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What is Shop Establishment License?

This Shop Establishment Act exists for the regulation of the rights of the employees, for the regulation of the conditions of work and also provides obligations' list for all employers. It is applicable all over the country to commercial establishments, shops, restaurants, hotels, theatres, eating houses and other places of amusement and entertainment. All of the shops are required Shop Establishment License within the first thirty days of commencement of their operations under this act, regardless of the fact whether they have employees or not.

Four Facts regarding the Shops Establishment License

  • What are the objectives of Shop Establishment License?
  • All of the states within India have certain rules and regulations related to the working conditions of the employees. The objective is to secure similar benefits for all of the employees which are working in various shops, establishments, residential hotels or restaurants, commercial establishments, theatres and other places of entertainment or amusement requires Shop Establishment License.

  • What regulations are there for the Shop Establishment License?
  • This act is useful for setting rules for the working hours for the week, the various guidelines related for spread over, opening and closing hours, rest intervals, religious and national holidays, closed days, rules related to the employment of children, rules for annual leaves, rules related to employment of women and young persons, rules for termination, general rules of employment, maintenance of the records of notices and obligations related to employers and the employees.

  • What records should be maintained for the Shop Establishment License?
  • All businesses must seek approval from the Department of Labor and keep an updated record with regards to all the details of employment, the fines, any deductions or the advances, holidays and salaries under the Shops Establishment License. Shop Establishment License requirements however, may differ with regards to different states across the country. Files which relates to the annual holidays or the number of the employees have to be submitted to the office of the municipal corporation on a yearly basis.

  • When is the Shop Establishment license requirement?
  • All Shop Establishment License must register themselves as soon as they commence work, within the first thirty days, with regards to this act. Since this is a basic license, it acts as a proof of a commercial business set up it acts as a prerequisite for the acquiring of other business licenses. For example, it is needed by most of the banks, in order for you to open up a business account with them. To get Shop Establishment License, the PAN card or the business or of the business owner is required, as well as a copy of the sale deed or the rental agreement and a detail information of all the business employees.

What you should need Shop Establishment License

  • Required by all businesses
  • Shop Establishment License is needed for all types of business entities which includes the sole proprietor who is working out of their homes. Your business must be registered in order for you to open up a current account, for raising investment, getting a loan for your business and more.

  • Operating from home
  • This registration can be applied for your business whether or not you have a physical shop and it can also be an office or an establishment. You may apply for Shop Establishment License even if you have an office from home.

The process of the Shop Establishment License

  • A working day
  • All of the details with regards to your employees must be submitted. Moreover, the identity and address proofs and the PAN cards of all the proprietors, directors and partners must also be submitted for Shop Establishment License.

  • Two working days
  • We handle the whole process from the start to finish and you do not even need to meet the authorities during the entire process of Shop Establishment License. We file the application with the issuing authorities on your behalf with the local municipal corporation.

  • Seven working days
  • A basic acknowledgement of Shop Establishment License is given within the first five to seven working days once you have submitted all the required documents. In case the documents are incomplete of Shop Establishment License or any extra documents are required, then the process will only be completed once the additional documents have been submitted. The hard copy is issued within the first ten days in most of the major cities of India and may take about fifteen to twenty days elsewhere in the country.

Government Registration Types

Importer Exporter Code

  • Who is it for: Importers and Exporters
  • When is it needed: For any form of imports and exports of a business
  • Any returns that need to be filed: No
  • The issuing authority: The Directorate General of the Foreign Trade department

Shop Establishment License

  • Who is it for: Importers and Exporters
  • When is it needed: For any form of imports and exports of a business
  • Any returns that need to be filed: No
  • The issuing authority: The Directorate General of the Foreign Trade department

Professional Tax Registration

  • Who is it for: All of the employers
  • When is it needed: In 30 days of starting your operations
  • Any returns that need to be filed: Yes
  • The issuing authority: The State Government

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