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NGO CSR Consultancy with Corpbiz

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Corpbiz will provide assistance in aligning the mission of the non-governmental organizations with the companies. Corpbiz offers expert guidance to the NGOs and will help in enhancing the reach of the NGOs. Corpbiz provides specialized services with custom solutions. Corpbiz is very committed to helping their clients enhance their impact.

Corpbiz collaborates to help you with all of your necessary financial and legal obligations. Corpbiz puts you in touch with the professionals in the needed sector. Our focus on making your legal questions easier to understand has resulted in clients who have sought assistance from Corpbiz responding positively to our legal services. We are committed to giving our esteemed clients the engaging and well-organized rundowns they want in accordance with their needs. Representatives from Corpbiz respond quickly and simply. Corpbiz makes sure that clients always have a great experience and a smooth connection with our professionals.

Non Governmental Organizations who require assistance in generating corporate social funds are provided with funds and financial aid by Corporate Social Responsibility. The Companies Act, 2013's Section 135, Subsection 1 specifies mandatory rules that require companies to contribute 2% of their average net profit. The provisions of the CSR Regulations are only applicable to enterprises having a turnover of more than one thousand crore or a net profit of at least five hundred crores for the relevant fiscal year, as per the Companies Act of 2013. A committee of the board responsible for corporate social responsibility must also exist in all such businesses.

Our Corpbiz experts provide expert compliance guidance, legal and financial requirements services, assistance in application filing, paper works services, other crucial procedural services, along with regular monitoring and evaluation services.

Challenges Faced During NGO CSR Consultancy in India

  • Compliances Challenges
  • Complex Registrations
  • Lack Of Networking
  • Difficulty finding funders who are aligned with the NGO's mission
  • Complex Application Process

Compliances Challenges

Many compliances are to be fulfilled at the time of CSR in a non governmental organization. To be applicable for CSR an NGO has to fulfill many compliances. These compliances can be lengthy and time consuming. Corpbiz ensures that these compliances are duly fulfilled before the NGO starts with the CSR activities. Corpbiz gives assurance to their clients that all their legal as well as other required compliances are fulfilled with the assistance and the guidance of skilled and experienced professionals.

Complex Registrations

All the NGOs to carry out the CSR activities must have a specific set of registration to move forward for the same. Registration relating to 12A, 80G and other NGO related registration is to be completed first. Corpbiz assists in all these registrations and ensures a smooth and expedited process for all. All the Documents and procedures related to the registration are carried out under the guidance of experts at Corpbiz.

Lack of Networking

NGOs often find it hard to find the donors for carrying out their CSR responsibilities. Corpbiz helps in aligning the potential donors and the NGOs objectives. Corpbiz has an extensive network globally. Corpbiz provides guidance for acquiring potential donors for the NGO.

Difficulty finding funders who are aligned with the NGO's mission

One of the biggest challenges that is faced by the NGOs is difficulty in finding the funders of the fulfillment of the mission of the NGO. Corpbiz helps the non-governmental organizations in connecting with various potential funders who are aligned with the NGO's mission.

Complex application process

There are many registrations that are to be done for the NGO's before carrying out CSR activities. All these registrations require an application process. These application processes can be complex and time-consuming; Corpbiz helps the NGOs in carrying out this application process. Corpbiz provides guidance in application process, and its related paper works processes as well.

Benefits of NGO CSR Consultancy

  • Access to funding and support
  • Platform for advocacy
  • Collaboration for social causes
  • Credibility
  • Opportunity for networking
  • Long term sustainability
  • Compliance with ethical standards

Access to funding and support

There are often many challenges faced in acquiring funding for the non-governmental organizations. NGOs often struggle with the same and find it hard to get financial resources. Our NGO CSR consultancy services help in connecting our clients with all the potential sources from where they can get financial support. Our consultancy services also offer guidance on how to use the funds as well.

Platform for advocacy

One of the most significant benefits of NGO CSR consultancy is that these consultancy services offer a large platform to its clients. It helps in increasing the connections for the non-governmental organizations.

Collaboration for social causes

NGO CSR consultancy helps the non-governmental organization in easily collaborating with the social causes that are the missions of these organizations. NGO CSR consultancy helps in amplifying these connections and collaborations on a larger scale as well.


