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Impact of Copyright of Songs on Economy

dateSep 18, 2023
timeReading Time: 10 Minutes

One of the world's major entertainment industries is thought to be located in India. One of the fastest-growing ind...

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Protection of Multimedia Works under the Copyright Regime

dateJul 07, 2023
timeReading Time: 9 Minutes

In today's digital age, multimedia works have become increasingly prevalent and influential. These works combine va...

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Significance Of Performer’s Rights in The Copyright Regime

dateMay 25, 2023
timeReading Time: 13 Minutes

Performers, such as actors, musicians, dancers, and other artists, contribute their unique skills and talents to th...

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Who is Legally Entitled to File a Copyright Application?

dateMar 20, 2023
timeReading Time: 4 Minutes

The phrase "owner's exclusive right to intellectual property" may be abbreviated to "copyright." The word "copyrigh...

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Music License

How to Copyright a Book in India?

dateMar 09, 2023
timeReading Time: 5 Minutes

Books and other works of literature that are original creations of an individual are protected under the Copyright...

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Legal Action Against Copyright Infringement Under the Copyright Act

dateFeb 04, 2020
timeReading Time: 6 Minutes

The copyright is a legally certified document provided to people of the different fields of literature, drama, arti...

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