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Annual Compliance of a Pvt. Ltd. Company

ROC Annual compliance is due by 30-September of following financial year end.

  • Assigning of a compliance Manager
  • Drafting of required documents
  • Preparation of form  needs to be filled
  • Online filing of financial statement and other documents
  • Online  filing of  annual return of company
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Annual Filing for LLP

LLPs only require to file their returns on an annual basis, but failure to do so can be very costly as penalties are very high in respect of LLP non-compliance.

  • Assigning of a compliance manager
  • Maintaining and preparation of financial statement
  • Filling of  Form 11 based on information provided
  • Filling of Form 8
  • Income tax Return filling
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Event Based Compliances in a Company

Event Based Compliance in a Company

  • On call discussion about the requirement
  • Application filing
  • Expert advise
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