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Overview of WPC ETA Certification

WPC stands for Wireless Planning and Coordination, which falls under the Wing of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, which was founded in 1952 with established headquarters in New Delhi and Regional Offices based in Guwahati, Calcutta, Mumbai and Chennai. The essential responsibility of WPC is the issuance of licenses regarding amateur radio licenses, along with monitorisation and administration over the frequency spectrum. In addition to these responsibilities, WPS is also authorised for WPC ETA Certification, which stands for WPC Equipment Type Authorization Certification and other wireless certifications.

The approval is required for the process of any form of radio-frequency enabled device. Any import of radio-based frequency equipment into India would require permission from the WPC department. This agency would make sure that the service provider shall comply with all licensing criteria. Wireless coordination and planning the Department of Telecommunications control the wing (DoT). This wing would be in charge of radio frequency testing and licensing requirements for wireless testing and frequency testing.

The Regulatory Body for WPC in India

The regulatory body for WPC in India is the Department of Telecommunication (DoT). In India, such a department would be regulated solely by the Ministry of Telecommunications. Besides, from out-licensing, the agency would be in charge of frequency spectrums and frequency spectrum monitoring. The Indian Wireless and Indian Telegraphy Act is the principal law that oversees the licensing requirements for various types of equipment. 

Approval Authorizations of WPC Certification

The list of approvals that fall under WPC is mentioned as follows –

  • ETA, which stands for Equipment Type Approval
  • Type Approval
  • Experimental Approval
  • DPL, which stands for Dealer Possession Licenses
  • NDPL, which stands for Non-Dealer Possession Licenses
  • Import Licenses for Radio Gadgets

Regulations of WPC

The WPC's primary responsibility is to grant Non-professional radio licenses while also monitoring and allocating the frequency spectrum. The WPC is divided into several departments, each of which is responsible for –

  • Licensing and Regulation (LR)
  • New Technology Group (NTG)
  • Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA)

What is Licensing and Regulation?

The department will be taken into account when it comes to WPC approval regulations and licensing. This authority is in charge of all work related to the WPC's regulation and licensing.

What is New Technology Group?

Any form of new technology is used; this department is responsible for overseeing the region in terms of processes and technology.

What is Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation?

The SACFA is in charge of handing out many types of radiofrequency proposals and other recommendations linked to the International Telecom Union (ITU).

Eligibility Criteria required for applying for WPC Certification?

For Manufacturers and Importers –

  • Importers and manufacturers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities must obtain WPC certification and a Certificate of Import authorisation before selling them in the Indian market.

For Representative Appointed –

  • If the applicant is a foreign corporation, it must select an authorised agent for WPC approval in India. The authorised representative will be a corporation that will represent the foreign company in the filing process in India with regard to WPC approval.

For Results of Frequency –

  • The frequency result of the particular wireless accessory must be present in the results at all times. The resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, frequency, and sweep must all be specified in the individual results. 

For ISO Laboratories' Report –

  • If the product is manufactured in the country, there is no requirement for specific in-country testing. The only requirement is that a specific RF (Radio Frequency) report be obtained from an ISO/IEC 17025 recognised laboratory.

For De-Licensed Frequency Bands Are Required –

  • All devices must work on the specific de-licensed frequency bands, and it is a requirement that all devices with wireless capacity be capable of working on the de-licensed frequency bands.

For Sheet of Technical Information –

  • The applicant must have the technical data sheet on hand, which can be obtained from the relevant authority upon request.

What is the WPC Certification Application Process?

To apply for WPC Certification, follow these steps:

  • The applicant must submit an online application, and the commodities and categories that must be appropriately selected since the incorrect selection will result in the application being rejected.
  • The system produces an Application ID after you submit your application.
  • The hard copy of the application should be sent to the WPC office for submission.
  • The WPC authority will provide certification after verifying the information supplied and the papers presented.

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Documents required to obtain the WPC Equipment Type Authorization Certification

For Foreign Producing Companies –

  • If no liaison branches are established in India, then the Foreign Producing Company applying needs to nominate an AIP, which stands for Authorised Indian Representative.
  • If the liaison branch is established, then the branch has to register itself as an AIR.
  • The Foreign Producing Company, for the purpose of getting an import license, need to authorise an AIR

For Indian Producing Companies –

  • AIR is not necessary, and the company can directly file the WPC ETA, provided that they have all the proper required documentation.

Below mentioned are the documents required to obtain the WPC ETA Certification –

  • Company Registration Copy
  • Company GST Registration Copy
  • Authorised Person’s ID and Address Proof
  • Radio Frequency Test Result
  • Authorisation Letter
  • Technical details of the product
  • IEC if being imported
  • Imported product’s purchase order, if any
  • Online fee receipt
  • CE or RoHS or ASTM or EN Test Report

The Procedure for a WPC Equipment Type Authorization License

The procedure for WPC Certification is quite straightforward and easy when compared to other certification procedures. The WPC Certification process usually takes up to two to three months. After filing the application, the applicant company is required to submit Radio Frequency Test Results which are to be mandatorily issued by an accredited Testing Laboratory. According to amendments made in 2021, it is mandatory even for foreign companies for conducting the tests within India. There is no necessity for a physical factory inspection to be conducted for this. Unless the product is modified, the granted WPC license is valid for eternity. If modified, then the producing company is required to file a new application.

Agencies that require the approval for WPC should utilise it to secure the license to run within an assigned frequency. All the wireless products will work on some form of wireless network. Many wireless devices would need to operate on de-licensed frequency bands. A special form of permission would be required for de-licensed frequency bands. The term "ETA" refers to this type of approval (Equipment Type Approval). The clearance for the ETA is given by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) department. Conclusively, if a product is not approved by the WPC but operates in a de-licensed frequency range, it is an ETA Certificate. Mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi technologies, and other items are covered by the WPC's Equipment Type Approval (ETA).  

The procedure of a WPC ETA License is mentioned as follows –

  • Radio Frequency Tests to be conducted in an Authorised Indian Laboratory.
  • Preparation of all required documents for the application.
  • Generating an online Portal at Saal Sanchar Portal.
  • Online or Offline submission of the application with the required documents along with the Radio Frequency Test Results to WPC.
  • Evaluation of the application.
  • WPC issuing the certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency band applies to a given domain and has two indicators: upper domain and lower domain indicators. The term "frequency band " is often used when it comes to radio frequency and other related technologies, the term "frequency band" is often used.

WPC stands for wireless planning and coordination, and the department established under the Department of Telecommunications must certify it. This agency is in charge of approving the license requirements for radio frequencies, internet devices, radio, and other wireless devices of various types.

If any device requires wireless-enabled technology, and such technologies can only operate on a form of the de-licensed frequency band, WPC certification may be necessary.

The National Radio Regulatory Authority, established in 1952 as a branch of the Ministry of Communications, is responsible for Frequency Spectrum Management, including licensing, and serves the needs of all wireless users in the country (both government and private).

WPC's Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is required before importing any wireless device into India that operates in a de-licensed frequency range. Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, Wi-Fi technologies, RFID, and other items fall into this category.

Yes, the foreign manufacturer can obtain the WPC certification.

The WPC ETA application is valid for eternity. If modified, then the producing company is required to file a new application.

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