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Time Limit For FSSAI License Renewal Extended Further

calendar07 Aug, 2020
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Regulatory division of compliance under Food Safety and Standard Authority of India brought another sigh of relief for the FBOs operating pan India. Considering the current economic crisis, the authority had decided to extend the period of license renewal for the FBOs till 31st Dec 2020. The authority has taken this initiative in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

It would help the establishments continue the business operation whose license expires from 1st August to 31st Dec 2020. Every license would be deemed valid in such a time-frame and the authority will impose no penalty. With a timeline of FSSAI license renewal now extended, the FBOs can divert their entire focus on core competencies.

Authorities are taking every possible measure to help the existing FBOs to cope up with an unprecedented market crisis trigged by the COVID 19 outbreak. Since the inception of this outbreak, the authority has rolled out various relaxations to the FBOs, whether it’s a matter of site inspection during the lockdown or rendering grace period for FSSAI license renewal.

Initiatives Took By The Fssai In The Wake Of Covid 19 Pandemic

Initiatives Took By The Fssai In The Wake Of Covid 19 Pandemic

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India took some remarkable decisions to ensure the wellbeing of the FBOs operating across the country.

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Deployment Of E-Inspection And Permission To Conduct Business During The Lockdown

As per the notification issued on the 31/March/2020, FSSAI allowed the FBOs to conduct their business activities during the lockdown based on application i:e Form M. Apart from this crucial decision, the authority announced the deployment of e-inspection to process the application. Under such a requirement, the applicants were asked to upload the photos and video of the premises for the purpose of inspection.

Extension Of The Timeline For Tax Filing

On 11/April/2020 FSSAI rolled out another notification for the FBOs regarding relaxation in the context of tax filing. As per the notification, the authority allowed all the FBOs to file their tax return till 31/July/2020.

Extension Of The Timeline For Fssai License Renewal

On 13/April/2020, the authority took another step forward and extended the license renewal timeline till 30/June/2020. This decision was limited to those FBOs whose licenses were expiring in the time span from 22/March/2020 to 31/May/2020.


In the view of the COVID- 19[1] outbreak, the latest announcement from FSSAI would boost the spirit of the FBOs across the country. Such a relaxation from authority would be an added-advantage for FBOs who are already serving a tough time in safeguarding their existence. To ensure uninterrupted food services, FSSAI is making the best effort to create a better working environment for FBOs.

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