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Hassle-Free WPC Registration with Corpbiz

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, which was established in 1952 and has its main office in New Delhi and regional offices in Guwahati, Calcutta, Mumbai, and Chennai, is the organization for Wireless Planning and Coordination, or WPC wing. WPC's primary duties include monitoring and controlling the frequency spectrum in addition to issuing permits for amateur radio operators. WPS is authorized for WPC ETA Certification, which stands for WPC Equipment Type Authorization Certification, in addition to these duties and other wireless certifications.

Any procedure involving radio frequency-enabled equipment needs permission. The WPC department would have to get authorization before any radio-based frequency equipment could be imported into India or before importing any wireless device. This organization would ensure that the service provider complies with all requirements for licensure. The Department of Telecommunications is in charge of wireless coordination and planning (DoT). Radio frequency testing, as well as the license requirements for wireless testing and frequency testing, would fall within the purview of this wing.

What is WPC Certification for India?

WPC Certification is the authorization to import and market wireless devices. WPC stands for Wireless Planning & Coordination License. It is a non-optional license issued by the Department of Telecommunication's Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing.

These days, wireless gadgets are becoming more and more prevalent. Even though India is becoming a more self-sufficient nation, some goods from other countries are occasionally irreplaceable. We are discussing high-quality wireless devices here. The average customer can now afford more goods because of these foreign items. Thus, there's no need to wait any longer if you sell wireless items and apply for a WPC ETA certificate.

Which Products Require a WPC Certificate?

Wireless products in India require a WPC certificate. Even to import and sell wireless products, a WPC certificate shall also be required. The products that require this certificate are mentioned below:

  • WiFi Router
  • Wifi bulb / Smart Bulb
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Wireless Point of Sale
  • Terminals
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Wireless receiver
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Wireless Camera
  • WiFi Smart Watch
  • Wireless Drones
  • Wireless Pendrive
  • Wireless Plug
  • Wireless Nano USB
  • Wireless Repeater
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Wireless Home Automation Devices
  • Hotspot Devices
  • Wireless Pendrive
  • Smart Home Gateway
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Wireless Terminal
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Wireless POS Terminal
  • Transmitter

The Regulatory Body for WPC Approval in India

The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) is the regulating agency for WPC approval in India. In India, the Ministry of Telecommunications would be the only authority in charge of such a department. In addition to out-licensing, the organization would oversee frequency spectrum management and surveillance. The main statute that regulates the need for licenses for different kinds of equipment is the Indian Wireless and Indian Telegraphy Act.

Approval Authorizations of WPC Certification

The following approvals are included in the list under Indian WPC certification:

  • WPC Equipment Type Approval certificate
  • Approval for Experiments
  • DPL or Dealer Possession License
  • NDPL or Non-Dealer Possession License
  • Licenses to Import Radio Devices

Regulations of WPC

The WPC is primarily in charge of assigning and responsible for frequency spectrum management in addition to granting non-professional radio licenses. The WPC is organized into several departments with the following responsibilities:

  • New Technology Group (NTG)
  • Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA)
  • Licensing and Regulation (LR)

Types of WPC ETA Registration

The types of WPC ETA licenses or types of certifications are discussed below:

Non-Network License

This license is given to companies that provide non-network services, such as wireless goods and cable TV distributors. It takes this license to import, buy, and sell particular wireless equipment. You will only be granted a non-network license by the WPC for wireless devices in India if you are an incorporated company and have the right personnel for your operation or equipment. There are three varieties.

Import License: To export wireless products to India, an import license is required. Permission to sell wireless items in Indian Territory is granted to the license holder.

Dealer Possession License: An individual or organization that distributes and dealers wireless items is granted a Dealer Possession License by WPC.

Non-Dealer Possession License: An individual or organization that does not deal with wireless devices and does not own a license from WPC is granted a non-dealer Possession License by WPC.

Network License

A corporation seeking to provide communication services, such as cable, DTH, and mobile networks, across the nation's restricted radio frequency capacity must get a network license.

Internet Service Provider License (ISP): The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) must grant ISP licenses to any entity that wishes to offer Internet services.

Experimental License: The WPC ETA certificate shall also be granted by the Department as an experimental license to any group or individual wishing to carry out studies or investigations involving wireless devices.

Equipment Type Approval & WPC ETA Certificate

When importing products in India from another country, we should always consider this question. Which compliances are necessary for my product? Make sure that the equipment has a WPC ETA Certificate, especially if it is an RF ID or Bluetooth device. Let's now get into more depth about what a WPC ETA Certificate is:

A WPC Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is required before the importation of any wireless device operating in the delicensed frequency spectrum into India. Every product made in India must also have a WPC ETA certificate. Bluetooth devices, cell phones, Wi-Fi technologies, RFID, and other gadgets are examples of this type of equipment.

