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An Overview of ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management is a strategic tool that aids organisations put in place an energy management system and using their energy more effectively & efficiently. ISO 50001 was developed by an ISO technical committee and published in 2011. However, ISO 50001 2018 is the newly revised International Standard for Energy Management, providing the most b framework for optimising energy efficiency in private & public sector organisations. The system is shaped after the ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 14001 EMS and the 2018 version has clauses modular with both.

ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification demonstrates an organisation's commitment to continual improvement in energy management, permitting them to lead by an example within their respective industries & ensure related legislative and regulatory requirements are met.

What is an Energy Management System?

This system helps organisations better manage their energy use, hence improving productivity. It includes developing & implementing an energy policy, setting achievable targets for energy use & designing action plans to reach them & measure progress. This may comprise implementing new energy-efficient technologies, reducing waste of energy improving current processes to cut energy costs.

ISO 50001 Energy Management gives organisations a recognised framework for developing an effective energy management system. Like other ISO management systems, it follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act process for continual improvement.

Primary Objective of ISO 50001 Energy Management

The primary objective of the standard is to improve energy-related performance & energy efficiency constantly and to identify energy reduction opportunities. This systematic approach will help organisations to establish processes & systems. Consistent energy management aids organisations to realise untapped energy efficiency potential. They will benefit from cost savings & make a significant contribution to environmental & climate protection, for e.g. by the permanent reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions. The standard should warn employees & in particular, the management level about the immediate & long-term energy management gains that can be made. The organisation can discover potential savings & competitive advantages. Moreover, a huge image boost for the organisation can be created.

Structure of ISO 50001 Energy Management

The structure of ISO 50001 Energy Management is designed per other ISO Management System Standards, particularly ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. Since all 3 management systems standards are based on the PDCA Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and now share the same high-level structure, ISO 50001 can be integrated easily into these systems. There are 10 major components of ISO 50001 Energy Management:

  • Scope
  • Terms & Definitions
  • Planning
  • Operation
  • Improvement
  • Support
  • Normative References
  • Leadership
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Context of the Organisation

Benefits of ISO 50001 Energy Management

  • Measure & monitor energy use to identify where to improve efficiency
  • Reduce carbon emissions & meet government reduction targets
  • Manage & identify the risks surrounding your future energy supply
  • Demonstrate environmental credentials to increase tender opportunities
  • Improve overall performance to cut energy bills & consumption

Set of Requirements for ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management provides a set of requirements that enable organisations to:

  • Measure the results obtained
  • Continually improve energy management
  • Develop a policy for more effective & efficient use of energy
  • Review the policy’s effectiveness
  • Fix objectives & targets to meet that policy
  • Collect data to understand better & make decisions regarding energy use

Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach - ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management mainly focuses on a continual improvement process to achieve the objectives regarding an organisation's environmental performance (administration, service provider, enterprise, etc.). Following are the 4 phases of the PDCA Circle:

Phase 1: Plan

The overall responsibility for the installed energy management system must be located with the top management. An energy officer & a team should be appointed. Moreover, the organisation has to formulate the energy policy in the form of a written statement which includes the direction & intent of the energy policy. Energy policy must be communicated within the organisation. The energy team is the association between employees & management. In this phase, the organisation has to identify the Significant Energy Uses (SEUs) & prioritise the opportunities for energy performance improvement.

Phase 2: Do

Implement the energy management action plans & act on the analysis of energy data to drive new standards of energy performance.

Phase 3: Check

Measure, evaluate, monitor, audit, and analyse & conduct energy reviews of energy performance against objectives & targets, then report the results.

Phase 4: Act

This is where you must take strict action, led by a higher management level, to confirm continual improvement in the EnMS and to address non-conformity.

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How to Get Certified to ISO 50001 With Corpbiz?

We make the certification process simple. Once we have received your application, we will appoint a client manager who will guide you & your business through the following steps:

Pre-Assessment Service

This is an optional service where we take a closer look at your existing EMS (Energy Management System) and compare it with ISO 50001 requirements. This will gives an idea of where you need more work before we conduct a formal assessment, saving your time & money.

Implementation of Procedures & Controls

This assessment happens in 2 stages; first, we review your organisation or company's preparedness for assessment by checking if the necessary ISO 50001 procedures & controls have been developed. We will share all the details of our findings with you so that if we identify any gaps, you can close them. If all the requirements are in place, then we will assess the implementation of procedures & controls within your organisation to ensure that they are working efficiently as needed for certification.


When we finish all the above steps, then you will get ISO 50001 Energy Management Certificate, which is valid for 3 years.

Why Corpbiz?

Corpbiz is one of the best platforms aiming to fulfil all your legal & financial requirements and connect you to experts. Our clients can also track progress at all times on our platform. If you have any questions about ISO 50001 Energy Management, our experienced representatives are just a phone call away. Corpbiz will make sure that your communication with experts or professionals is seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a voluntary international standard developed by approximately 50 member nations of the ISO. It provides guidance on how to roll out an effective EMS within an organisation or a company.

EMS stands for Energy Management System and is a set of processes that makes a company or an organisation use data for information maintenance & energy performance improvement; while improving operational efficiencies, it lessens energy intensity.

Yes, ISO 50001 has been developed as a stand-alone management system.

Energy is an essential part of an organisation or company's process & can be one of the highest governable costs, depending on the activities. This certification provides a model for organisations to make a positive impact on lessening depletion of energy resources.

Features of ISO 50001:

  • Develop a policy for more effective use of energy
  • Fix objectives & targets to meet the policy
  • Use data to understand better & make decisions regarding energy use

ISO 50001 is interested in energy performance & a business's energy baseline, whereas ISO 14001 looks at resource use, waste management & pollution.

The primary objective is to find out different ways to reduce energy consumption per unit of product output or to lower operating costs.

The challenges are the difficulty of fully reaching energy & carbon efficiency enabled by ISO 50001.

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