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Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

Public Limited Company: Documents and Registration Process

A public limited company is a pool of volunteers that can be formed by seven or more persons. It follows separate legal protocols apart from its members—a minimum of seven members required to establish a public limited company. However, when it comes to maximum bandwidth, there is no limit to that. This blog cum guide […]

A Guide on GST Benefits for Small Businesses & Start-ups

GST was implemented in the country to alter the complicated tax framework. India’s government rolled out this tax provision with a slogan of “One Nation One Tax” to make the compliance procedure more transparent, seamless, and intuitive. This article pays attention to GST’s brighter aspects and briefs you about the benefits it offers to Start-ups […]

A Complete Overview on Compensation to Director for Loss of Office

After getting over with the complete company registration procedure, it has been observed that employers are the main asset of any company. Whenever a firm decided to wrap up one of their main offices or units for any reason, they need to offer compensation to the top management. Section 202 explains the same concept in […]

NGO and IGO: Things you need to know

There is a general misconception among the people that NGO and IGO are identical entities. This blog will address this area of concern and shows key differences between these two entities. So, before we dive into the main topic i.e NGO Vs IGO, let’s start the proceeding with the basics. NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization […]

Skill Mapping: Government deployed new portals to combat Unemployment

Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy has claimed the unemployment rate in India is escalating rapidly. With 27% of unemployed people on board, the country is now under the massive pressure of creating new job opportunities for needy ones. According to the fact, approx. 120 million people are already facing this unprecedented crisis. Migrants and daily […]

Regulatory Framework for FFMC License: A Comprehensive Overview

Have you ever come across the term Full Fledged Money Changer? Are you aware of the regulations that control the functioning of FFMC in India? Are you willing to know how foreign exchange works in India, or if you wish to set up a business that deals with money changing activities, then you are at […]

Guide: Freezing of the company’s assets on investigation and inquiry

Freezing of assets of a company on inquiry and investigation defined under Section 221 and 222 of the Indian Companies Act 2013. Mismanagement and scam are quite common in companies. Picking these loopholes isn’t easy for the authority. Thanks to sections 222 and 221, which has been proved quite effective in averting these anomalies. This […]

Forensic Audit: All you need to know

A Forensic Audit is an in-depth examination of the financial records of a firm. This audit generally serves the purpose of the legal proceeding by jotting down key points as evidence. A forensic audit is capable of revealing such discrepancies from a company’s financial data.  For example- Telemart has signed up a contract with RJ […]

Guide on Investment in a Private Limited Company

A ‘Private Limited Company’ is owned either by shareholders/company members or non-governmental organizations. In India, the MCA is an authority that is accountable for regulating the Private Limited Company. Private Limited Company is regarded as one of the prominent business structure that is quite popular among the upcoming entrepreneurs. Being a government-authorized entity, Private Limited […]

Civil society and NGOs: Things you need to know

NGOs are an essential part of society, and they work for the betterment of the people. They have emerged as a vital ingredient of the country’s development which embraces the needy ones and helps them grow. The majority of NGOs aim at building self-reliant development. On the other hand, civil society is a group of […]

Proprietorship Firm vs. Private Limited Company: Key Differences

Identifying a perfect business structure is one of the most daunting challenges faced by new startups. Whether you want to avail higher ROI or avert tax liabilities, you must have sufficient knowledge about the different business structures to reap those benefits. This blog will draw your attention to the concept related to Proprietorship Firm vs […]

A Complete overview on Business Structures & Raising Fund

Every business needs funds to ensure seamless growth and consistent prosperity. The procurement of funds is a daunting task, and its quantum depends on the structure of the business. While starting a business, an individual comes across tons of parameters, including business structures that may negatively impact their ROI. Thus selecting the right structure can […]

Private Limited Company: Funding & Sources

Companies in India usually differentiate by two categories, i.e., a public limited company and a private limited company. As per section 2(68) of Companies Act, the private company is the entity whose Article of Association (AOA) refuses the transferability of shares in any given state. It means that shares of the private companies are isolated […]

Guide: Compliances for a Full Fledged Money Changer in India

As per the provisions under section 10 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, any firms that want to engage in money changers activity must obtain a Full Fledged Money Changer License in India. FFMC license comes with additional obligations that need to be catered as per the given provision. If any FFMC struggles to […]