A separate WPC ETA approval is not needed for a final product if it is made in India and the RF module(s) with the ETA are installed in it without any changes. However, before import, each product that is made outside of India needs to have a WPC ETA certificate issued. If RF modules are different, then the RF module will be covered by the ETA.

Wireless goods that meet the following requirements can get a WPC ETA certificate by self-declaration:

  • The product is excluded from DGFT's EXIM Policy's import license requirements.
  • Using a delicensed frequency range.
  • Mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, electronic notepads, smartwatches, SRDs with accessories, speakers, headphones, earphones, printers, scanners, mice, keyboards, TVs, and cameras are a few examples.

If the object does not fit into one of the aforementioned categories, a WPC ETA certificate can be obtained by filing an online application via the standard process to the relevant RLOs, such as drones and special cameras.

Importance of WPC License

WPC certification is required for wireless products, and it holds the following importance:

Product Communication

Ensuring that all goods communicate with one another is known as "product communication," as wireless items depend on communication with other devices to function. At the time of the application procedure, the product is deemed faulty if there are problems with that communication.

Maintaining National Security

Since wireless products and gadgets occasionally endanger national security, the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing has implemented stringent restrictions for their usage.

Preventing Frequency Insertion

If a user is careless, some gadgets may operate on unlicensed frequencies, which may result in the intrusion of that device with other goods. As a result, the ETA certificate is crucial for eliminating these frequencies.

Access to Indian Market

As individuals get more sophisticated and choose more comfortable wireless devices, the Indian market is expanding in this area. Since wireless equipment cannot be marketed in the Indian market without certification from the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, an ETA certificate is required for anybody involved in the production, sale, or importation of wireless devices.

What Eligibility Criteria are Required for Applying for WPC Certification?

The criteria for applying for WPC Certification are mentioned below:

For Manufacturers and Importers: Before offering their products for sale in the Indian market, importers and manufacturers with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities need to secure a Certificate of Import Authorization and WPC certification.

For Representative Appointed: In order to receive WPC clearance in India, a foreign corporate applicant must choose an authorized agent. A corporation designated as the approved representative will act on behalf of the foreign firm during the Indian filing procedure for WPC approval.

For Results of Frequency: The specific wireless accessory's frequency result has to be included in the results at all times. Each result has to include the resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, frequency, and sweep specifications.

For ISO Laboratories Report: According to the ISO Laboratories Report, special in-country testing is not necessary if the product is made in the nation. The sole prerequisite is the acquisition of a particular Radio Frequency (RF) report from a laboratory recognized by ISO/IEC 17025.

For Delicensed Frequency Bands: It is necessary for all devices to function on the designated delicensed frequency bands, and it is also a necessity that all devices equipped with wireless capabilities be able to operate on the delicensed frequency bands.

For Technical Information Sheet: The applicant has to have the technical data sheet on hand. This may be requested from the appropriate authorities.

Documents Required for WPC Certification

The following documents are required for a WPC Certificate for the device in India that functions without any wire or for the import of wireless products:

For Foreign Producing Companies

  • If no liaison branches are set up in India, the foreign producing company that is submitting the application must designate an Authorized Indian Representative or AIR.
  • The branch must register as an AIR if the liaison branch is created.
  • The Foreign Producing Company must authorize an AlR to get an import license.

For Indian Producing Companies

As long as they have all the appropriate paperwork, the company can file the WPC ETA without the need for AIR.

For WPC ETA Certification

  • Technical specifications of the product
  • Authorized Person's ID and Address Proof
  • Company Registration Copy
  • Company GST Registration Copy
  • Radio Frequency Test Result
  • Authorization Letter
  • IEC in the event of import
  • Purchase order for the imported product, if any
  • Online fee receipt for an ASTM, EN, RoHS, or CE test report

WPC Certification Process

Here is a step-by-step WPC ETA application process in India for obtaining a WPC Certificate:

Register on the Online Portal of WPC

If you require a WPC Certificate, then register on the Saral Sanchar site. Submit an online application on the DOT site indicating the goods you want to import to obtain a WPC license. Upon submitting the online application, the system will generate an import ID for you.

Click on Apply New ETA

You are required to submit a self-declaration for each commodity you export, together with your application for a new ETA. To find out if your equipment is included on the list of items exempt from WPC ETA approval, use your import ID. You may verify equipment that uses different radio frequencies (RFs) by entering the ID and captcha.

Get RF Test Reports

ETA approval and WPC license registration require an RF Radio Frequency test report from a recognized laboratory. RF test reports are necessary to confirm and guarantee that the imported equipment is inside the designated frequency range and complies with safety regulations.

