operations need to go through weighing & measurement; in order to resolve the issues that come under weighing and measurement, the Government of India has introduced the Legal Metrology Act. This Act intends to keep transparency and clarity in the business; the Act also safeguards the consumer's rights. This Act helps in managing & reducing the ill effects of weight & measurement errors. It clearly defines measuring & weighing instruments, standards, units, and compulsory requirements to ensure public guarantee from an accuracy and security perspective of the weights & measurements. The registration for the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License needs to be done under Legal Metrology. The Government Authorities have devised a systematic procedure for obtaining the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License of a respective company under Legal Metrology.

Benefits of Legal Metrology Manufacturing License

  1. Lessen transaction costs;
  2. Build’s customer’s trust;
  3. Reduces technical obstacles to trade;
  4. The Government collects its revenue via excise duties imposed on products sold, imported, produced & exported through taxes levied on measurement.

Application Forms for Manufacturer under Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011

Application Form

Purpose of the Form


For a license to manufacture in weights and measures as per Schedule IIA.


For Renewal of Legal Metrology Manufacturer License as per Schedule IIB.


A Manufacturing License is issued as per Schedule III.

Note: For issuance of Legal Metrology Manufacturer License, it must be examined that the Model Approval Certificate has been granted to the applicant by Director; in case the Model Approval is cancelled or suspended, then this License will also be suspended.

Requirements for Legal Metrology Manufacturer License

The application for this License shall be provided in the prescribed form, i.e., LM-1, along with the Documents and the following important points are to be examined:

  • Premises:
  1. Proof of Legal Possession: The applicant or the manufacturer must have physical possession of the premises and provide the latest rent receipt or House Tax Receipt or Sale Deed or any other legal Documents and NOC from the premises owner in the case of rented premises.
  2. Minimum space required for smooth & proper working: The manufacturing units or premises should be appropriate and enough. The manufacturing premises must be on the basement or ground level. The premises to manufacture the items may be on any floor of the multi-stored commercial complexes or flatted factories of industries department or industrial estates or Flatted factories of DDA or DSIDC or any other Government of local body subject to the situation that rightness of premises will be assessed by the licensing authority before the issuance of Legal Metrology Manufacturer License.
  • Workshop Equipment:
  1. All vital equipment required for the concerned items applied for manufacturing;
  2. All vital tools required for manufacturing the concerned items;
  3. Hardness testing equipment or tools for platform machines & weighbridges;
  4. The proof of obtaining the workshop tools;
  5. Testing provisions facilities for the manufacturing products.
  • Constitution of the Firms: In case the firm is not a Proprietorship, they should submit a copy of Partnership Deed duly attested by Notary or Oath Commissioner or First Class Magistrate and in case of Pvt. Ltd. Company or Limited Company, MOA & AOA approved by the Registrar, Ministry of Company Affairs, Government of India and Incorporation Certificate.
  • Experience Certificate;
  • Proof of Financial Status;
  • Trademark Certificate;
  • A proof of sanctioned & installed load required for proper manufacturing of the items shall also be provided by the applicant;
  • Site plan;
  • The applicant or the manufacturer shall provide a copy of the literature containing the specifications or details or design of the products to be manufactured.

Documents to be attached with the prescribed Application form, i.e., LM-1:

  • Id proof and address proof of the applicants;
  • Latest photographs of the applicant;
  • Tenancy or ownership Document of the proposed premises;
  • Map location;
  • In the case of a Partnership Firm, Partnership Deed is required;
  • Model Approval Certificate, if required under Legal Metrology General Rules, 2011 concerning the proposed weighing & measuring instrument;
  • List of tools & machinery;
  • Affidavit to State that applicant would follow the legal provisions and the directions given by the Controller;
  • Affidavit to State that applicant had neither been punished by any court nor is any criminal proceeding pending in any court;
  • Copy of GST Registration;
  • Copy of PAN.

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Procedure for Obtaining Legal Metrology Manufacturer License

  1. First, the applicant needs to apply in the format appended (LM-1);
  2. The application will be sent to the District Nodal Official, who will forward the application to the Inspector (Legal Metrology Officer) based on the firm’s location;
  3. The Inspector will examine the applicant's proposed premises & the required Documents to know the applicant's manufacturing capability & capacity and prepare a report and recommendation, which will be sent to the Licensing Authority (Controller);
  4. After examining the application, Local Legal Metrology Officer report and Documents, the Assistant Controllers will transmit it to the Controller along with their recommendations;
  5. If there is any mistake or error in the application, the Inspector, Assistant Controller or Controller may issue an objection or a query, which will be apparent to the applicant, who must remove it;
  6. After examining or inspecting the application and being satisfied with it and its Documents, then the Controller may ask the applicant to pay the license fee;
  7. The Legal Metrology Manufacturer License would be issued in the prescribed format after the fee was deposited & a copy was received in the Controller’s Office.

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Corpbiz has a motivated team of regulatory & compliance who can help to provide end-to-end service for obtaining licenses. The procedure and Documents for obtaining a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License could be a difficult task for you because it's a lengthy procedure. Here, Corpbiz will help you in providing on-time delivery of License and provide comprehensive support throughout the licensing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sale, manufacturing or distribution of all packaged goods in India, such as food products, export goods, and consumer goods, need this License.

The Controller of the Legal Metrology Department issues the License.

The Department of Legal Metrology ensures that all weights & measures instruments, such as instruments used by merchants in all markets and trading centres across the State, are accurate & uniform.

No, the Department of Legal Metrology issues licenses to the dealer, manufacturer, and repairer of weights and measures for dealing in weighing and measuring tools. The License is a must.


Verification Certificates given under the Act should be shown in a prominent location in every building where such weights and measures are planned or likely to be used in any transaction or protection.

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