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120+ EIA Projects

120+ EIA Projects

We have done 500+ EIA-related projects all over India.

20,00+ Happy Clients

2000+ Happy Clients

We have helped 2000+ clients in obtaining Environmental Clearance in minimal time.

250+ Locations

250+ Locations

We are located in 250+ different locations in India

70% Market Share

70% Market Share

In this industry, we have covered 70% of the Market Share, which is higher than any other competitors.

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(We make technical compliance certifications effortless and convenient.)

What is Environment Impact Assessment?

EIA is usually required for Schedule I projects as per EIA Notification, 2006. EIA is a procedure that evaluates a proposed or existing project's environmental implications before its development. It assesses the environmental impacts of a planned project or development activity, considering the positive-negative and inter-related socioeconomic, cultural, and human-health aspects. Environment Impact Assessment is used to estimate the environmental implications of a project during the planning stage to take necessary actions to mitigate the negative impacts. The Government of India makes EIA mandatory for Environment Clearance for over 39 listed projects in the schedule as per EIA Notification 2006.

What is BIS ISI Certification
What is BIS CRS Certification?

What is Environmental Auditing?

Environmental Auditing procedure is a practical management tool that helps an industry or organisation verify compliance with environmental norms or requirements, evaluate the effectiveness of the environmental management system, assess risks, and identify and correct environmental hazards. There have been several cases in India where the Environmental Audit has helped reduce risks and pollution from the project sector. Contact Corpbiz for hassle–free assistance for Environmental Auditing to increase investors' confidence and respond to other stakeholder demands with ease anywhere across India.

What is Wildlife Conservation Plan?

The WCP uses sustainable and scientific management of the area's natural wealth to provide safeguarding measures and wildlife protection from unsavoury elements and carry out developmental activities without affecting these resources. Therefore, biodiversity conservation and management plans are formulated in a way that can provide need-based, site-specific, and participatory eco-development inputs to local stakeholders for reducing their resource dependency on forests and for eliciting their support towards conservation in the area. Indian Government has initiated projects for wildlife conservation to check human encroachment. Choose Corpbiz for transparent Wildlife Conservation Planning and streamline your Environment Clearance and other approval processes for your project.

What is BIS FMCS Certification?
What is BIS Hallmark Certification?

What is Half Yearly Environmental Compliance (EC) / Compliance Report?

Half-Yearly Environmental Compliance Reports are routinely delivered by the first of June and the first of December of each year to the regional office of the MoEF&CC and the other concerned regulatory authorities. The State Environment Impact Assessment Authority may issue a show-cause notice to project proponents who are found to violate the restrictions. The State authorities also have the power to suspend environmental clearances or revoke them in the event of infractions. To comply with  such strict environmental legislations and applicable post-compliance and maintain business accreditation, get your half-yearly environmental compliance report prepared with Corpbiz

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We offer all types of Environmental Compliance Services

Get Team Support

Get Expert Team Support

The EIA support team at Corpbiz consists of NABET qualified consultants who are available for 24*7 assistance. We ensure quick and precise issues resolution with proactive assistance.

Custom Clearance

Follow-ups with Concerned Authorities

Our experts will ensure proper coordination with every agency involved in the clearance process and liaison with all stakeholder to develop a solid EIA report.

Follow-ups BIS Authority

Help you in developing Mitigation Strategies

Our experts will help you develop and implement mitigation strategies and EMP as per the requirements of your project.

Testing of Products

Leader in Environmental Consultancy Services

We offer unparalleled Environmental Licencing and Compliance Services in all segments- from domestic MSMEs to internationally–renowned companies.

Our Achievements

1800+ FMCS Projects Done

1800+ EPR Registrations

2000+ CRS Projects Done

2000+ Pollution NOC

1200+ ISI Projects Done

1200+ Environmental Auditing

120+ Hallmark Project Done

120+ Environmental Clearance

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