Carrying out corporate social responsibility results in increasing the credibility of the companies. This credibility helps in acquiring future potential donors for CSR activities.

Opportunity for networking

Having a NGO CSR consultancy benefits in increasing the network of the non-profit organizations. These opportunities of increasing the networks aids NGOs in establishing new collaborations, funding and other various benefits.

Long term sustainability

NGO CSR consultancy helps in strategic planning, building capacity of the NGOs and helps the NGO run for a long time. Impact assessment, management of resources and funding and the development of the NGOs; all help in the long term sustainability.

NGO CSR Consultancy: Reasons Why Corpbiz Is India Top Platform

  • Corpbiz has successfully provides guidance and consultancy to many NGOs for CSR in India
  • For NGO CSR consultancy, Corpbiz has a strong network of 50,000+ Lawyers/Attorneys/other experts
  • For NGO CSR consultancy, Corpbiz Experts with Decades of Experience provide guidance and assistance
  • Experience of NGO CSR activities and related issues
  • For NGO CSR consultancy, Corpbiz provides timely support with the assistance of AI technology
  • Corpbiz has 99.9% client satisfaction in NGO CSR consultancy services
  • For NGO CSR consultancy services an efficient team of professionals' guide and assist fo r the same
  • Corpbiz always believes in giving regular timely updates and ensures its clients that they are fully aware of the procedure
  • Custom Solutions for the non-profit organization as per their needs and objectives
  • Focus on client centric approach NGO CSR consultancy services

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Our NGO CSR Consultancy Services

Legal and Financial Requirements Services

Corpbiz provides services related to legal and financial requirements. Our experts are well informed about all the legal and financial compliance that a NGO needs. Legal requirements include registration for taxation, 12A, 80G registration etc. Our service also includes advisory services related to CSR funding for NGOs.

Expert Compliance Guidance

Corpbiz experts ensure that all the compliance related requirements are fulfilled as per the standards given by the authorities. Our experts are well informed about the compliances related to NGO CSR.

Application Filing Services

Corpbiz offers services relating to all application filing services. Corpbiz ensures that all the application forms are filled in and submitted in the specific given time frame, along with the Documents which are required.

Documentation Services

All the registration processes and application forms require a certain set of Documents to be filed along with them. Corpbiz provides guidance and expert assistance in compiling and verifying the accuracy of the Documents before submitting them to reduce any kind of delay.

Procedural Services

Corpbiz provides assistance in all the procedural services required in NGO CSR consultancy. Corpbiz guides in 12A, 80G, FCRA and other procedures.

Monitoring and evaluation services

Corpbiz monitors and evaluates the NGO at regular time periods to ensure that all the companies are in place, and if there are any changes in laws and rules relating to it than they are updated as well.

Advantages of Our Services: NGO CSR Consultancy

  • Extensive Expertise in CSR management and CSR funding
  • Proven track record of successful collaborations
  • Strong network of donors and corporate partner
  • Committed team of skilled professionals

Our Selling Points

Corpbiz is the reliable assistance you need to navigate the NGO CSR consultancy. NGO CSR Consultancy is our area of expertise. Because of its distinctive benefits and outstanding performance, Corpbiz stands out from its rivals and guarantees an effortless service.

Highly Satisfied Clients

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We constantly put our clients' needs first and make sure their transfer is easy and seamless. We understand that every business is unique, and we offer customized solutions based on our clients' needs so they may succeed on their own route.

Proven Track Record

We've successfully assisted many NGOs in NGO CSR consultancy in the past, and we've left a legacy of satisfied clients in our wake. Our expertise in NGO CSR consultancy has helped many businesses, providing them with the necessary legal foundation for their business ventures. Our numerous satisfied clients witness our trustworthiness and many years of experience.

Transparent Pricing

At the forefront of our key values is transparency. We support proactive, transparent pricing models that eliminate away with unpleasant surprises and unintentional costs.

Efficacy via technological approaches

Using the most recent technological advancements is a fundamental component of our strategy. We employ cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence (Al) and online accounting services, to simplify and accelerate our NGO CSR consultancy services. By eliminating the number of mistakes and delays, the technology we utilize guarantees efficiency and precision.