In 2021, a new guideline pertaining to RF testing was adopted, which states that RF testing results from locally recognized laboratories in India would be allowed. Test reports from overseas were acceptable in the past. Furthermore, obtaining a WPC license does not necessitate a factory inspection.

Only when the equipment's radio frequency in the RF test report matches the standard list of WPC required items is the WPC ETA certificate is granted.

WPC Application

You will be able to apply for the WPC approval of your wireless product after all the prerequisites are satisfied.

Submit the Required Documents

Prepare the Documentwork and send it both online and offline to the Wireless Planning and Coordination Authority to register a WPC certificate. Your documents will be sent to the WPC officials for verification after they are submitted.

Submit the Government Fees

In order to register for a WPC license, you must pay the government fees online. Online payments can be made using wallets or debit/credit cards.

Issuance of WPC Certificate

The application is submitted following the verification of the documents. The WPC certificate is issued for that particular gadget by the WPC wing. After obtaining a WPC license, importers can import wireless equipment into India with ease.

What is the Cost of WPC Certification?

It is advisable to visit the official website of the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC), Ministry of Communications, Government of India, to get the most accurate and current information on the price of WPC certification in India. Moreover, you can contact the WPC ETA consultants at Corpbiz to obtain accurate information regarding the different permits, certifications, and related costs to obtain a WPC ETA certificate.

Corpbiz: Your One-Stop Solution for WPC Certification

A reliable partner that arranges to meet all of your financial and legal needs and puts you in touch with reliable specialists is CorpBiz. Our emphasis on streamlining legal procedures has resulted in our clients being happy with our legal service. We continuously give regular updates and receive excellent feedback.

Additionally, our clients are always able to monitor the development on our platform. Our WPC Consultants are available on call if you have any queries regarding the WPC Equipment Type Approval Certification procedure. CorpBiz will ensure that you have easy and pleasant interactions with professionals.

  • Get a Plan for Professional Help
  • Add Questions About Authorization for WPC Equipment Type
  • Deliver documents to the Corpbiz expert in order to prepare the WPC Equipment Type Authorization application.
  • Fulfill all the prerequisites for getting the WPC Certification.
  • Preliminary Screening
  • Let CorpBiz handle your task for end-to-end assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The range or gap of radio frequencies utilized to send a signal via a telecom network is referred to as the frequency band. For the purpose of transmitting wireless signals, distinct frequency bands are assigned.

WPC is Wireless planning and coordination. WPC certification is necessary before any kind of radio-frequency enabled equipment may be used.

It is the authorization needed to bring in and market wireless goods in India. In Karnataka, a WPC certificate serves as authorization and is required in order to operate any kind of wireless equipment, including Bluetooth headphones, smart speakers, and WiFi routers.

Anyone wishing to conduct business in India with wireless devices must have a WPC license from the WPC authority. The Wireless Planning & Coordination wing in India must provide WPC licenses (ETA certificates) to manufacturers and importers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-capable equipment.

The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), having its office in India and located in India, is responsible for overseeing the WPC-ETA Approval.

A WPC Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is required before the importation of any wireless device operating in the delicensed frequency spectrum into India. Every product made in India must also have a WPC ETA certificate.

To sell their medical equipment in India, importers and manufacturers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices can apply for the WPC certificate and ETA clearance. An approved agent can help a foreign individual apply for WPC approval through the approval procedure.

The registration process of WPC Certification starts with registering on the portal of WPC and thereafter, an application has to be submitted along with the required documents.

Manufacturers and exporters of medical equipment with wireless technology, such as Bluetooth, RFID, Wi-Fi, or cellular, must have WPC approval. A supplementary importer license based on the ETA grant letter and ETA approval is also required for the Delicense frequency band items.

WPC import License in its entirety is the authorization to import and market wireless devices known as the Wireless Planning & Coordination license released by the Department of Telecommunication's Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing.

WPC license is valid for the duration of the product's life. If the product changes, a new license for WPC India has to be taken.

A copy of the GST registration for the firm, proof of identity and address for the authorized individual, radiofrequency test report from any Indian lab accredited by NABL or from a foreign lab accredited by IS0 17025, and an authorization letter.

The procedure for a WPC Certification starts with registering on the Saral Sanchar site. Filling out an online application on the DOT site and indicating the goods you want to import are the first steps in obtaining a WPC license. Upon submitting the online application, the system will generate an import ID for you.

This covers devices that include radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth, wireless local area network access technology (Wi-Fi), tiny digital radios (Zigbee), and many more features.

Anyone wishing to conduct business with wireless devices in India must have a WPC Certification.

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