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What is the Role of DoT OSP Compliance for OSP Facilities?

OSP registration is a must for OSP (other service providers) facility that facilitates services like Tele-education, Tele-trading, Tele-banking, e-commerce, call centers, and operation centers. After being registered, the service provider needs to abide by DoT provisions in order to stay compliant. DoT stands for Department of Telecommunication. It serves as a primary regulator of OSP facilities in India.

Mandatory Form Filing Under DoT OSP Compliance

Department of Telecommunication pens down various norms that regulate OSP facilities in India. Form filling is a vital part of DoT compliance, which every OSP facility must fulfil without fail. The forms listed below require timely filing and submission.

Form to Share Change(s) in OSP with Authority

If OSP registration undergoes any changes in terms of directorship status, connectivity, or infrastructure, the license should inform the Term cell within 15 days of such changes.

Annual Return

The second DoT OSP compliance refers to an annual return form that must be filed within six months of the completion of the FY. The form must reflect details on the following:

  • Client Details
  • Net profit/loss
  • Annual Turnover
  • Employee details cited in the Return Performa

Any misreporting or error in the form can lead to the extension of the vetting process. So make sure to fill in accurate information to avoid inconvenience.

What is the Significance of DoT Compliance Services?

Every License holder is mandated to file yearly return with the Term cells of the DoT. The authority keeps the tab on registered facilities to determine whether they are compliant or not, regardless of their scope of operation.

Most telecom entities rely on DoT Compliance service providers for annual return filing with the authority. These service providers have a strong background in Documentary requirements and filing legalities.

Every legal procedure comprises complicated steps and paperwork that make compliance handling more difficult. Therefore, registered OSP facilities must pay extra attention to underlying norms. Any non-conformity in relation to the underpinned provisions can incur stringent penalties for the defaulter.

Eligibility Criteria for the DOT OSP Compliance in India

Every registered OSP facility in India falls under the ambit of DOT compliance and hence is required to comply with mandatory form filing (as mentioned above) to stay compliant.

Mandatory Documents for DOT OSP Compliance

Complying with annual form filing as per DOT OSP compliance also requires the applicant to share the following Documents with the authority.

  • OSP Name.
  • OSP registration number.
  • Address concerning registered office.
  • CIN concerning the applicant company.
  • CIN of the holding company (is applicable).
  • Employee related details.
  • Balance Sheets of the company.
  • Profit and Loss Statement.
  • Other Documents as recommended by the authority.

Steps to Complying with Form Filing Requirements as DOT Compliance(s)

The process of filing the DoT Compliance is as follows:

Arrange the Mandatory Paperwork

Paperwork plays a vital role in annual return filing because it helps the authority cross-reference the details cited in the form. Make sure to arrange the aforesaid Documents and check their accuracy before sharing them with the authority.

Fill Out the Applicable Compliance form

Form filling is the next step in this process. While filling out the prescribed form, make sure to include relevant and accurate information to avoid any processing hassles, which can be time-consuming.

Submit the Form and Receive Confirmation

Once you are done with the filling requirement, the next step is to submit the form along with the mandatory Documents to the authority. Make sure to abide by the underlying directions for the form submission. Do not forget to secure the acknowledged or confirmation receipt for future reference.

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Approach Corpbiz to Stay atop DoT OSP Compliance

DoT Compliances are not easy to fulfil. The new facility, in particular, may find it complicated at first encounter. Needless to say, any mistake, even an unnoticeable one, can add to the frustration of the licensee. Being with an expert team of professionals can help you overcome such nuisances. At Corpbiz, our goal is to provide top-tier services concerning compliance fulfilment. If you are unsure how to proceed with the form filing, let Corpbiz's expert be your guiding light.

Frequently Asked Questions

DoT compliance is a series of provisions concerning operation and telecom resources. annual return, changes in registration, etc. Every registered OSP must abide by these norms.

Adhering to DoT Compliances refers to fulfilling legalities concerning annual return filing, and telecom resources. annual return, changes in registration, etc

As per the DoT compliances, the registered OSP facility must fulfill the form filing requirement concerning annual returns and changes made to registration, if any.

The registered OSP facility falls under the ambit of DoT compliances.

Common Documents required to be arranged by registered OSP facility for annual return filing are as follow:

  • Name of the OSP
  • Address of the registered office.
  • OSP registration number
  • CIN of the company and holding company, if any.
  • Employee details
  • Balance Sheets
  • P&L Statement.
  • Other Documents that fall under DOT Compliance.

The process for annual return filing under DoT compliance is as follows:

  • Arrange the mandatory Documents
  • Filling out the Compliance form
  • Submit the form along with mandatory Documents to the DoT
  • Receive confirmation notification

Corpbiz is a one-stop destination for established and new entities striving to stay compliant with underlying provisions. With our in-depth expertise in accounting, taxation, regulatory, licensing, and compliance, we take pride in rendering top-tier services to our clients across India. Corpbiz is committed to providing long-term partnerships to businesses intending to stay atop operational compliances.

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