NGO CSR Consultancy: An Overview

In NGO corporate social responsibility consultancy, specialized assistance and guidance is given to these non-governmental organizations in relation to the initiatives for corporate social responsibility. Corpbiz assists the NGOs by planning, implementing, strategizing and managing the CSR programs. The main objective of NGO CSR consultancy is to maximize the benefits which derive from the activities of the NGO.

The mechanism via which Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) can receive both financial and other assistance from the corporate sector is known as Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. The funding given under CSR is used for social development projects that raise the standard of living for the underprivileged and economically disadvantaged members of society. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) sector is currently the most dynamic, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, often releasing new standards. The most recent is the introduction of CSR 1 and CSR 2.

Non Governmental Organizations can use CSR 1, and they must have this number in order to operate in the CSR domain and apply for CSR funding. The aforementioned NGOS should also possess a current registration certificate, an audited statement of accounts, and evidence of their ability to carry out social and CSR projects in the regions specified in Schedule VII of the Companies Act of 2013. CSR funding can be used by businesses that carry out their own CSR initiatives or given to non- governmental organizations (NGOs) to whom businesses contract out their CSR initiatives.

According to the Indian Companies Act, 2013, companies that are registered have a Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, policy that allows them to give back to the community by establishing foundations and organizations since the day of their founding. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) must register in order to carry out CSR initiatives supported by businesses and corporations. All NGOs must register with the Central Government by submitting Form CSRI in order to be eligible for CSR funding. This is necessary for the efficient tracking of CSR expenditures in our nation.

Why is there a buzz around Corporate Social Responsibility?

India became the first nation in the world to mandate CSR when it passed a law in 2014. At first, this caught the corporate sector off guard, with many of them seeing it as an additional tax burden. 2014 also saw the election of a new administration in India, which was compelled to repeal the law by associations and industry bodies. Rather, the new government pushed companies to begin thinking about nation-building through corporate social responsibility (CSR) and encouraged the corporate sector to be actively involved in the country's growth. Under CSR, governmental initiatives like the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan were promoted, and since everyone is concerned about sanitation, concerted attempts were made to turn it into a public movement.

Companies that practice corporate social responsibility make a deliberate effort to conduct their operations in a way that improves society and the environment rather than degrades it. A specified amount of money must be contributed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by certain corporations, according to Section 135 of the corporations Act, 2013 ("Act"). A minimum of 2% of the average net profits made during the three consecutive financial years prior must be spent by any company, whether it is public or private, with a net worth of Rs. 500 crore or more, a turnover of Rs. 1,000 crore or more, or a net profit of Rs. 5 crore or more during any given fiscal year.

Companies can participate in CSR initiatives in a variety of ways. Typical instances include of

  • Supplying NGOs with funding so they can carry out social or environmental project
  • Implementing program for environmental protection
  • Putting employee volunteer initiatives into action
  • Setting up initiatives for community development

Companies can be aware of their impact on the social, economic, and environmental facets of society by engaging in corporate social responsibility, often known as corporate citizenship.

Essential Registrations for CSR Funding to NGOs

The Indian registered companies provide funds to the following non-governmental organizations in support of their corporate social responsibility

80-G Registration

A certificate of 80-G registration, which entitles the Corporate Social Responsibility Funding Donor Company to a 50% tax exemption. Certain donations or contributions qualify for a tax deduction under Section 80G Certificate of the Income Tax Act. To be eligible for these certificates, NGOs and other non-profit organizations must register and authenticate with the Income Tax Department. These organizations need to have strict policies in place to guarantee efficiency and openness because they receive donations from both individuals and companies. When these organizations carry out charitable endeavors, the government offers them a variety of tax breaks and incentives. Before the Finance Act of 2020, an 80-G registration may only be certified once, unless the certificate included explicit requirements for any limitations.

12-A Registration

The confirmation of their 12-A registration exempts the Non- Governmental Organizations from paying taxes. For trusts and other nonprofit organizations, the Income Tax Department's 12A Registration is a one-time registration. The principal aim of this registration is to acquire an exemption from paying income tax. Organizations often submit a 12A Registration application shortly after incorporating.

Registration of NGO

Non Governmental Organizations and any other relevant Charities that work to improve society-whether for social or environmental causes- are granted the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Certificate.

