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What do you mean by IEC Registration?

An IEC refers to an Import Export Code, which all business that are into the practice of importing or exporting goods must have. You are not allowed to take part in international trade if you do not have an Import Export Code. There is no requirement for you to be a registered entity; in fact you can even apply for it as an individual. This code, however, does not apply for Technology services. It can however apply in some cases where the international trade is not allowed or where it is restricted by the government, in cases such as for automatic guns or for nuclear weapons. The IEC Registration or the Import Export Code is a ten digit code and has a permanent validity that is issued to the entity or the individual by the Directorate General from the department of Foreign Trade.

What is the applicant supposed to know about IEC Registration?

  • The validity is national
  • The IEC Registration or the Import Export Code that is issued to the applicant can be used all over the country. It is valid to be used in all factories and in all branches no matter where they are located throughout the country. IEC Registration code however, has to be quoted by you to the authorities when the goods are going through the process of customs. This code needs to be quoted when you are sending money abroad as well and also when you are receiving money from outside the country.

  • No need for filings
  • This Import Export Code is simply a ten digit code and as soon as you receive this code, you may begin the process of importing and exporting goods. There is no need for you to have your transactions filed under this IEC Registration code and there is no need to pay any additional taxes or fees for IEC Registration.

The process of getting an Importer Exporter Code

If you are into import and export business, then you must have IEC Registration code with you in order to perform your trade legally. The IEC Registration process is quite simple and straightforward and the code can be received pretty quickly as long as you have all the documentation and the procedure done correctly.

  • One Working Day
  • IEC Registration process is quite simple. All you need to do is send in copies of your identity, PAN Cards, your proof of address as well as four passport sized photographs of the owner or the proprietor or partners or the directors, which every applies to your business set up. If you are a private limited company then you also have to submit the articles of association as well as the memorandum of association and the certificate of incorporation. In case you are a partnership, then you must submit the Partnership Agreement. Moreover, all businesses must submit all of the details of the business account of the entity as well as details on what type of exporter they are (in case, you are a producer or a manufacturer, then you must also provide the registration details of MSME as well). One copy of the company's letterhead must also be provided by the business as well.

  • Five Working Days
  • The Import Export Code should be given for filing in the registered office of the Regional Authority of the DGFT that is the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. It should be given in the same region or the location where the applicant's business is located. The application that is required for filing is the Aayaat Niryaat Form 2A, that is in the ANF 2A format. IEC Registration completes the process of filing for the Import Export Code.

  • Seven Working Days
  • Your Import Export Code should probably be ready in the next two working days after you have submitted the application for IEC Registration. In case some of your documents are missing or not in order or some information is missing or incorrect, the inspector who is in charge of checking the documents will ask for addition documents or for you to make the changes in the documents. Once you have submitted the additional documents the IEC Registration process will be complete. You will then receive your Import Export Code.

The Different types of Government IEC Registration

Importer Exporter Code

  • Who is it for: Importers and Exporters
  • When is it needed: For any form of imports and exports of a business
  • Any returns that need to be filed: No
  • The issuing authority: The Directorate General of the Foreign Trade department

Shops & Establishments Act

  • Who is it for: All types of businesses
  • When is it needed: In 30 days of starting your operations
  • Any returns that need to be filed: No
  • The issuing authority: The Municipal Corporation

Professional Tax Registration

  • Who is it for: All of the employers
  • When is it needed: In 30 days of starting your operations
  • Any returns that need to be filed: Yes
  • The issuing authority: The State Government


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