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)

The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, or FCRA, requires non- governmental organizations looking to receive corporate social responsibility funding from foreign companies to register. Obtaining a Foreign Contribution Regulation Act Registration, or FCRA Registration Certification, for the relevant Non-Governmental Organizations in India is a requirement for accepting Corporate Social Responsibility Funding from Foreign Companies. Section 6 (1) of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 2010 governs the Registration of FCRA Certification. If an NGO has an FCRA accreditation, it is eligible to collect money from overseas. An FCRA certificate requires the NGO to be three years old.

When applying for Corporate Social Responsibility Funding, eligible Non-Governmental Organizations must make sure that the accompanying paper works satisfies all applicable laws and regulations and is submitted for annual renewal.

Key points for NGO CSR Consultancy

To understand the Donor Companies

It is a key point to construct the profile of the company. Making a very detailed report/profile of the potential donor companies is an essential step. Having a structural understanding of the companies that are donor companies for CSR is crucial. It consists of having a comprehensive understanding of perspective of CSR, polices and the focus areas. Having a meeting session with the company to align the company and NGO's objectives with the human resources committee of the potential donor company.

Evaluation and Networking

It is very important to consider evaluating and networking with the potential donor companies. The donor company profiles can be evaluated to focus and prioritize the efforts which are the most aligned with missions and objectives of the non-governmental organization. In order to establish relationships and create visibility; online and offline campaigns, events hosting etc can be done. The non-governmental organizations can make strong connections with the decision makers and key stakeholders.

Preparation of Documents

All the Documents related to the non-governmental organization should be regularly updated. Documents like the evaluation reports, impact data papers which showcase the NGO's initiatives outcomes, the third-party evaluations and other relevant Documents that can boost credibility. All these Documents and its information can help in motivating the potential donor companies for CSR contributions.

Continuous efforts for Improvement

Update and refine your strategy on a regular basis in response to feedback and shifting trends in CSR spending. Making adjustments to the changing environment will guarantee that your NGO continues to draw in new contributors.

This framework provides NGOs looking for CSR financing with a well-defined route. It highlights how crucial it is to comprehend donor businesses, form bonds with them, and keep accurate and reliable records. NGOs can improve their chances of receiving CSR financing for their projects by carefully adhering to these guidelines.

Form CSR -1

Companies are permitted to participate in CSR activities directly or through entities defined by the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014, as amended by the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2021.To register with the Central Government and participate in any kind of CSR activity, these businesses or entities need to submit an electronic Form CSR 1 to the Registrar of Companies. An organization can register to receive CSR funds from corporate and carry out CSR activities by completing Form CSR-1. A corporation may carry out a CSR activity directly or through a company that is registered under Section 8. a public trust, a recognized society, or an NGO.

Documents for CSR-1

Following are some of the essential Documents for CSR -1 are

  • Non governmental organizations PAN card
  • Contact number
  • E-mail ID
  • All the details for members of the governing body
  • Registration certificate copy
  • Authorized person's digital signature
  • PAN card of the authorized person
  • 12A and 80G registrations
  • CSR policy of the company
  • Report of CSR
  • Other additional Documents as per the requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

A public trust, registered under Section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, or a company formed under Section 8 of the Companies Act that has been engaged in equivalent operations for at least three years are all the types of organizations which can apply for the corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Yes, a newly found NGO can submit a CSR application but there are some requirements that are to be followed. The Registrar of Companies (ROC) must first receive an NGO registration form. The NGO can apply for CSR-1 registration with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) after registering with the ROC.

NGOs can obtain financing and assistance from businesses for their social and development projects by registering as CSRs. Companies Act, 2013 mandates that a specific percentage of eligible firms' profits be allocated to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

While Sections 12AA and 12AB are not requirements for obtaining registration under Form CSR-1 with the MCA, it is advised that the NGO have a valid registration under Sections 80G and 12A prior to completing the application for CSR-1. Hence 80G is required for CSR.

The process by which Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) get financial and other support from the business sector is known as business Social Responsibility, or CSR. An obligatory element of the enterprises Act, 2013 is to contribute two percent of the average net income of enterprises.

The process by which Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) get monetary and other assistance from the business sector is known as business Social Responsibility, or CSR. A payment of two percent of the average net income of enterprises must be made, as mandated by the Enterprises Act of 2013.

To get CSR funding for an NGO you will first have to carry out research and identify the potential donors. The next step is to prepare all the Documents related to the project, your plan of action, your expectations etc. These points will help you in getting CSR funding for the NGO.

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